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Television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

TV - Essay Example Williams takes a gander at TV from an expansive perspective, taking a gander at the social history of TV as an innovation and the social history of the employments of TV innovation, just as taking a gander at circumstances and logical results of innovation and society. Spigel sees TV by analyzing how it influenced household life during the 1950s, while additionally mirroring this residential life. Adorno took a gander at TV by how it influenced the mind and the character. Williams (3) starts his article by taking a gander at taking a gander at the general proclamation that TV has adjusted our reality. He contends that innovation, by and large, has significant social change, and TV is a sort of innovation that advances this kind of progress. The advances which had gone along by Williams’ time, including the steam motor, the vehicle, the nuclear bomb, and the TV, are answerable for making current man and making TV. Or on the other hand, then again, rather than taking a gander at innovation as changing and making the cutting edge man, the innovation is really the result of a specific cultural change. For this situation, the new innovation is a manifestation of social change, not the reason for it. He likewise expresses that TV, as most innovation, jumped up as the consequence of a particular need that was communicated by society (Williams, 12). That was that innovation was fundamental in light of the fact that there was a need to get the message out of mouth correspondence, which is the predominant method of getting a message out to the majority. There was an augmentation of the social, monetary and political framework, and TV was a reaction to the emergency inside this framework. There came a period where there was an incredible complex gathering of advances which were required for society, including photography for network, family and individual life; the movie for diversion; and the phone for business correspondence (Williams, 12). The TV, at that point, was the aftereffect of these requirements mixing, as the TV basically brings these advances together. In this manner, the TV, as indicated by Williams (13), is a route for there to be social combination and control. While Williams saw TV as far as how it was utilized, and why it was designed, Spigel (337) took an alternate civility. For her, TV was not only a question of innovation that is reacting to various social needs, yet TV has likewise assumed a perplexing job in the individual family units and individual lives that see it. In particular, TV was a portrayal of the gendered examples of work and relaxation in the normal American home (Spigel, 337). Spigel analyzed notices that ran in women’s magazines to decide how TV was coordinated into the family life, especially in the life of the lady. These ads give some insight to how TV was comprehends by the individuals and how TV identified with their lives. For a period, TV was an approach to reestablish the confidence in the family. During the 1950s, Spigel (340) clarifies, there was a lot of crack in families, as the war had quite recently finished, which left many broken homes. On TV, in any case, there were pictures of glad and residential individuals leading lives that were not all that broke, so this was a method of reestablishing confidence in the family. In addition, ladies were asserted through TV, as TV gave them that they were significant. They frequently felt cheapened, in light of the fact that their work was not seen as significant in the general plan of things, yet TV helped them see that

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People have become overly dependent on technology Free Essays

The World Wide Web is a gigantic world that ought to be controlled. The Internet has numerous favorable circumstances and impediments. It is either to be a helpful instrument or to be a hurtful weapon. We will compose a custom exposition test on Individuals have gotten excessively reliant on innovation or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now The Internet had numerous impacts and reactions in the public activity, Safety and furthermore buying or shopping. In the event that it was controlled every one of those will be greatly improved and life will be simpler. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that it was uncontrolled that will prompt immense issues. The tranquil apparatus will change over to be a hurtful weapon. It won’t slaughter people yet I will execute countries and societies. To begin with, the Internet had built up the showing techniques and made the training uch simpler and better. The understudy can search up for any subject that he need in the web and It will Just spring up to him. It is better than alluding to books. Web will take you seconds to discover explicit data, while books may take hours and day to gaze upward on them. The understudy homework’s, assignments and tasks additionally expect him to utilize Internet. The understudies and children are absolutely ready to search in the mood for anything in the Internet, so that can prompt one of two things. In the first place, Either the children will utilize that to improve their abilities, information and they will find the innovation. Second, they will begin to search up for obscene media and it will be anything but difficult to get. It will crush a great deal of their folks work. They may fiend web based games as a large portion of the children in this time. This will cause them their public activity. They wont have the option to make companions or to contribute with anybody. They won't feel that they are incorrect until they grew up and become grown-ups. In that time they will see that they have no companions or anybody around him. It will be exceptionally hard in that opportunity to recuperate what he did. Also that the children who remain a great deal in the Internet they got a few issues. They will have torment in their packs and in their grasp. This agony will be seen after they grew up. In any case, they will feel that their eyes are getting more vulnerable with time. It is the primary purpose behind why such a large number of individuals are wearing glasses in nowadays. They ought to be edited in what they see, to what extent they set before their PCs or workstations and how they set. Second, The Internet can be utilized by governments to guarantee the security. It is a device that the administrations can use to identify the abnormal cases and stop them immediately. There were a few cases those psychological oppressor utilized messages to get in touch with one another. On the off chance that their messages were controlled and under the administration eyes they would likely spare human lives. Governments ought to likewise watch the content rubbing and moment kneading such â€Å"WhatsApp† or â€Å"skype† in light of the fact that it might used to get ready for something. In the event that legislatures work more diligently in the media transmission security side, they would accomplish numerous things that they are attempting to do by different strategies. They may distinguish a fear monger or additionally a homicide obvious, these things ought not be disregarded. Other savvy we will watch another kind of fear based oppressor that is more insane than the past ones. Third, There are types ot criminals and fear monger. In nowadays the more regrettable sort ot it is the programmer. There are a great deal of programmers in this time. Those programmers may do little things such hacking an email. They additionally may do gigantic things like attempting to hack a monetary sites and take the cash from it. There are many individuals who shops in the Internet and they are on the whole apprehensive from the programmers or the phony site. Since they Just fill in their Mastercard data. They will discover that they were taken. There are many phony sites and programmers that utilization Internet to pick up cash. The enormous what programmers can do is attempting to take a bank. In the event that administration don't make sure about banks, individuals cash will Just vanish. All the money related sites ought to be made sure about and constrained by the administration so no body get taken. At last, The Internet can be an extremely helpful apparatus to create and to carry on with a superior life. In any case, this can never be except if that the Internet was made sure about and under the administration eyes. I trust that individuals comprehend the significance of the Internet and how hurtful would it be able to be. I likewise trust that individuals see how a helpful it is on the off chance that it was utilized appropriately. The most effective method to refer to People have gotten excessively reliant on innovation, Essays Individuals Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology Free Essays People have been known as the creatures which make things, and at no time in history has this been so clear as the present. Today, every human movement is needy upon different instruments, machines, and frameworks, from developing food to giving safe house to correspondence, medicinal services, and amusement. A few machines, similar to the tractor, accelerate and make progressively effective exercises that people have accomplished for countless years. We will compose a custom paper test on Individuals Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now Others, for example, the plane or the Internet, make potential things that people have never had the option to do. This assortment of gadgets, capacities, and the information that goes with them is called innovation. We can say that â€Å"living without innovation resembles living without air† in this specialized universe of today. In this manner, we are a lot of subject to innovation. Extensively, innovation is the manner by which individuals alter the world to suit their own motivations. From the Greek word techne, which means workmanship or ingenuity or art, innovation actually implies the demonstration of making or creating, yet more by and large it alludes to the differing assortment of procedures and information that individuals use to stretch out human capacities and to fulfill human needs and needs. Innovation has been going on since people previously framed a cutting edge from a bit of stone, tackled fire, or hauled a sharp stick over the ground to make a wrinkle for planting seeds, however today it exists to a degree remarkable ever. Planes, prepares, and cars convey individuals and load here and there at high speeds. Phones, TV, and PC systems assist individuals with speaking with others over the road or around the globe. Clinical advances, from antibodies to Stem Cell treatment, permit individuals to live more, more beneficial lives. 00 years prior people’s normal period of death was from 40 to 45. Be that as it may, presently it’s 75. Besides, innovation is developing even at this very moment, with new advancements being made and existing advances being improved and expanded. The advantages of innovation are generally self-evident, on the off chance that they were not, it would most likely never be grown, however the burdens and perils are frequently covered u p. An ideal model is chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. At the point when CFCs were designed, nobody understood that these synthetic compounds utilized as refrigerants would in the end harm the ozone layer. Today, the Internet is effectsly affecting society, how individuals cooperate and speak with each other, how they do their business, and how they get their diversion and entertainment, yet nobody knows precisely what's in store from it in future. PCs make our lives simpler and give us better approaches to find out about the things we’re inspired by. They make it conceivable to do numerous things from the solace of our own home †we can shop on the web, stay in contact with our companions on the web, even go to class on the web. They make it simpler to record and compose data and engage us with an about unending assortment of games. Notwithstanding, it’s still essential to keep up a real existence outside of the digital world; a real existence spent connected to a PC screen isn’t a reality. At the point when a PC turns into the essential issue of a person’s life, they experience an adjustment in conduct; they become sluggish and create hostile to social propensities, and, in some extreme cases, just can't work without a PC. A few people say that we are not so much subject to innovation. We can live without the innovation. Our precursors did it, so why can’t we? I would pose these inquiries: When was the last time you tackle math issues without utilizing number cruncher? When was the last time you went to library to discover data as opposed to looking from web? Additionally time has changed since our precursors time. Has innovation truly assumed control over our lives this much? Where we can’t go 2 minutes without checking our telephone to check whether we have a book? Where we can’t go a day or two without checking our email, and facebook? We can’t even stroll over a grounds without seeing an understudy on the telephone, PC or tuning in to their iPods. This makes it especially significant that individuals comprehend and are alright with the ideas and functions of present day innovation. Today’s individuals, including me, have gotten socially awkward and excessively subject to innovation. Presently this isn’t intended to be an abhor innovation string, since innovation truly can be amazing now and again. From an individual viewpoint, individuals advantage both at work and at home by having the option to pick the best items for their motivations, to work the items appropriately, and to investigate them when something turns out badly. What's more, from a cultural angle, an educated populace improved the odds that choices about the utilization of innovation will be made judiciously and mindfully. Be that as it may, now and then we pay attention to innovation as well, and rely upon it to an extreme. On the off chance that your PC breaks, don’t get pissed about it. On the off chance that the Internet goes down, it’s not the apocalypse. On the off chance that your telephone is broken, don’t murder yourself. Furthermore, pose this inquiry from yourself: How long can you â€Å"survive† without innovation? Instructions to refer to People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology, Essays

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Photosynthesis Formal Lab Report Essays

Photosynthesis Formal Lab Report Essays Photosynthesis Formal Lab Report Paper Photosynthesis Formal Lab Report Paper This caught vitality is utilized to change over carbon dioxide into complex vitality rich atoms that can be utilized without anyone else or different life forms. Photosynthesis is the change of light vitality to compound vitality as sugar and other natural particles. (Russell, Wolfe, Hertz, Starr, 2010). Photosynthesis can be classified into two principle forms: light-subordinate responses and light-free responses. With the end goal of this lab, light-subordinate responses will be examined. The reactants associated with photosynthesis incorporate carbon dioxide, water and daylight to create glucose, oxygen, and water. The light responses include the catch and utilization of light vitality by color particles to integrate NADIA and AT P. Plants utilize this light vitality to deliver glucose from carbon dioxide. The glucose is put away for the most part as starch granules, in the chloroplasts of cells. Glucose as starch is non-polar and isn't solvent in water, permitting it to be put away significantly more minimally. The chloroplast is framed from an external layer, an internal film, and a halfway compartment. The fluid condition inside the inward layer is known as the stoma. Inside the stoma is the ayatollahs, which are straightened, shut sacs. It is in these sacs that the particular particles required to complete the light responses of photosynthesis are contained, including the colors, electron move transporters, and the TAP unions proteins for TAP creation. A color can assimilate photons of light and vary by the frequencies of light they can retain. The measure of vitality in a photon is conversely identified with its frequency. Blue light has a shorter frequency and comprises of photons that have higher vitality than the more extended frequency red light. At the point when photons of light hit an article, they can be reflected off the item, transmitted through the article or consumed by the item. The retention of light by a shade brings about electrons getting energized and moving to a higher vitality state. Shading is dictated by the frequencies that it can't retain, in this manner chlorophyll is green since it doesn't ingest green light. In the event that a color ingests all frequencies of noticeable light, the item seems dark. A huge assortment of shades can be found in plants. The most widely recognized are chlorophyll an and b and carotids, situated in he chloroplasts of cells, and anticyclones, situated in the cell vacuoles and don't add to photosynthesis. Every one of these colors has various properties and performs various capacities for the plant, remembering engrossing light for various pieces of the range. The more light consumed rises to the more vitality accessible for a plant. The color particles that can be found in plants are explicitly organized in and around photometers that are implanted in the ethylated films of chloroplasts. Each contains a response place encompassed by a recieving wire complex. Light from the sun goes into the holocaust and experiences the recieving wire shade. The vitality caught by the radio wire complex is channeled to the response place, called IPPP, where it is utilized to oxidize a chlorophyll atom and give an electron to an essential acceptor particle to proceed into carbon obsession to eventually discharge glucose sugar (Oracle Thinkers, 2010). The response communities are named after the frequency (in manometers) of their red-top assimilation most extreme. Most plant parts, particularly leaves, contain a blend of the three primary colors, regardless of whether just one is particularly self-evident. It is conceivable to isolate these sections from one another utilizing a method called paper chromatography. In this procedure, plant tissue remove is applied to a bit of chromatography paper. A dissolvable is permitted to go up the paper, and if the color is dissolvable in the dissolvable, it will be conveyed alongside it. (Benny, 2009) Different shades have various affinities for the solvents or extremity and will go at various rates. Chlorophyll, anticyclones, and carotids are ordinarily non-polar. For lab 12, it is conjectured that chlorophyll an and b are available in a plant leaf and add to the starch creation in photosynthesis. Likewise, results of photosynthesis will be available in leaf tissue presented to red and blue light frequencies for a few days, however a diminished nearness in leaf tissue presented to green and dark light frequencies. In lab 13, it is normal that since chlorophyll an and b are more polar and littler particles than the anticyclones and carotids, they will travel higher up the chromatography paper than different shades. Materials and Methods Lab 12 In the initial segment of this lab explore, a multi-hued leaf was expelled from a Coleus plant that was in direct daylight for a few hours. The estimated outcomes for which colors were available and the consequences of an execute starch test were then recorded. A bubbling liquor shower was set up, which comprised of an IL measuring glass containing shopping center of water on a hot plate, and a shopping center container containing shopping center of 80% ethyl liquor embedded into the bigger water recepticle. The water was brought to a moderate bubble and the leaf was set into the bubbling liquor arrangement so as to extricate the colors. At the point when the leaf turned out to be practically white, the leaf was expelled, set into a Petri dish, and secured with refined water. KAKI arrangement was added to the refined water until a pale golden lour was gotten. The leaf created a purple-dark shading in certain territories which show a positive test for starch. In the second piece of the lab, some portion of a leaf was taken from a germanium plant that had been secured for a few days with various shading channels: blue, green, red, and dark. So as to separate between the leaves taken from various channels, the dark channel leaf had one indent taken from leaf, the green had 2 scores, the red had 3 indents, and the blue had 4 indents. The leaves were then spot into the liquor shower that was utilized in the main trial. At the point when the leaves turned out to be generally white, they were evacuated utilizing forceps, set into a Petri dish, and washed and secured with refined water. Execute was added to the refined water until a golden shading was accomplished. The perception of the response of the leaves with the kill following 5 minutes was then recorded. See reference section for unique lab report. Lab 13 In this research center analysis, bits of spinach leaves were crushed in a mortar and pestle so as to remove the plants shades. These colors were moved to a bit of chromatography paper with a stamped pencil line CM room the base by methods for a hairlike cylinder. The chlorophyll shade was permitted to dry and was re-applied multiple times, drying between every application. The chromatography paper folded and stapled and was set into a container containing an oil ether and CH3)2CO dissolvable. The chromatography was permitted to continue until the dissolvable came to about CM from the top. The paper was evacuated and analyzed for partitions of shades. See informative supplement for unique lab report. The control for the general trial was the first leaf taken from the Coleus plant in lab 12, both when the 121<1 arrangement was included. The leaf before the murder is utilized as a source of perspective to the ones that were left under channels since it contained distinctive shading and it was developed under ordinary light. After the KAKI arrangement was included, the outcomes from the first leaf were contrasted with the separated leaves. On the off chance that the shade of the channel light affected the photosynthesis occurring there, a correlation with the hued leafs hued spots could affirm this. The negative control was the dark channel leaf on the grounds that no light would be sifted through, indicating a huge decline in photosynthesis. An introduction that ought to have been added to lab 12 section A will be a completely green leaf ought to have been utilized first, and afterward a shaded one, so as to see the positive starch color change. A control that ought to have been added to lab 12 section B is a leaf ought to have been taken from the plant that didn't have a channel covering it. Results and Observations Colors and Pigments Present in a Coleus Leaf Color Pigmentations present (anticipated) + or Geographically an and b ++ Purple Anticipations Pink Anticipations White No shades present Green/Purple Chlorophyll an and b ++ Starch present (real) + or Coleus leaf before slaughter objections leaf after murder test Geranium Leaves Filter Color Before KAKI test After execute test Black Green Red Blue Chromatography Paper The table of the coleus leafs shades shows the shades contained inside certain hued zones of the leaf that were anticipated before the 121<1 test. Close to is the genuine colors contained in the leaf after the 12Kl test was performed. Chlorophylls an and b were anticipated and discovered positive for starch in the green hued regions of the plant leaf, just as in the purple/green region. Anticyclones were anticipated and discovered negative for starch nearness n the purple and pink shaded segments of the leaf. White parts contained no colors. The shaded channel plant leaves indicated various outcomes with the execute test. The blue and red channel leaves demonstrated purple and purple/dark change, a positive for starch increment, the green channel plant had a slight abatement in starch present, and the dark channel didn't let any light through, indicating a huge diminishing in starch creation. The chromatography paper shows the isolated groups of shades that were disengaged from the spinach leaves. The higher a band is, the more polar the shade. Carotene color is yellow and that is the most elevated band that we see. Conversation In the

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Persuasive Essay Example Greta Thunberg’s Speech

Climate change is at the forefront of the most contentious issues plaguing 21st century society. On one side are corporate giants whose massive clout incur on the world community a potentially debilitating trend - willful ignorance, misinformation and science denial. Passionately grouped on the other side are environmentalists, scientists, and concerned citizens, supported by years of painstaking research and irrefutable evidence. If this stalemate persists, perilous times lay ahead as natural human habitat is threatened, with future generations going to have to bear the brunt of climate change.From the Eyes of Tomorrows HopeGreta Thunbergs speech caused mayhem, as it very well should. While the side of the good fight echoed Gretas words, the other side resorted to backlash and bullying seemingly forgetting that Greta Thunbergs merely a child, one that should be in school, free to enjoy her youth. But like so many young activists, she chose to abandon her predictable fate and heeded to the call, one that so many others continue to ignore: we are dying, and the world is in dire need of change.People were quick to turn to social media, a place where we spend an unhealthy amount of our time in now. People tell us that social media is turning into a toxic space of judgment and hatred, but to its much deserved credit, it is also here that we see experience the rest of the world, and where I first met Greta. I first browsed through her photographs; my first thought was that she looked like someone I could be friends with at school, but then I found that people on the Internet have listed all the things that made me different from her. For one, shes told everyone that she suffers from what they call the Asperger syndrome, which I would later find out to be a kind of autism. I know people from my school dealing with different forms of autism, and although difficult at times, my friends and I find nothing wrong with them. It comes an enormous shock to me, how these peo ple could treat so horribly a little girl theyve never met and I wonder if it were me, would they treat me the same way? If it were their children, or their brothers or sisters, would they be subjected to such animosity?I watched Greta Thunbergs speech, fascinated. In a room full of adults, world leaders no less, she was fearless. She told them that they were endangering her future, our future, and no one was willing to act except praise her, give her awards, and continue to knowingly take away her life as a child. Greta knows that itll be our burden to bear, the hope of the children of tomorrow. I wonder, though, as those adults retaliated do they even understand what Greta Thunbergs speech means? Do they understand the extent of impact those worlds hold? Im not sure they do, but its clear to me, my friends, and the youth from across the planet: our beloved habitat, as we humans know it, is descending towards a phase that would make it uninhabitable, and what else is more importan t than saving it for posterity? What would the world be without forests that help us breathe and oceans to provide for us? As you continue to plow through our lands, what would concrete towering over us all and gadgets decorate our arms do when we have no more food left to eat? How did a life of greed, power, and money become more important than thriving lands of lush green and ocean waters clear blue?So, no all you adults, world leaders, educators, legislators, parents we are not afraid of Greta is feeding us lies about the world. We are not afraid of Greta Thunbergs speech, of her anger, of her passion. We are her. Greta Thunbergs speech encapsulates all our sentiments, forcibly hushed because of our lack of voice. Unfair though it may be to ask her to lead us in this battle, she has risen from being alone in the streets with her placard, to inspiring children like me to finally take a stand against this thoughtless destruction of our abode. What is the point of going to school when the world turns to a wilderness devoid of life? What is the point of dreaming dreams, of wishing for tomorrows blessings when there is to be none? This is the truth, and theres no running away from the truthWe are angry, and well continue to be by Gretas side, and all the youth activists trying to make a difference, because we are one with them. You have left the world in such a terrible state, taking and taking for progress sake. As adults who should know better by now, everything remains to be a game still, but we are not playing.Continue to try and discredit Greta; you only retaliate because she makes you feel uncomfortable. There are no tricks, no politics at work. The truth always makes people squirm, and now that it comes from a child, there is shame bubbling in your cores. Truth from a child stings with such venom. We are simply pleading for our futures with passionate intensity, and there isnt much to malign, is there? As children, we see through her mental illness you so desperately try hard to point out, because we understand more than you do; shes not different. I find it funny that all of these must come from a mouth of a child like me, as if Ive known and experienced life already. You adults just bicker like children, fight like children, and scream uncle when someone points out the truth.But here we are now, and we refuse to back down. In defense of Greta Thunbergs speech, we take to the streets and call for change. Make no mistake, we will abandon our classrooms and our homes, and we will continue to yell the truth that makes you feel uncomfortable. And we hope that feeling turns to fear, and fear turns into action. Your time to reverse the damage has come.An essay writing service for students like youThe speech submitted above is a sample of a persuasive essay, one that you perhaps need to accomplish soon. As you juggle through the mayhem of your academic life, however, you may find yourself struggling with essay writing, due to difficulty in finding the time. Luckily, academic writing services like can help. We are just as passionate about the environment, among many other things we are capable of writing about. Our professional writers come from many walks of life, enriched with experiences we can inject to your plagiarism-free custom written papers. With that, we can offer you custom essays, custom term papers, and even custom research papers! If youre ever in need of our help, just contact us here!

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How Pepsi compete Coca Cola in product sales - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 12 Words: 3635 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Marketing Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? Just before the turn of the twentieth century pharmacists would serve soda as a way to elevate indigestion (Martin, 1962). Since that time soda has become a treat for the young and old. One particular soda that has continued to survive for over a hundred years is Pepsi. Pepsi has become a global product that many people around the world are consuming. Pepsi has relied on finding new markets, especially in foreign countries. However, Coca-Cola has been more successful in foreign territory. Because of that reason, how can Pepsi compete against Coca-Cola in their product sales? Using a SWOT analysis is a good way to analyze what Pepsis strengths, weaknesses, advantages, disadvantages, and any possible threats are. Another way to analyze Pepsis position against Coca-Cola is to evaluate how well the management team is designed. How Pepsi treats people within the company as well as others in other countries is a key component to finding out if Pepsi has a lead over Coca -Cola. A strength that Pepsi has is that they are a strong core brand. Pepsi has been around for over one hundred years and they are considered to be a trusted company. Through the years Pepsi has continued to strive because it has placed a high priority to delivering value to their consumers. They have conveyed this by spending a lot of attention on their marketing efforts. Through television ads alone Pepsi continues to show the world that they have a high priority on customer preferences and tastes. This is especially relevant to the current trend that Americans have concerning their health. As a result Pepsi has expanded their product line with products like Diet Pepsi and caffeine free Pepsi. Also, they have developed a new product line of water for the health conscience (Pepsi Story, 2010). Aquafina includes flavored and sparkling water to appeal those who do not like the taste of plain water. Recognizing the weaknesses that Pepsi possess is an important way to positivel y critique to make them strengths. For example, because of the health craze consumers were turning away from soda products. There have been many claims that even the diet sodas are poor for your health and contribute to obesity. Pepsis team of managers brainstormed on how to come up with a way to battle against these changing ideas by creating new innovative ways to go with the changing times. As a result they came up with the idea of Aquafina. And to contribute their ideas further they came up with making options available to Aquafina like offering flavored water. Also, recognizing and having the ability to accept faults is important to the public perception. For example, it has become a common knowledge that many of the bottled water sold in stores are actually from tap. Pepsi made the acknowledgement and reported that they would be changing their labels. When Coca-Cola was asked what their plans were they said that they did not plan to change the labels on their Dasani bottles de spite the water comes from a public water supply (Byron, 2007). One recommendation that I would have for Pepsi would be to invest in a type of vitamin water that would be available through fountain drinks at major fast food restaurants. The only option that is available now is either diet soda or plain water in a bottle. Many consumers get bored with only water or diet soda. Vitamin water is a new youthful way to earn profits while satisfying consumer needs. Therefore, it would be good to see healthier choices available. As people see that Pepsi is involved more with the obesity epidemic there will be more people loyal to Pepsi. This is because it would show that Pepsi cares about the community and not just about making a profit by harming others. Therefore, it would put Pepsi in a positive light so people will prefer them over Coca-Cola. Also, Coca-Cola currently controls the fast food industry on sales. Lately restaurants have been given some bad publicity for serving less than healthy foods. If having vitamin water as an option those restaurants would possibly be more willing to switch from Coca-Cola products to Pepsi products. Another weakness I found is that Pepsi is mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, and Mexico (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). Most of their profits come from there. This is a negative thing because Coca-Cola is also prominent in these countries. However, Pepsi has outsold Coca-Cola in grocery sales (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). A recommendation that I have is for Pepsi to start focusing on distributing in other countries that Coca-Cola does not have a strong market in. Also, they should stop franchising in countries that there is a lack of cooperation and to focus more on distributing in the countries that are currently working together with Pepsi. Spending some time with research and development teams as well as marketing teams in those countries can be beneficial. Therefore, advertising in those countries were consumption is higher is a good start. Because of different cultural differences it would be essential to gather as much information as possible to find out how Pepsi can fit into their lifestyles. The Pepsi management has done a good job coming up with many positive opportunities for growth. Managers at Pepsi have to be dynamic to confront the ever changing trends of Pepsi. One advantage for Pepsi is that they have always taken the lead in developing new products. They would not have been successful in just developing just one product. Therefore, throughout the years they have added to their product line. Some of the major changes that happened began to develop by the 1950s. But, as time went on Pepsi started to add more products at a rapid pace. For example, in 1964, when Mountain Dew came out with it came many more items added to the product line. Along with this new product line came out a new drink Slice (Pepsi Story, 2010). Pepsi is constantly looking for new innovative wa ys to appeal to a broader consumer base. For example, Pepsi-Cola came out with new version of the original Pepsi. Now Pepsi has water, teas, coffee drinks, juices, and juice drinks in addition to the soft drinks. In addition to the growth of product lines Pepsi started to merge with other well known companies. In 1965, Pepsi merged with Frito-Lay, Inc. Merging with Frito-Lay, Inc. has become one of their most profitable investments to date (Pepsi Story, 2010). By forming with them they decided to change their name to PepsiCo, Inc. In order to keep growing the amount of customers needed to continue sales Pepsi knew that they had to keep merging or acquiring other businesses in the food industry. In the 1990s Pepsi started partnering up with other companies. In 1991 they partnered up with Lipton Company and came out with the Lipton Brisk. But the growth did not stop there. After that they partnered up with Starbuck and produced products with them. These last couple mergers were ver y important because Pepsi was expanding outside the soda industry into the snack food industry. Pepsi had merged with the Quaker Oats Company in 2001. As a result came Gatorade, There have been a lot of mergers and some were not a profitable (Caparell, 2007). For example, at one point Pepsi owned Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. After realizing that they were losing profits they cut their losses and moved forward with new ideas (Caparell, 2007). Another way of expanding was to continue merging with other well known companies to cut costs. Working with Yahoo has helped them develop more technologically. As a result Pepsi now has a website of their own called Working with Apple Computer is a big hit because they use iTunes as a way to promote their products by giving away sweepstakes. They also have partnered with the sports world giants like Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the National Football League (Pepsi Story, 2010). Coca-Cola has been a threat to Pepsi from the very beginning. They both originated at the same time. However, Coca-Cola was able to get a strong hold on the soda market early on (Martin, 1962). One problem that Pepsi will most likely face in the future would be how to enter the market in countries that Coca-Cola already has a firm market. Currently most of Pepsis revenue is concentrated in the North American continent. Even in the North American continent Coca-Cola has had better sales than Pepsi (Allen, 1994). One solution is to pull out of some of the Coca-Cola dominated markets and begin to sell in countries that Coca-Cola does not yet have a strong market in like India and China. This could be beneficial to Pepsi because it would allow these recent growing consumers the opportunity to experience Pepsi products without the interference of Coca-Cola. Therefore, allowing Pepsi to gain a positive foreign market growth. A recommendation for the increasing threat of Coca-Cola is to carefully analyze c onsumer wants by focusing on market research. For example, when Pepsi used market research in the 1970s they found that consumers preferred larger bottles. In response to the information that was found Pepsi increased their bottle sizes. They went to work right away to increase the bottle sizes to thirty two ounce bottles and sixty four ounce packages (Pepsi Story, 2010). Pepsi has been good about responding to customer needs and wants. Therefore, continuing to analyze the changing wants and needs of the consumer is important. The youth seems to be more interested the sports drinks like their favorite athletes. While the older generation is more health conscientious and prefer diet sodas and water products. Information like these is important because it helps top managers make wise decisions on what their next moves should be. Pepsi and Coca-Cola have similar interests and customer bases. Therefore, it is imperative to do something different to get an edge on the soda war. Pepsi has been known to devise a team of bright young professionals from around the globe to find new creative ways to bring in a larger consumer base. One creative idea to test if people really preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi was to do a taste test. According to Allen, Pepsi officials were desperate enough to try an off the wall approach. They gathered up several dozen professed Coca-Cola drinkers and conducted a taste test, by asking them to choose between soda marked Q and M. As a hidden camera rolled, slightly more than half the participants chose M and were surprised to discover that what they were drinking was Pepsi (Allen, 1994). Another way that they have encouraged consumers is by developing their website Pepsis research and development team came up with the website by using modern technology to advertise to a broader range of people. By advertising by internet it was a way for them to cut costs. They made their website fun and youthful. Also, they offer ways to win fre e items. In order to really compete with Coca-Cola the Pepsi management has to have some idea on Coca-Colas marketing strategy. Historically, Coca-Cola has done better at sales in the United States mainly because they service to restaurants. But Pepsi has outsold Coca-cola by ten percent in sales when it comes to selling in grocery stores (Allen, 1994). This is because Pepsi offers more options when it comes to the drink industry. The strategies that were used in the past are no longer an option in todays market. It is important for Pepsi managers to have the conceptual view because it will allow them to see the whole picture. In my recommendation once Pepsi has viewed all their options and resources available to them it would be a good idea to come up with a cost effective strategy against Coca-Cola. Pepsi already seems to be ahead of the game by being a multinational company. Pepsis managers play a key role in the success of Pepsi. Top managers have to keep the conceptual sk ills in mind when they think about the future. Growth within Pepsi will come from all areas of the company from the lower level employee to the CEO Indra Nooyi. Nooyi must look at Pepsi as a whole to see any new and innovative ways to compete against Coca-Cola. But in the business world Nooyi is known for her aggressive management style. Nooyi is known for showing the strength of good leadership. She was self confident that Pepsi would not do well in the restaurant business (Most Powerful Women, 2010). Also she implemented a number of strategies to improve the stability of Pepsi. One new way was through the bringing out of health conscious items. As a result Pepsi started to see a rise of profits. Though 2008 revenues grew 10% from the year before and snack sales are holding, Nooyi has been struggling to revamp falling profits in PepsiCos core beverage business. Focusing on innovation instead of acquisition, the company is debuting new product lines, targeted marketing and repackagi ng efforts in 2009 (Most Powerful Women, 2010). The managers at Pepsi are finding that they no longer can use the classical perspective of management. This is because in order to make sure that the company expands into the future treatment of the employees has to be fair. The company is consistently recognized for its corporate citizenship, philanthropic efforts and diversity programs (Pepsi Story, p.22). Hiring the right individuals with the same beliefs as Pepsi is very important to them. Pepsis focus on determination, focus, and a sense of purpose on the part of the employees, combined with enlightened leadership, can enhance the bottom line while offering social benefits beyond the walls of the corporation (Capparell, 2007, p.16). Managers at Pepsi try to diversify their staff. Recently it has become a big concern when some of its top managers left. But as a response to the concern Pepsi made an announcement that these were personal decisions and not those of the company. The refore, they value their employees to the fullest. The question of how to compete against Coca-Cola is one that management is continuing to work on constantly. In my recommendation I would suggest moving from a multinational company into a global corporation. By doing this it would cut costs but also they would be able to move from just a concentrate or syrup producer into the other three functions of this business. There are four main functions of the soda industry and they are concentrate or syrup producers, bottlers, distributors, and retailers (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). Pepsi manufactures concentrate which it sells to independent franchise bottlers. Pepsi currently has franchises to bottlers around the world. Those bottlers then manufacture, distribute and market finished products under the PepsiCo trademark (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). The advantage that Pepsi has over Coca-Cola is that Pepsi franchises their products to different bottlers around the world. Thi s started in the 1940s when Walter Mack was president for Pepsi he set up a bottling franchise system. Coca-Cola has always done it a little differently. Coca-Cola manufactures syrup, which in sells to bottlers, which, in turn, manufacture, distribute, and market finished soft drinks products principally to grocery stores, convenience stores, and vending machines (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). Pepsi wanted a different type of customer base. With Pepsi franchising the Pepsi products they are keeping a constant control over who has product. My next recommendation to Pepsi is that they need to focus on the suppliers and the labor market around the globe. Pepsi has already done this by outsourcing their products by franchising. The early presidents of Pepsi already had the intuition to get Pepsi to as many people as possible. An article in the late 1880s had acknowledged this. In 1883, The American Journal of Pharmacy for January had said of cola nuts: The nuts are used to form a refreshing and invigorating drink throughout a large portion of tropical AfricaÃÆ' ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ ¦.Moreover, if, once introduced as a beverage in civilized countries, the demand for it would soon become enormous (Martin, 1962, p. 14-17). The idea that if Pepsi was introduced to other countries that there would be a demand for it. I believe that the same concept can be used today especially in the developing cities and countrysides of China and India. Pepsi always seems like a pioneer in the new phenomena of expanding overseas. In the 1950s management felt that Africa was a good place to start opening up new factories. In the 1950s Harvey Russell had pushed the Pepsi efforts in the direction of Africa. After Pepsi won the government approval for franchises in Western Nigeria in 1959, he sent three plant managers to open four plants there and stay on as temporary plant managers (Carappell, 2007, p.263). Pepsi was the first American consumer product to be manufactur ed in the Soviet Union. It was not long before they expanded into China. By the 1980s Pepsi started to distribute in China. After that they continued to expand overseas. Soon after merging with Frito-Lay, Inc. Pepsi changed their name to PepsiCo, Inc. Shortly after that they opened the first soft drink operations in Eastern Europe and Japan. By the middle of the 1980s Pepsi-Cola had over 600 plants in operation in over one hundred and forty countries. And by the 1990s Pepsi was invested in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Argentina (Pepsi Story, 2010). In the recent years many companies have moved toward sending products oversea to China and India. It has become a way to cut costs so that these companies can compete with higher profit margins. Pepsi in the recent years has taken advantage of the same thing. They have invested a lot of money in China especially. In May 2010, Pepsi announced that it plans on investing another 2.5 billion in China by adding new plants and researc h facilities (Pepsi Coke Square off, 2010). Currently, they operate twenty-seven beverage and food plants there. Also, they have five farms in China with more than twenty thousand employees. But they have made substantial growth in India as well. PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1988 by creating a joint venture with the Punjab government-owned Punjab Argo Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Voltas India Limited. This joint venture marketed and sold Lehar Pepsi until 1991, when the use of foreign brands was allowed; PepsiCo bought out its partners and ended the joint venture in 1994. In order for Pepsi to beat Coca-Cola at the globalizing war Pepsi will need to familiarize itself with the new countries is plans to invest in. Adapting to the culture, people, economy, and government regulations are essential for the residents of these countries to acknowledge the potential of Pepsi. In the past Pepsi has used bottling efforts to market in other countries. Now it is imperative to go to other countries with more of a humanistic approach. There have been complaints from villages in India that Coca-Cola has not valued the people there. In the 1970s Coca-Cola was forced out by the Indian government. Although Pepsi owns thirty eight factories verses Coca-Colas fifty-two, it is apparent that Coca-Cola is only there to make money. Coca-Cola illegally installed high-powered electric pumps to extract millions of liters of pure water and polluted what little water it had not stolen from the community in India (, 2005). Pepsi has done many efforts in order to help the less fortunate. Pepsi has made a statement that community involvement is important to them because their products touch so many lives. For example, in Walter Macks time as president he was known for having his educational scholarships open to anyone. He developed the Pepsi Scholarship Program. He wanted spot leaders not just smart employees (Capparell, 2007). At that time Fortune magazine wrote that Mack wanted the public impression that Pepsi-Cola is a company with a much broader interest in the public than merely making a dollar out of it. Pepsi throughout the years has donated millions and possibly billions to charities. Currently Pepsi has a partnership with YMCA. They also contribute to Save the Children Foundation, pediatrics AIDS care centers, as well as national disaster relief programs and national food distribution organizations. PepsiCo is a $29 billion company, employing more than 150,000 people speaking more than 40 languages around the globe (Pepsi Story, p.22). Today, Pepsi is in about two hundred countries worldwide and they are the worlds fourth largest company. According to the PepsiCo story, Pepsi is staking its claim as the global leader in convenience foods and beverages. Historically the rivalry between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has shown some cost reduction in the past. The steep decline in the price of carbonated soft drinks is therefore not solely at tributable to cost reductions in the industry. The source of this decline, among other things, is the intense competition that prevails in the industry (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). The war between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has done some positive things for the consumer. The intense competition between PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, in particular, yields lower prices, greater product variety, reliable and safe products, ready availability of products and good service for soft drink consumers (Tollison, Kaplan, Higgins, 1992). If Pepsi continues to come up with new fun and innovative ways to do Pepsi the result will be that more consumers will prefer Pepsi. This can and will hurt Coca-Colas sales. In December 2005, PepsiCo surpassed Coca-Cola in market value for the first time in 112 years since both companies began to compete. In conclusion, I believe that there is a lot of potential for Pepsi to sell more to the developing countries that have been exposed to globalization. If they contin ue to expand their products to these countries and be mindful of the cultures and customs of these people these people will be more excepting of Pepsi products. Therefore, through the continuing efforts of the management teams working together to brainstorm ideas Pepsi will eventually be known as the company that beat Coca-Cola at the cola wars and not as a number two competitor against them. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "How Pepsi compete Coca Cola in product sales" essay for you Create order

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Dylan Hollan . Ela 3- 6Th. Research Essay- (Word Count).

Dylan Hollan ELA 3- 6th Research Essay- (word count) April 12, 2017 Medical Marijuana Thesis Statement Introductory Paragraph Medical marijuana is a distinctly looking plant that is grown around the world and can be used medically. Medical marijuana is when â€Å"the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions† (Abuse). Marijuana plants can grow to be anywhere from twelve inches to eight feet tall, they have five leaves, and are a flowering plant. The plant is very hardy allowing it to be grown in numerous place around the world. There are a variety of different ways to intake marijuana. Smoking marijuana is the most commonly thought of method when intaking marijuana. Leaves†¦show more content†¦The National Institutes of Health (NIH) are funding many researcher to further the research and benefits of cannabinoids, THC and CBD in medical marijuana. It is believed that THC and CBD can help with killing cancer cell with radiation. With more studies being completed, along with states legalizing medical marijuana the acceptance for this once â€Å"harmful† drug is increasing. There are twenty-eight states that have legalized marijuana for medical use. The first state to legalize marijuana was California back in 1996 (What Are the Non-smoked Ways to Use Marijuana Medically? - Medical Marijuana - Within then the other twenty-seven states have followed, setting possession limits. Each state has compiled a list of approved conditions allowing patients to obtain marijuana for medical purposes. Patients also must register with the state and pay a registry fee before they are allowed to start treatment, this fee varies state to state. Some states accept other states’ registry ID card while other state do not. There are a general estimate of 2,604,079 nation wide users of medical marijuana. Although there are skeptics that say there is not enough evidence that medical marijuana is a good thing. Since medical marijuana has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many people believe it should not be legalized. Researchers have not done enough large-scale studies to

Welfare Dependency a Residual Culture of Ex-Slaves Essay Sample free essay sample

I have frequently wondered why so many Afro-american adult females end up depending on public assistance. I presently live in Virginia but I am from the island of Jamaica where the Public Assistance plan is indistinguishable to the American theoretical account. Besides indistinguishable are the civilization and traditions of many Black individuals whose households were encultured with patterns and traditions from the pre-emancipation plantation epoch. I was in awe at the similarities and I frequently wondered ; what was the root cause for that common dependence syndrome that is apparent in Black people in America and Jamaica. It is non a pleasant topic but the fact is. the system of bondage is the foundation for many of the traditional cultural patterns and behaviours within the Black American communities. In retrospect. it can be argued that. the bondage based usage of trading strong illiterate black work forces to be used as he-man. thereby increasing the slave population and by ex tension the slave owners’ wealth ; had a residuary consequence on the African-American community. The ex-slaves carried the plantation civilization into their new emancipated lives ; in that. work forces continued to repeatedly infuse ( strain ) as many adult females as possible. and they continued to walk off without holding any sense of duty towards their legion kids. It can besides be argued that. the plantation male’s belief that the kids were â€Å"Massa’s† responsibility/property. prevailed in some households even to this twenty-four hours. Similarly. in Jamaica. the work forces and adult females on public assistance frequently say that the authorities will take attention of their kids same attitude as the mentally enslaved Black-American male. On the other manus. on the plantation. the every bit illiterate adult females were used as breeders ; with no pick in the affair ; they were forced to mate with any male he-man that their proprietors chose. and they had to reproduce really frequently. as a mean of increasing the slave owners’ stock. White work forces could hold sex with any female slave without fright of prosecution because slaves were non deemed to be persons but plantation belongings. Bing able to hold many kids was a mean of finding their self-worth and self-value by their owners’ definition. As a affair of fact. slave proprietors used to purchase lone females with wide hips and large butts ; the grade that they were good breeders. Obviously. the choicest good breeders’ outlook besides prevailed beyond bondage. in that. many Afro-american adult females continued to hold many kids. oftentimes for assorted work forces and they sat on their buttockss. with the outlook that the authorities ( Massa ) will care for their progeny. To this twenty-four hours. in the southern provinces ; many adult females are. fleshy. with the inordinate fatso wide hips and large butts ; marks of the slave owners’ pick and penchant. The pattern of holding multiple gestations with the outlook to roll up nutrient casts for them is morally incorrect. In the same mode that bondage was morally incorrect ; public assistance dependence in this instance. is besides morally incorrect. I am taking a retaliatory stance on this issue because Black adult females who continue to act as if they are baby mills ; holding no beginning of income to care for them ; ought to confront punitory effects. In an effort to stem the hemorrhage of revenue enhancement remunerators financess into public aid plans ; at that place ought to be a regulation in the public assistance plan that requires each province to care for no more than one kid per household. The other kids ought to be the family’s duty. The public assistance dependence type of behaviour is called Free Riding. â€Å"Free siting. in economic science expresses the thought of one who enjoys the benefits of society without paying for it. either by devouring more than oneâ⠂¬â„¢s portion or paying less for what one consumes. † ( Mosser 2010 ) . Introduction Moralist Len Goodman wrote. â€Å"Slavery is the deepest development. overruling subjecthood to do a individual a tool for usage. Slavery keeps its victim alive while depriving her of bureau. delegating it to others who do non portion her undertakings. hopes. or involvements. but subordinate her capablenesss to their wants. † ( Goodman 2010 ) The Afro-american plantation outlook. that overvalued holding many kids. as a manner of turn outing their self-worth and self-value ; prevailed beyond bondage. emancipation and station emancipation periods. into modern times. Therefore. it is safe to reason that. in these modern times. the residuary effects of that type of behaviour coupled with illiteracy. is still apparent within some Afro-american households. Counter to that statement. instruction made the difference in the lives of infinite African-Americans who have risen above assorted unsound stereotypes to stand out even to the place highest power in America. Yet. there remains within that group. a great figure who are still populating below the poorness line. and they depend on monthly public aid public assistance cheques to last. This group needs to be empowered with several demands specific. culturally/academically realistic cognition and accomplishments that will fit them to be engaged in paid income generating activities. The difference with this grownup instruction push would be the alone civilization based attack ; the purpose of such a plan would be. to put group members on the way to reconstruct their liberty and human self-respect. It was the ancient Sage Aristotle who said. â€Å"Education is the best proviso for old age. † hypertext transfer protocol: //www. quotationspage. com/subjects/education/ Therefore. a more methodical. scientifically researched. group-needs-specific. reeducation ; must be implemented in order to liberate the greater figure of people of colour. from mental bondage ( Marley. Bob ) ; in a renewed effort to interrupt their rhythm of poorness. It is frequently said. â€Å"Old wonts die hard ; † and if the societal policy shapers do non kill the wont of public assistance dependence now ; taxpayers will be caught in the rhythm of duty for these same households ; from the uterus to the grave. However. ethically. those work forces and adult females did non perpetrate any offense because they were transporting on their traditional household civilization ; ( Nowak A ; Laird. 2010 ) where females had sex ( oftentimes emotionless ) with a adult male and gave birth afterwards. It was cogent evidence that the adult female was strong. By comparing. in Jamaica adult females. in many station emancipation plantation communities sometimes have every bit many as 13 kids for many different work forces and they survive on child care and public aid cheques. Technically. this behaviour can be ethically classified. as a victimless offense. because the woman’s behaviour is harmful to her alone and no 1 else. ( Mosser 2010 ) . Still. when a kid is born into the state of affairs. a victim is created. because that kid is likely to be raised in low poorness and deficiency. On the other manus. the work forces were socialized on the plantation to act like cocks in a barnyard ; to catch a biddy. have unemotional sex. so walk off. caput in the air. without a backward glimpse. Judging by normal social criterions. this was colza ; albeit. the act was covertly encouraged by the governments of the twenty-four hours. ( However. if a charge was laid against a Black adult male with a Black adult female ; a relativist could reason the instance down to traditional cultural patterns ) . The traditional behaviour did non necessitate the adult male to settle down and rear his kids. In this instance. Applied Virtue Ethical motives can non hold that adult male to be immoral ; because his moral criterions were predetermined by a system over which he had no control. ( Mosser 2010 ) . Simultaneously. there seem to hold been an overall social credence of what could hold been a residuary keeping of a matriarchal system of belief and civilization. which demanded that the Black adult female on the plantation took on the duty of raising the kids ; so that the adult male could be free to make more kids. The national ideal is ; the male parents should be held responsible for their kids and non taxpayers. hypertext transfer protocol: //archive. acf. Department of Health and Human Services. gov/programs/cse/pubs/2008/preliminary_report_fy2007/ Theoretically. the relativist would demand that policy shapers conduct thorough sociological probes before making policies for that community ; thereby. deriving a better apprehension of the people’s value systems and their endemic cultural patterns. ( Mosser 2010 ) . That acquired cognition would organize the footing on which policies are developed for that mark group. Alternatively. the Social Welfare policy shapers included the African-Americans into a system that was designed for and catered to the bulk of people who were Caucasian. In other words. developers of societal policy took the Utilitarian attack that considered the good of the bulk ; disregarding that minority group of former plantation dependants ; merely to detect decennaries subsequently. that non all societal groupings have the same demands. On the position of deontological moralss. one should handle others as one would desire to be treated. Those who design and implement policy may necessitate to inquire themselves whether the policy is designed in such a manner that they would experience comfy working under it themselves. ( Mosser 2010 ) Deontological moralss besides emphasizes the regard and self-respect owed to human existences merely because they are human existences. ( Mosser 2010 ) Back so. there should hold been post emancipation reeducation plans ; to interrupt the rhythm of dependence by educating the Black people with vision and hope of future liberty. Public Assistance and Public Education Social policy determination shapers and developers had to make plans to turn to the issues of illiteracy. poorness and unemployment in countries where there were big concentration of Black people. State Authorities implemented public assistance aid for destitute kids and they besides built public schools specifically for African Americans. However. the job with the public aid public assistance plan was ; more kids equaled more money. ( The public assistance system merely replaced Massa ) . The Public Assistance plan is non-contributory and it is funded by taxpayers. It is a system whereby the societal worker makes recommendations based on the single demand ; but where there are kids at hazard of hungering within the household ; the child/children get ( s ) particular consideration. Therefore. public assistance receivers in the yesteryear. approaching the clip for the expiration of their benefit ; got pregnant ( sometimes for any available adult male ) in order to maintain and increase the sum on their cheques. Many of them do non win in the public assistance to work plans. because they are uneducated and unskilled. hypertext transfer protocol: //urbanhabitat. org/node/858. Consequently. puting adult females on public assistance into occupations without first preparation and educating them ; is kindred to seting the proverbial cart before the Equus caballus. Unlike their Caucasic opposite numbers who normally are better educated ; the adult females of colour normally measure up for entry degree. low paying occupations. hypertext transfer protocol: //urbanhabitat. org/node/858 An extract from an Urban Habitat study â€Å"There is some grounds that racial disadvantage in the labour market is besides being played out in footings of the rates at which different racial groups are go forthing the axial rotations. Welfare usage is worsening quickly among all races. but white receivers are go forthing the public assistance rolls at a much more rapid rate than Blacks or Latinos. In New York City. for illustration. the figure of Whites having public assistance benefits declined by 57 per centum between 1995 and 1998. while the rate of diminution for Blacks was 30 per centum and that of Latinos. seven per centum. White receivers have led the diminution nationally every bit good. Some explanatory factors may include: higher mean educational degrees among white receivers ; greater concentrations of receivers of colour in job-poor interior metropoliss ; and racial favoritism in employment and lodging. Susan Gooden’s findings sing racial favoritism in the proviso of information and aid. 16 every bit good as her findings of racial derived functions in employment results among Black and white participants in one province public assistance reform plan. 17 are clearly relevant here. Though the combination of lending factors is doubtless complex. the more rapid passage of white receivers into the labour force is one index of the racially disparate impact of public assistance reform. † hypertext transfer protocol: //urbanhabitat. org/node/858 The reformed public assistance system requires each donee over 18 old ages old. to be employed or actively seeking work ; exclusions are made for breastfeeding female parents with neonates. Added to that. the figure of needed on the job hours is besides dependent on the age of the youngest kid. Having said that. I will repeat an earlier observation. the adult females have kids on a timely footing in order to stay on the plan and non travel out to work ; hence. the ground for so many kids in the families. However. it is worthy of note. that under the reformed public aid system. no household can be on the plan for more than 60 months. The authorities had to admit that at that place had to be a budget decrease of the Federal outgo on public assistance aid ; for illustration. the province of Ohio in its Public Assistance study of one-year outgo ; spent about two million dollars on nutrient casts in 2009. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. docstoc. com/docs/52123855/Public-Assistance-Monthly-Statistics-Report-State-FiscalYear-2009 Whether this was the purpose of the developers of the reform or non ; the societal public assistance policy alterations coupled with the panic acquiring of the HIV/AIDS virus. helped to deter repeat gestations among immature Black adult females. Further to that. the public instruction attempts about the wisdom of household planning. and the personal pick to abstain from sex until one is matured and educated adequate to manage it ; seemed to hold affected the behaviour of the many individuals in the those targeted communities ; aided by the panic of the HIV/AIDS virus. The public instructio n runs for rubber use worked ; it was effectual. Nowadays. one can compare the one time despised rubber. to a human extremity ; it goes everyplace. In these modern times. in the Afro-american civilization. holding many kids is no longer recognized as the beginning of wealth because public instruction on household planning is available to all. Sill. a few affluent African American twosomes sometimes have more than three kids and follow others because they can afford to keep them financially. As ever. there are those who argue that. America needs to establish a run against adult females holding kids for taxpayers’ attention ; and the demand to prosecute able bodied. lazy. uneducated people of every tegument colour. in paid employment. Many of the receivers of the destitute household benefits are immature adult females. At the same clip. at that place needs to be feasible plans in topographic point. to help those donees to acquire out of the rhythm of poorness. It can be argued that. a state that has excessively many people pop ulating in low poorness ; will finally pass more in countries of offense decrease. wellness. personal and national safety and renewed investings. Worthy of note at this occasion is that. the majority of the national budget is military outgos ; that is common cognition. In comparing. for argument’s interest. China’s household planning policy of one kid per family. worked in favour of their economic system. Such a societal policy appeared to be highly Draconian to those of us who live in broad western societies. However. in the long tally. it helped the Chinese economic system by cut downing the outgo of public resources on societal public assistance plans. The financess were redirected in countries such as instruction. wellness. agribusiness. scientific discipline and engineering. transit. exportation. and above all fabrication. In add-on to all that. the Chinese people actively sought after entrepreneurship ; whether at place or abroad. North America is China’s best client. China is now in a place to help. and is assisting developing states like Jamaica. with proficient expertness and skilled workers. particularly in the country of civil technology. Whereas. before the nation’s economic development. poorness afflicted Ch inese subjects used to stow away from place by any agencies possible ; so escape the abrasiveness of their country’s economic system and to eke out being elsewhere. â€Å"The authorities has an duty to protect its citizens. but main among the protections it provides are the rights of those citizens. † ( Mosser 2010 ) . Protection in this instance extends to societal protection. as in supplying a societal safety cyberspace for the vulnerable and disfranchised members of the society. I mentioned China to indicate out that. the procedure of reeducating Black adult females on public assistance ought to hold a strong component of the sense of belonging to America. understanding the function they must play in personal and national development. the wagess of entrepreneurship and self-government. Equally good as the instruction of good work moralss. Unlike the Chinese. American societal workers should take a Dialectic ( Mosser 2010 ) attack ; where they engage the individuals in focal point. in treatments and arguments before doing determination that will impact those persons’ lives. The purpose of this reeducation push would be to take as many of the residuary. suicidal plantation patterns as possible. Some would reason that it takes hard currency to care and many provinces can non afford the extra outgo that a reeducation plan could incur. However. a cost benefit analysis ought to be done to pre-determine the program’s affordability. Harmonizing to Mosser. cost-benefit analysis evaluates a determination in footings of its advantages ( benefits ) and disadvantages ( costs ) . Although it is frequently used in measuring the economic impact of a determination. many argue that costs and benefits should non be understood merely in footings of fiscal impact. ( Mosser 2010 ) . The instruction of good work moralss ought to get down with ; working for oneself to pay oneself ; entrepreneurship. DecisionThe ex-slaves carried the plantation civilization into their new emancipated lives ; in that. work forces continued to repeatedly infuse ( strain ) as many adult females as possible. and they continued to walk off without holding any sense of duty towards their legion kids. It can besides be argued that. the plantation male’s belief that the kids were â€Å"Massa’s† duty. prevailed in some households even to this twenty-four hours. The traditional behaviour did non necessitate the adult male to settle down and rear his kids. Applied Virtue Ethics. in this instance. can non hold that adult male to be immoral because his moral criterions were predetermined by a system over which he had no control. ( Mosser 2010 ) . After emancipation. some Afro-american adult females continued to hold many kids. oftentimes for assorted work forces and they sat on their buttockss. with the outlook that the authorities ( Massa ) will care for their progeny. This sort of behaviour is called Free Riding. â€Å"Free siting. in economic science expresses the thought of one who enjoys the benefits of society without paying for it. either by devouring more than one’s portion or paying less for what one consumes. † ( Mosser 2010 ) . State Authorities implemented public assistance aid for destitute kids and they built public schools. However. the job with the public aid public assistance plan was ; more kids equaled more money.

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Violence in the workplace

Introduction Violence can be viewed as the extreme form of aggression. These include rape, murder or assault. Violence has adverse impacts on the society, both psychologically and physically. There are a number of possible causes of violence. These include the exposure to violent media, violence in homes as well as the act where the acts are seen as violent even when they are not. There are several factors which can contribute to violence in the community.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Violence in the workplace specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These include the social factors, provocative factors among others. The following discussion gives an analysis of some violence cases which has taken place in the past. The Case Of A Work Related Violence Work related violence is another case of violence that is very common in the society. In some cases, employees find themselves in various forms of violence. For ins tance, they may be exposed to adverse working environments that expose them to one or more kinds of violence. A good example of violence can be demonstrated through the employees in the Intellekt Company Ltd. This is a company that is based in Oxford. This company is composed of five employees who are permanently employed by the company. These employees are assigned with several responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities is serving court injunction papers on respondents who are mostly violent and in violent situations which is mostly in individuals homes1. The employees are also required to collect information about counterfeit goods in violent places. These cases may involve the police as well as the trading standards officers. Finally, these employees are assigned the duties of surveillance and repossession. All these assignment have a high risk since there are very high chances of violence. The fact that each employee works all alone, most of the time, makes the situation worse. These employees are therefore exposed to many kinds of risks. For instance, they are forced to work with violent clients. This exposes them to violent treatment which may cause them physical damage.Advertising Looking for assessment on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Employees are also forced to work with drunks as well as the drug addicts. These are mostly violent individuals and therefore can harm the employees in the process of executing their duties. Employees are also engaged in repossessing of property that usually leads to distress2. Distressed people are likely to cause violence and abuse. Other assignment like serving bankruptcy equally poses a high risk on the people. The above case has revealed various incidences of violence. In most cases, the violence results through transgression. For instance, people engagement in illegal ways of obtaining property leads to repossession. People are also involved in violent activities when at risks. For instance, an individual who is at a risk of losing property may be induced to violent activities. They will be distressed for losing the property and may therefore harm the employees. There are several incidences where the employees have faced violence in their effort execute their duties. In China, an employee pretended to be a buyer in order to investigate in a company selling counterfeit goods3. After asking to see the company, he was blindfolded after which he was taken very far away in the mountains where he could not trace his way. However, the employee managed to find his way back to the hotel unharmed. Case of Violent Young Male Adult This case involves a young individual from Zimbabwe who was violent towards his family members. Over the past years, several cases of violence have been reported in Zimbabwe. These have been reported in both the private and the public sphere4. In Zimbabwe, family violence has been triggered by t he poor leadership in the country. For instance, the leaders who are at the power have neglected the needs of the people. People are not able to access their livelihoods effectively, a condition that has significantly contributed to violence in the country. The problems of power and leadership in Zimbabwe have led to violence in the social lives of many citizens. The heritage of violence in the political economy is the main cause of violence in many countries5. For instance, limited resources put pressure on the family members in competition for the limited resources. This case involves one of the violence victims who were induced to violence by the prevailing conditions in Zimbabwe. The family can be viewed to have the power system like any other social groups. Soon after their occupation in the country, the Europeans settlers in Zimbabwe had to use power to coerce the people to adhere to their directions.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Violence in the workplace specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More They used several measures in order to change the natives to docile bodies. In other words, the settlers wanted the natives to take and abide with their rules naively. On the other hand, the citizens were forced to use violence as a tool against the settler power and rule. This case involves a family which was subjected in such an environment. This individual comes from the family located in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. One of his parents suffered violence for being involved in driving change to resist the coercion of the white settlers in the country. It was discovered that majority of the families had adult sons who were usually under trouble and was also trebling. In most cases, the family members were adversely affected by the violence posed on them by these adults. By the time Moyo and MaMlilo went through violence, they had been married for five years6. Moyo had retired from the army and was r unning a small construction firm. As a member of the army, Moyo was forced to serve for the political liberation to eliminate the radicalized economy. Moyo was very concerned about the racialized economy that adversely affected the people. In his younger adult life, he had attempted to bring about change in the society by hunting for justice, cultivate respect and protect the ones who were vulnerable. As a result, Moyo was tortured and imprisoned for organizing this change. Furthermore, his family had been removed from their farm to give space for the white settlers. This was done with violence. In this case, the white had the power which they used for violence against the natives. After facing this violence, Moyo decided to join the struggle against coercive settler rule7. This person came from a family made of several members. These include a father, mother and the children. This family is situated in the social and economic environment of Zimbabwe. At this point, it is important to identify the two forms of violence. Violence can either be loud or silent. Silent violence involves the insults, threats and also deep scaring that does not hurt physically8. On the other hand, loud violence refers to the form of violence that poses a physical harm to the victims. It also causes harm to people’s property as well as the social environment in the community9.Advertising Looking for assessment on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The violence posed on the Africans by the Europeans left Moyo separated from his family members for a long duration of time. This separation affected his children adversely. He did not get time to be together with his children. He was denied a chance to socialize with his children and teach them on the best ways of conduct. Moyo traded away this with the struggle against the coercion rule imposed by the white. He leant that the best way to gain and retain power was only through brute force10. Since the family was separated due to work differences, Moyo’s family suffered silent violence. The family members were not satisfied as they felt that there was a gap without the presence of one of their members11. This kind of violence was as a result of the differences in their work or career. From the above discussion, it is clear that this violence was as a result of the differences that rose between the white and the natives. The whites wanted to dictate on the natives and controll ing their resources. On the other hand, the natives rejected as they felt that their rights were violated. MaMlilo was left to raise their five children alone whom he raised as well as she could. Three girls were working in South Africa while the two boys were staying with her at home. The elder son, who was called Dingi, was extremely violent as a result of the conditions in which he grew in. Dingi is said to be troubled and troubling as well. Her mother laments of the trouble that they have been caused by their son. The daughters were providing for the family. However, their son was not able to provide for his child. Therefore, he caused his family a silent violence. This violence came as a result of transgressing against the order of the society. As a son in the family, he was expected to provide for the family. However, this was not the case. Contrary, his sisters were the ones who were providing for the family. This posed silent violence for the family. This is because the son had neglected the roles of a responsible son that he was expected to be. From the above case, we can clearly see that the structural violence was the main cause of the violence which faced this family. Structural violence is the form of violence that is characterized by exploitation and domination by economic, political, social and psychological terms12. Therefore, those with a higher economic power are likely to exploit others which are weak economically. In this case, we see an adult son posing a psychological violence to his family members. This is as a result of the pressure he gets for lack of economic powers. Before Zimbabwe got its independence in 1980, the white got the privileges of power that they used to control the economy. As a result, many people were left in economic difficulties. This encouraged inequality within the society, the fact which has led to cases of violence similar to the one that have been discussed above. When the society is engulfed by poverty such vio lent cases become very common. For instance, it becomes very easy for a person to be attacked by another in the streets. Conclusion From the cases above, it is clear that violence has adverse impacts on the society. This can affect people’s lives from individual and also the public levels. The first case involves work related violence. In this case, employees are engaged with duties which pose a high risk on them. Sometimes, employees are forced to deal with violent individuals. For instance, one employee found himself under such violence while investigating on counterfeit goods in a certain company in China. Transgression of the laws has led to such violence cases. The second case has revealed the form of violence which was posed on the people of Zimbabwe by the white settlers. They were harshly kicked out of their farms in order to give room for the white settlers. Any attempt to change was rewarded with torture and exploitative imprisonment of those found guilty. It has al so revealed a silent violence. This arises as a result of transgression of the expected roles. This is seen when Dingi fails to conform to expected values of the family. He poses silent violence to his family. Bibliography Baron, S. 2000. Violence in the Workplace: A Prevention and Management Guide for Businesses. California: Pathfinder Publishing, Inc. Collins, R. 2009. Violence: A Micro-Sociological Theory. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Health and Safety Executive. 2008. Security and Protective Services; Work-Related Violence Case Studies. Web. Huber, W. 1996. Violence: The Unrelenting Assault on Human Dignity. New York: Fortress Press. Hume, M. 2004. Armed Violence and Poverty in El Salvador. A mini case study for the Armed Violence and Poverty Initiative. Web. Lawrence, B and Karim, A. 2007. on Violence: A Reader. New York: Duke University Press. Moyo, O. 2008. Surviving Structural Violence in Zimbabwe: The Case Study of a Family Coping With Violence. Web. Perline, I. and Goldschmidt, J. 2004. The Psychology and Law of Workplace Violence: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Employers. Illinois: Charles C Thomas Publisher. Ã… ½iÃ… ¾ek, S. 2009. Violence: Six Sideways Reflections. London: Profile Books. Footnotes 1 Health and Safety Executive 2008 2 Lawrence and Karim 2007 3 Baron 2000 4 Moyo 2008 5 Huber 1996 6 Moyo 2008 7 Moyo 2008 8 Moyo 2008 9 Ã… ½iÃ… ¾ek 2009 10 Perline and Goldschmidt 2004 11 Collins 2009 12 Hume 2004 This assessment on Violence in the workplace was written and submitted by user Hayley T. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence in Different Areas

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence in Different Areas Introduction: Interest in EI Emotional intelligence (EI) has been discussed for two decades so far. Stough et al. (2009) note that the interest in EI has increased recently and the concept of EI has been applied to a variety of fields including workplace, psychiatry, neuroscience, education, health, cross-culture and sport. For instance, Cassady and Boseck (2008) consider a variety of ways to apply the concept in psychology.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence in Different Areas specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Brackett et al. (2011) also stress that researchers exploit the concept of EI in various areas and this usability has created a need in defining the concept. Notably, there are different approaches to defining EI as each definition addresses peculiarities of a particular field. Researchers also focus on different characteristics of EI. Remarkably, the most heated debate is concerned with use of EI in different areas. Defining the Concept In the first place, it is necessary to note that the definitions provided by the researchers share the idea that EI is associated with people’s cognition and intelligence. Thus, Caruso (2008, p. 2) claims that, in terms of the ability model, EI is â€Å"a standard intelligence†, while according to Mayer-Salovey approach it is a form of the intelligence as â€Å"reasoning and thinking operate on emotional information†. Gardenswartz et al. (2010) provide a more complete definition which addresses the issues concerning diversity. The researchers claim that EI is â€Å"the ability to feel, understand, articulate, manage, and apply the power of emotions to interactions across lines of difference† (Gardenswartz et al., 2010, p. 76). Clearly, the definitions focus on the same characteristic of EI, i.e. the ability to perceive certain kind of information. The major distinctive feature of EI is tha t it is concerned with emotions, unlike the intelligence which is associated with processing facts and stimuli. Major Components of EI Researchers claim that EI is complex and consists of a number of components. Wharam (2009) stresses that acceptance and awareness are some of the major parts of EI. The researcher emphasises that it is crucial to be able to recognise and accept one’s emotions to be able to control them. Hughes et al. (2011) also point out that acceptance is essential, but the researchers bring to the fore fifteen ‘competencies’ of EI. Thus, the researchers claim that EI is impossible without self-regard, emotional self-awareness, assertiveness, independence, self-actualisation, empathy, social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, stress tolerance, impulse control, reality testing, flexibility, problem solving, optimism and happiness (Hughes et al., 2011).Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Cleraly, Hughes et al. (2011) and Wharam (2009) share the opinion that awareness and acceptance are central to EI. However, the former provide a more complete set of EI components. EI in Different Fields As has been mentioned above, EI is rather well-defined and researched. It has also been considered in terms of its usability in various settings. For instance, Barbey et al. (2012) focus on the use of EI in neuroscience. The researchers argue that EI can be measured and studied as any other type of intelligence, e.g. with the help of tests similar to IQ tests. Cassady and Boseck (2008) note that the concept of EI has a variety of implications in psychology. Numerous researchers focus on development of certain strategies to develop EI in patients. Importantly, the use of EI in education has become a topic of a lasting debate. Thus, Waterhouse (2006) stresses that the theory of EI is still only yet to be researched properly and it can be harmful to implement it in education. The researcher claims that educators are not ready to teach children emotional intelligence as even the theory has far too many gaps. At the same time, Colverd and Hodgkin (2011) are optimistic about EI and provide a number of strategies to develop emotional intelligence in primary school students. The researchers stress that children should be taught to cope with various situations and well-developed EI will help them do it. The researchers also claim that children should start being aware of their emotions at an early age. Hughes et al. (2011) also believe that people can and should be taught to develop their EI. The researchers also provide particular strategies to help people develop EI. Notably, the researchers help people apply their skills in a variety of settings (every-day life, workplace, etc.). Brackett et al. (2011) consider the application of EI in workplace and social life. Admittedly, development of EI is now regarded a s one of the ways to become a successful member of the society. Conclusion On balance, it is possible to state that emotional intelligence is one of the most disputed issues in the academic world. Researchers are trying to define, describe and apply EI in various settings. Notably, there are opponents to the extensive use of the theory of EI as some researchers argue that there are too many gaps yet to be filled. Nonetheless, it is clear that there is already certain understanding of what emotional intelligence is and how to use it in different settings. Admittedly, further research is needed to be sure that the strategies which are being worked out are effective.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence in Different Areas specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reference List Barbey, A.k., Colom, R., and Grafman, J. (2012). Distributed neural system for emotional intelligence revealed by l esion mapping. Retrieved from Brackett, M.A., Rivers, S.E., and Salovey, P. (2011). Emotional intelligence: Implications for personal, social, academic, and workplace success. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 5(1), 88-103. Caruso, D.R. (2008). Emotions and the ability model of emotional intelligence. In Emmerling, R.J., Shanwal, V.K., and Mandal, M.K. (Eds.). Emotional intelligence: Theoretical and cultural perspectives (pp. 1-16). New York, NY: Nova Publishers. Cassady, J.C., and Boseck, J.J. (2008). Educational psychology and emotional intelligence: Toward a functional model for emotional information processing in schools. In Cassady, J.C., and Eissa, M.A. (Eds.). Emotional intelligence: Perspectives from educational and positive psychology (pp. 3-25). New York, NY: Peter Lang. Colverd, S., Hodgkin, B. (2011). Developing emotional intelligence in the primary school. O xon, UK: Taylor Francis. Gardenswartz, L., Cherbosque, J., and Rowe, A. (2010). Emotional intelligence and diversity: A model for differences in the workplace. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 1(1), 74-84. Hughes, M., Pattreson, L.B., and Terrell, J.B. (2011). Emotional intelligence in action: Training and coaching activities for leaders and managers. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley Sons.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Stough, C., Parker, J.D.A., and Saklofske, D.H. (2009). Assessing emotional intelligence: Theory, research, and applications. Hawthorn, Victoria: Springer. Waterhouse, L. (2006). Multiple intelligences, the Mozart effect, and emotional intelligence: A critical review. Educational Psychologist, 41(4), 207-225. Wharam, J. (2009). Emotional intelligence: Journey to the centre of yourself. Ropley, UK: John Hunt Publishing.

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Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

Film - Essay Example iewiczs and was an ingenious way of attacking Hearst the newspaper mogul through an evolution character Foster Kane, and focuses on a fierce duel to expose dirty under deals of a society that was suffering from social morals and integrity among many leaders and business executives. The film satires and portrays the rise of the penny press, the power of political heavy weights, rise of fascism, support for a Spanish –American war, and the growth in space for celebrity journalism. The film aims at revealing the burial truth about Kane (Rudolf Hearst), a highly regarded lord and ruler of San Simeon against a young brilliant and ambitious boy who is determined to take Hearst down by exposing his dirty deals involving Hollywood and newspaper publications. Consequently, Hearst with all his power and might goes ahead to shut the film down, and even teams up with the some Hollywood executives under the leadership of Mayor B. Louis who at a any cost attempted to buy Citizen Kane from Welles to destroy it and protect Hearst’s reputation, characteristic of any respected leader in the American society. The story thus pitted two proud, destructive, and gifted geniuses against each other, leading to destruction of each other to what the Producer Lennon Thomas remarked, "The fight that ruined them both was thoroughly in character with how theyd lived their lives"Â  (WBGH, 2009). The war between the two daring old wealthy and respected newspaper magnate Hearst and a 24 year old yet ambitious and determined news reporter ended destroying each other. However, Welles drove the point home after a long freeze of the film by Hollywood; Hearst incidentally built his vast empire selling papers with highly entertaining stories, which were scandalous to others, and sometimes were pure fiction. The ruthless, skillful and open contempt for Hollywood thus led to the success of Welles, and in 1942, the film though named for seven categories lost all but the best screenplay after which the