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Christian Prejudice and Racial Discrimination of...

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, there are quite a few cases in which the non-Christian characters are marginalized and victimized of Christian prejudice and absolute racism. The Christian prejudice and racial discrimination transpires through the use of language and terms of reference. In sixteenth-century Europe, Jews were a despised and persecuted minority. England, in fact, went beyond mere persecution and harassment by banning Jews from the country altogether. In theory at least, there were no Jews at all in England in Shakespeare’s time, and there had not been since the year 1290 when they were officially expelled by King Edward I. For some time it was thought that Shakespeare had never actually met a Jew and must have†¦show more content†¦For instance, in Act III, Scene II, Salerio and Solanio are on a street in Venice. They are engaged in a talk on Shylock’s reaction to his daughter’s elopement. Salerio tells his friend that when S hylock will learn of Jessica’s elopement, he will go through the street in tears, ‘O my ducats! O my daughter!’ The meaning is that Shylock is a heartless man who thinks of his daughter as just another possession like his gold ducats. Here, Solanio attempts to suggest that Shylock ranks his wealth equal to that of the love of his family. In The Merchant of Venice, it doesn’t seem to matter who is making the racist comments since the fact remains that these statements are so apparent throughout the text that they cannot be put aside. The reader is not allowed to forget that Shylock is foreign and subject to stereotypes and only at rare moments we are allowed to see the humanity and great sympathy he is capable of. He seems to be aware of his status as an outsider and attempts to handle this. However, Shylock handles this quite differently. Instead of bowing to the social pressures that demand him to be more â€Å"Christian† in his lending business, h e is angry at the slurs and treatment, therefore he seeks to enhance his difference by being cruel. Shylock is seen as an exotic and desirable personage, mostly because of his status in society, but also

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Prevention of Leukemic Stem Cells Developing from...

PROJECT TITLE: Prevention of Leukemic Stem Cells developing from Hematopoietic Stem Cells by targeting the Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK pathways INVESTIGATOR: Michelle Nguyen (Spring 2014) PROJECT SUMMARY: According to the study done in 2014 by the National Cancer Institute, leukemia is the 11th most common type of cancer (Howlader et al., 2011). This cancer that originate in the bone marrow or other tissues that form blood cells causing them to divide rapidly without any control (Wu, 2012). These leukemia stem cells are derived from hematopoietic stem cells but because of high telomerase activity, the stem cells have the ability to self-renew limitlessly (Heidel, Mar, Armstrong, 2011). As of right now, there are many treatments available such as†¦show more content†¦To confirm the efficiency of the drug, the drugs will administered to NOD/SCID mice with leukemic properties and effects will be monitored. RELEVANCE: The most common form of the blood cancer is the production of white blood cells. This buildup of these white blood cells hinders the body from control bleeding, supplying oxygen to the tissues, removing waste from tissues, and to fight infections. Approximately, someone in the US dies from a blood cancer every ten minutes. Of the blood cancers, leukemia accounts for 33% of the deaths (Siegel, Naishadham, Jemal, 2013). Because the cancer stems from a transformation from healthy hematopoietic stem cells to leukemic stem cells, it would be beneficial to treat the disease with a stem cell therapy. The purpose of this study is to understand the mechanism of how hematopoietic stem cells are turned into leukemia stem cells and be able to prevent the transformation. It will be another step for researchers to find a less invasive method of threating leukemia that is safe for all ages and severity. The understanding of which factors induce the conversion of how HSCs to LSCs and bei ng able to prevent it opens doors to new therapies and treatments and make stem cell transplants more safe and widely available. RESEARCH PLAN: Hypothesis: By understanding the pathways that dictate the mechanism that causes a hematopoietic stem cell to mutate into a leukemic stem cell, an inhibitor/antagonist

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Personal Academic Goals Free Essays

The National Center for Education Statistics did a study on pay comparison between graduate and non-graduate workers. The study indicates that college graduates get paid an average of 38% more compare to those non-graduates. Therefore, finishing college is as important and should be a goal for most individuals if not everyone. We will write a custom essay sample on Personal Academic Goals or any similar topic only for you Order Now My three personal academic goals that hope to achieve as a student here at the university are to earn a degree in management, learn how it affects roductivity in the workplace and also to improve written and oral communication skills. Understanding that going to college and graduate from it is no simple task. It involves numerous moving parts and those parts need to work together in harmony to achieve personal academic goals. Some of those moving parts that need enhancing are personnel responsibility, time management, written, and oral In my 24 years of military service, I did not take advantage of communications. acquiring a formal education even though the military provides the opportunities and environment to take college courses and get a degree. When I was in the military, my priorities were more focus on getting the Job done making sure that military personnel get their personal records corrected and updated, get paid correctly and on time, provide briefs, submit reports, and conduct different types of trainings. After retiring from the military, my priority changes and academic success is in the front of it. By using my military educational benefits (GI bill) entitlement to jump start my desire to pursue higher learning and hoping to acquire a degree in management here at the university. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) researchers at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (Eric Dey, 2008) that in categories they surveyed; students and professionals strongly agree that personal responsibility should be a major focus of a college education. The same study also demonstrates that 40% of college students acquire or develop personal responsibility while in college pursuing a degree. To me, personal responsibility is to admit and accept that no one is perfect, will make mistakes, take ownership of my actions, seek assistance when eeded, learn from it, and correct it. Time management is also important to students’ academic goals, personal life, and career success. Setting short-term and long-term goals are an integral part of time management. In the book â€Å"Becoming a Master Student† (Dave Ellis, 2011, p. 61), emphasizes that students have enough time for the things they want to accomplish. It takes thinking about possibilities and making conscious choices (p. 61). Students know that there are 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week, â€Å"no more no less. † By making conscious effort to write down hould help meet deadline and task. As a student, I need to recognize that procrastination is the enemy of time management; fight it, destroy it, and stop it now! Managing and following time management diligently with no hesitation is a model for success for students to follow. Another key element to personal academic success is the importance of improving one’s written and oral communication skills are vital in the workplace. The utilization of computers has been the greatest force for change in the environment and activities of an organization (Uhlig, 1977). Electronic evices, such as computers have been increasingly used as a medium in written and oral communications in the world of business today. To succeed, I have to learn the foundations of basic writing, grammar, and speaking in front of people. I must also understand that communications skills are a necessity and important in the business world not only in todays environment but also in the future, In conclusion, there are no shortcuts to academic success and that graduating from college are extremely difficult and time consuming. By improving, mastering, and applying acquired skills n personal responsibility, time management, oral, and written communications can prepare me to succeed in academic settings. Investing time, attention, patience, and perseverance must be the focal point of emphasis in achieving my academic goals. It is time to learn, conquer fear, fght procrastination, and enjoy every moment of it. How to cite Personal Academic Goals, Papers

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Emotional Intelligence Leadership and Managerial

Question: Discuss about the Emotional Intelligence Leadership and Managerial. Answer: Introduction: As a colleague and co-manager, the best way to respond to the Store Managers behavior would be to have a face-to-face, private discussion with her when she is calm. It is imperative that the main issues and barriers because of which the store is not being able to perform well are conveyed to her, and at the same time create an environment for problem resolution. While doing so, it must be kept in check that the tone of the discussion does not turn accusatory or negative. The model leader must practice what he/she preaches, act with honor and integrity, take responsibility and do the job when required, while capitalizing on the available assets (, 2016). The Store Manager did not demonstrate self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. All these constitute the principles of emotional intelligence in leadership as proposed by Daniel Goleman (Mayer, Caruso, Salovey, 2016). The Store Manager failed to behave in humility and was unaware of how she is behaving. Good leaders rarely behave impulsively, maintain calmness or takes rash decisions that is exactly what the Store Manager did. She was not hopeful, had no empathy for her team and displayed no social skills. Instead of acting in an impulsive way, the Store Manager should have slowed down and understood the situation. She should have conveyed hopefulness to her team and empathized with them instead of yelling at them. She should have tried to resolve the conflicts in the situation, communicated with her team about probable solutions and praised them for their efforts. An effective leader must understand the emotions and mindsets of the team members and act accordingly (Yukl, 2012). The Store Managers behavior influenced the stores overall morale. It is psychologically damaging for the employees and would affect their commitment and overall productivity. In such situations, the workplace environment becomes stressful and employee dissatisfaction creeps in. The impact of the Store Managers behavior on the stores overall performance can be seen in the form of employee turnover, grievances and complaints, customer complaints, decreased productivity, communication barriers, decrease in accountability and so on. Dozens of issues can arise in a diverse workplace because of misinterpretations and out of them language differences and tone of speaking are the most common forms. One instance is that Native English speakers often find it difficult to understand the accents of immigrants when they speak English. Due to that, workplace tensions crop up as misinterpretations of what that person is talking about, majorly in the form of instructions miscomprehension, slang words or the idea to be conveyed. Another misinterpretation of action or expression is the tone of the voice while speaking. Tonal structures of different languages are different from one another, and because of that, one person can find the behavior of another person from a different background as rude or demanding, when in reality that person might be having no intention of sounding that way (Podsiadlowski et al., 2013). If such a complaint comes up, a manager must make the person complaining understand that the other person belongs to a different cultural background and might not feel comfortable with the ways of people of other cultural backgrounds. To make comprehension better instances of such misinterpretations must be provided so that the degree of misunderstanding and its impact can be understood. In this case, the complainer should be made to understand that since that employee comes from a conservative background it is difficult for her to open up so soon. In addition, she is a good performer and contributes in team productivity. To create cultural awareness, the first step must be to learn to respect another culture and its practices. Another method of creating cultural awareness and decrease the distance between employees is by seeking commonalities and linking beliefs and practices. No imposing or projecting of cultural beliefs must be done. To promote communication in the team, avoid conflicts, and resolve differences, the first step would be to ask questions. Asking questions is a subtle and logical way to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings at the workplace. An effective team leader always tries to maintain a culture of teamwork within his team. When situations like an unnerving employee arises a team leader must follow the emotional intelligence principle of self regulation, practice calmness and take accountability in front of an employee who needs assistance. In such situations a leader must be hopeful and display an optimistic demeanor, show empathy and pay attention to the issue in hand. He must use his social skills to resolve the situation and help the employee by trying to understand his point of view. In conflicting situations, leaders must act sensibly to be respected and try to develop and guide the potential of his team. The leader must be aware of the skills and talents of his team members. Every member has different interaction style and work process (, 2016). It is the responsibility of the leader to carry out reviews from which he can understand the potential of each employee and how to capitalize their skills. Involving the employee in decision-making processes and asking for his opinions would boost his confidence and help him open up more. Great leaders become great when their wishes are fulfilled in their teams and teamwork. They have a desire to develop and grow, personally and along with his team. They wish to exercise their influence over their team and extract the best possible level of productivity. A good leader also needs help and helps. They understand the importance of helping others and want to live a life of relevance, discovering new things and ways to sustain a balanced team. Employees are more satisfied at their job if they are provided with more opportunities and their needs are catered to. Employees need career growth and professional positive relationships. Providing employees with that would boost their ego and extract better productivity from them. Appreciating their efforts and utilizing them would motivate them to contribute more. It is the responsibility of a leader to align the goals and preferences for a better knowledge about what is expected from them (Parvin Ali, 2016). Emotional Intelligence facilitates attainment of business goals. It assists in decision-making, develops competence levels, increases awareness and helps manage interactions. It aids in diverting energy and concentration in one direction, in turn advancing skills and increasing productivity. It helps leaders direct his team towards success by influencing, inspiring and managing them effectively. Emotional decision-making helps the whole decision making process by stopping emotions, both negative and positive from affecting unrelated decisions. It helps removing only those emotions that are out of context and people comprehend that emotions can manipulate their choices. For instance, a frustrated driving experience of an office worker can affect his acts in the office if he does not employ emotional intelligence (The Huffington Post, 2016). Humans are emotional beings and decisions are based on emotions. Decisions are influenced by experience and the sense in use at that time (, 2016). For instance, deciding to implement a certain policy in the team starts with weighing the specifications of the strategy. However, when the time comes of implementation, the strategys previous reputation and impacts are relied upon. Guidelines for emotional intelligence need to be followed so that decorum is maintained at the workplace. Guidelines include assessment of organizational needs, individual, careful deliverance of assessment, maximization of learner choice, encouragement for participation and gauging of readiness. OHS or Occupational Health and Safety legislation helps mitigate risks that are foretold and identified. OHS facilitates inspection workplace hazards, report and register them and consult about it to avoid it. OHS is mostly relevant in purchasing, physical tasks and non-registered employee issues (, 2016). References (2016). Managing OHS risk in your workplace. Retrieved 23 November 2016, from (2016). Forbes Welcome. Retrieved 23 November 2016, from (2016). Forbes Welcome. Retrieved 23 November 2016, from (2016). Forbes Welcome. Retrieved 23 November 2016, from Mayer, J. D., Caruso, D. R., Salovey, P. (2016). The ability model of emotional intelligence: Principles and updates.Emotion Review, 1754073916639667. Parvin, A., Ali, M. M. (2016). Examining the practices of organizational management and expectations of employees from human resources departments.African Journal of Business Management,10(20), 499-510. Podsiadlowski, A., Grschke, D., Kogler, M., Springer, C., Van Der Zee, K. (2013). Managing a culturally diverse workforce: Diversity perspectives in organizations.International Journal of Intercultural Relations,37(2), 159-175. The Huffington Post. (2016). How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Make Better Decisions. Retrieved 23 November 2016, from Yukl, G. (2012). Effective leadership behavior: What we know and what questions need more attention.The Academy of Management Perspectives,26(4), 66-85. Aktas, M., Gelfand, M., Hanges, P. (2015). Cultural tightnesslooseness and perceptions of effective leadership.Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 0022022115606802. Bartenschlag, A., Funk, B. (2013). Enhancing leadership quality.Ohio: Battelle for kids. Cavazotte, F., Moreno, V., Hickmann, M. (2012). Effects of leader intelligence, personality and emotional intelligence on transformational leadership and managerial performance.The Leadership Quarterly,23(3), 443-455. Christensen, K., Schneider, B. (Eds.). (2015).Workplace flexibility: Realigning 20th-century jobs for a 21st-century workforce. Cornell University Press. Goleman, D., Boyatzis, R., McKee, A. (2013).Primal leadership: Unleashing the power of emotional intelligence. Harvard Business Press. Okoro, E. A., Washington, M. C. (2012). Workforce diversity and organizational communication: Analysis of human capital performance and productivity.Journal of Diversity Management (Online),7(1), 57. Steers, R. M., Sanchez-Runde, C., Nardon, L. (2012). Leadership in a global context: New directions in research and theory development.Journal of World Business,47(4), 479-482.

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QC Logistics an Example of the Topic Business Essays by

QC Logistics Introduction Need essay sample on "QC Logistics" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed QC Logistics, a logistics and supply chain management company, is pilot testing IonData Lite in one of its facilities. IonData Lite is an off-the-shelf inventory tracking system which combines a PC and a handheld scanner. The Company has several requirements for its new stock control system, and among the systems it researched on, IonData Lite has the best fit. Summary Company Background QC Logistics, based on Waterford, is a business process outsourcer (BPO) for the logistics functions of several industries, particularly the pharmaceutical sector. As a BPO and by looking after peripheral aspects, QC Logistics allows companies to do their best. Clients trust QC to look after volumes of stock and ensure that stock is delivered just-in-time: if stock doesn't arrive and a production line is stopped, it could cost the client substantial amounts of money. QC Logistics started operations in December 1996, employed five staff, and operated in a single warehouse (5,000 sq. ft.). At the time the case was written, the Company was operating in several warehouses with a total area of 130,000 sq. ft, and was dealing more than 14,000 pallets of stocks a week. Our Customers Very Often Tell Us: I'm don't want to write my paper. Because I don't have the time Specialists propose: Academic Papers For Sale The Company's core businesses are those non-cores for its clients like stock management, just-in-time delivery and shipping. Its business is primarily focused in meeting the logistics needs of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, the Company did work for companies in other industries. But the Company maintains that the level of internal standards and processes required servicing a pharmaceutical client, the systems it has were more than able to meet the needs of clients in other sectors. As such, it is this sector and its needs that the company based its systems, a selection of a new system, the implementation of its systems, and roll-out of its systems on. Issue Due to the uniqueness of the logistics function of QC Logistics' clients particularly its pharmaceutical clients, the systems it has must be more resilient than those of the competition. At the end of the supply chain process and what is noteworthy is that the product QC was responsible for was going to be consumed by human beings. As such QC Logistics wants this, a better level of service, and improved efficiencies in it warehouses to be addressed by its stock control system. Undoubtedly, such a system and its implementation will cost QC Logistics a lot of money. Fortunately, the new stock system was part-funded with a grant from the Enterprise Ireland eBusiness Acceleration Fund. In choosing the new stock control system, QC's requirements include 1) the ability to manage stock in the warehouse, 2) provision of traceability, 3) had to be user friendly, 4) had to support integration of other systems, 5) support for bar coding, and 6) solid security. Action Taken QC Logistics chose IonData Lite. IonData Lite is an off-the-shelf inventory tracking system designed by Dun Laoghaire-based developer Ion Technologies. IonData Lite provides functionality on goods in, move and put away goods, bills and shipping, and stock checking. Also, the software allows QC Logistics to generate reports weekly. As such, the new systems benefits QC Logistics' numerous clients by promoting better efficiency, easier production of reports, and better stock traceability. While it benefits QC Logistics by reducing level of paperworks, allowing the Company to sustain a competitive advantage, easier reporting, and increasing customer confidence. In the implementation of the new system, IonData Lite, QC Logistics learned several things. QC Logistics thinks that these lessons are necessary in order for a successful system implementation and roll-out. These lessons are spending time on detailing the specifications this was considered as a fundamental part of the process, having a plan and involving everyone a clear outlined approach on the information technology project which should be led by a Project Manager is imperative, sticking to the timeline, and researching on alternatives before settling for any one system vendor. Having said all these, QC Logistics kept in mind the areas in their system that needed to be expanded on in the future. The Company wants to integrate its client stock systems with the IonData Lite system, develop a client extranet that allows direct access to stock inventory and reporting on an as-needed basis, and roll-out of the IonData Lite system across all the company's facilities. Recommendation 1 For any business organization, managing the supply chain "the flow of materials from suppliers through manufacturing, distribution, and sales" (Turban, Leidner, McLean effectively and efficiently is one of the sources of competitive advantages. However, for most companies this function is not always one of their core competencies. Hence, like the pharmaceutical clients of QC Logistics, it is always more efficient and effective for some to outsource this function. Supply chain management then becomes the core competency of the outsourcing partner. QC Logistics in looking for a system to fulfill all its current requirements, and still would allow for future expansion, can look at several supply chain management softwares available in the market. The SCM software allows QC to build functional systems that link all its facilities, ensure support functions, and connect with the company's supply chain partners and clients. SCM allows QC to connect it supply chain with the supply chain of its suppliers and customers ( and hence, it addresses one of the basic requirements of the Company: system integration. Recommendation 2 Radio frequency identification (RFID) "uses tiny tags that contain a processor and an antenna and can communicate with a detecting unit" (Turban, Leidner, McLean & Wetherbe, 2006, p. 30). RFID technology is not relatively new. It has been around since the 1970s ( In using RFID in improving its logistics' efficiency and effectiveness, QC Logistics can use passive RFID chips with small antennae attached to cases and pallets. When passed near an RFID "reader," the chip activates, and its unique product identifier code is transmitted back to QC's stock control system. With this system in place, when pallets are delivered to QC's clients' warehouses, RFID readers notify both QC Logistics and clients what products entered the facility, and where the products are stored. RFID will more than address the requirements of QC: traceability, error control, stock information, reduction in manpower, and FIFO stock rotation. Also, since RFID tags are unique, this would mean that it is possible to identify which stock might pass its expiration date first. Conclusion The success of QC Logistics lies in its capability to manage its clients supply chain: it must do this better than its competition. This ability is highly dependent on the system it employs. As such, care must be exercised in choosing what stock control system to use. IonData Lite substantially addresses the current requirements of QC Logistics, but I can't stop thinking that the Company might be jeopardising future growth by betting on such a very simple system. References Turban, E., Leidner, D., McLean, E. & Wetherbe, J. (2006). Information Technology for Management: Transforming Organization sin the Digital Economy (5th ed.). Massachusetts: John Wiley & Sons. ABCs of Supply Chain Management. Retrieved on April 7, 2007. Is RFID new? Retrieved on April 7, 2007.

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Murder and Mrs. Emma Essay

Murder and Mrs. Emma Essay Murder and Mrs. Emma Essay College English A Lesson Before Dying Summary Overall â€Å"A Lesson Before Dying† is an outstanding book. At first I had a different perspective on the book, but after reading it and taking the time to understand it; it’s a book that has a valuable lesson at the end that can teach many people. The main characters in the story are Grant and Jefferson. The story starts off by Jefferson heading to the store and while walking two young black men name Brother and Bear offer him a ride. Jefferson accepts the offer and the three men head to the store. While at the store Brother and Bear get in a huge altercation with the clerk. During the altercation Brother and Bear begin a shootout. All the sudden everybody is dead and Jefferson is left alone in the store. Jefferson was confused and frightened so he took a shot of whiskey to calm down his nerves. While frightened, he looks around and notices that the cash register is wide open and full of money. He knows it’s wrong, but he realizes that he’s going to have to run; so he decides to stuff his pockets with money and while he nearly reaches the door two white walk in. While in court the prosecutors are racist and declare that Jefferson was there to intentionally rob the store. They believe that Jefferson took the money and celebrated by drinking whiskey. While the jury discusses over and over about Jefferson situation they come to conclusion that Jefferson is found guilty of robbery and first degree murder. An will be sentence to death by execution. During Jefferson jail time his grandmother Mrs. Emma comes up with the idea to get Grant to go to the jail and to talk to Jefferson that he is a man not a hog like what the white people called him. Grant debates with Mrs. Emma and tells her that he doesn’t believe that he is the right person for the task. While he keeps thinking about Mrs. Emma offers his girlfriend Vivian encourages and convinces him to go. During his visits you can tell what time period of the story was by how they separate inmates. Throughout the beginning of Grants visits he doesn’t get anywhere with Jefferson. Jefferson ignores him, doesn’t talk to him, he doesn’t even eat the food he brings him. While Grant wants to give up and stop visiting him his girlfriend Vivian influences him to keep going. Throughout his

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Behavioral Finance In Corporate Governance Independent Directors And Essay

Behavioral Finance In Corporate Governance Independent Directors And Non-Executive Chairs, And The Importance Of The Devils Advocate - Essay Example Introduction †¢ many employees sacrifice their careers and reputation because of loyalty to their CEO †¢ Loyalty is misused through misplaced loyalty in certain organizations. Milgram experiment †¢ Milgram experiment test innate loyalty through psychology experiment. †¢ psychological attributes of the respondents was testing in mock experiment †¢ subjects were made to electrocute stranger contrary to their own beliefs Leadership and corporate governance †¢ Modern liberal corporate governance calls for different professionals in leadership restrained by laws and rules. †¢ The leaders are given different authorities to run organizations. †¢ The CEO have are appointed by the Board of the organization †¢ The boards remain loyal even to CEOs that are misguided. †¢ Many boards detest disagreeing with CEO they feel that would be perceived as disloyalty. Dissenting peers and conflicting authorities †¢ The Milgram experiment explains how people dissent peers and conflict authority. †¢ Cases of dissenting peers voice their concerns; the subjects reduce their loyalty levels to the authority.

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Reflection on Integrating Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences Essay

Reflection on Integrating Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences - Essay Example Sensing Thinkers use concrete, practical approaches to learning. The Intuitive Thinkers use conceptual and innovative approaches, and are oriented toward theories and meanings. Sensing Feelers use their imagination to see things that cannot be seen by the senses. Intuitive Feelers uses intuition along with feeling. The Multiple Intelligence theory popularized by Howard Gardner (1991)states that there are at least seven different ways of learning anything, usually called the seven intelligences: body/kinesthetic, interpersonal, intra-personal, logical/mathematical, musical/rhythmic, verbal/linguistic and visual/spatial. These intelligences are considered ways in demonstrating intelligences. This theory revolutionized how intelligence is conceived. This explains how children learn, and how they should be taught, which are far from what has been thought about before. The theories, concepts, and strategies presented in this course with respect to learning styles and multiple intelligences are very interesting and an eye-opener for teachers like me. Although these theories and concepts are not unfamiliar or unheard of since it has made a debut several years ago, it is a very good exercise to really get to know each learning style and intelligences. Dissecting each theory helps me understand it fully and know how its application to my teaching. It opens the door to the different possibilities of application for classroom application. Exposure the different learning-styles material prompted me to reevaluate how I judge ability as well as weaknesses of my students. It made me realized that although I was employing different strategies to make our class interesting, I was doing it randomly. Strategies that I used were based on the concept that I am teaching and not on my students’ learning styles and intelligences. I have gained several important insights on the differences of students, their uniqueness, strengths and weakness. A few of these

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Maritime technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Maritime technology - Essay Example Developments in shipbuilding technology; and coming up with new navigation aids have opened up the route hopefully for year-round navigation (Ragner 2000a). This essay seeks to examine the technical; navigation and operational issues in the realization of an effective Northern Sea Route in Navigation of Merchant ships. Year-round navigation on the NSR means massive economic and commercial benefits to the international community, as well as invigorates Russian goods transport; thus, availing more natural resources from the Russian Arctic on the world market (ScanEx 2010). Research efforts in the NSR have mainly focused on four themes incorporating; the natural circumstances in the Arctic and ice navigation technology; the eventual effects of opening the NSR upon the natural, biological and social environments in the Arctic regions; the potential of NSR economically and the political and legal backgrounds linked to the NSR opening (Brigham 2000). The following section will discuss the technical, navigational and operational activities undertaken by key players in the maritime industry in the realization of successful sailing in the arctic region. With the problem of ice in the arctic region, technical issues are core to the achievement of effective navigation in the sea. Invention of new vessels of high technology is crucial to counter the problem of ice in the Arctic region. Of late there has been the introduction of the first seismic vessel on the NSR; it has a design that saves time, fuel and cost (Oil & Gas Eurasia, 2011). This is a considerable achievement in the sense that, the aim of any organization is to sustainably reduce the cost of operation while at the same time, taking minimum time possible to accomplish any undertaking and achieve the intended target. According to Oil and Gas Eurasia (2011), the vessel by the name Polarcus Alima from the

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Changing attitudes toward death and dying

Changing attitudes toward death and dying The death process is permanent and predictable and it is known as the personal event that the person can never think. The history of deaths has been looked upon events of social importance and each and every culture has defined some rules and regulations to define death as an extraordinary passage and the way to deal with the outcomes. At the time of twentieth century, the terminology death along with its social definition has transformed and prepared extraordinary opportunities for the purpose of getting sociological inquiry. The decline in the mortality rate has been identified as most common feature within the social histories. Life expectancy rate the time of birth has increased from last 30 years in 1900 to 50 years.  Ã‚  It has been stated that almost two third part of longevity from ancient times to the present times has occurred in the short period from 1900 (Preston, 1976).  Ã‚   Death has been an inevitable event since the inception of mankind in this universe. There is always the worry among individuals towards the life and well being. The individuals are worried at one or the other instance for living their lives. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand what are the exact factors related to death and dying of humanity. An individual, if not dies, can result in disturbance of life cycle of this globe. This is not under the control of anyone to make amendments in this life cycle. The report here titled as, Death and dying: Changing attitudes through the ages; discusses about various factors that are affecting the lives of individuals. Report begins here with a clear focus laid on the aims of the report followed by research questions to understand the topic thoroughly. Various factors had been found of importance to be studied. There has always been a question in mind whether and how an individual behaves towards death and is it considered a positive aspect or not. How the individuals are are fear of death and what the right time of death is. These all aspects are explored in the report in below sections to have a thorough control over the research topic. 2 Aims and Research Question The research report here aims to understand the struggle that human being is facing since centuries. The change in philosophy associated with life is the main cause of change in attitude of human beings towards death. One can explore further this death on relating it with the time period in the life of human history. The western world has increasingly shifted towards change in conception for death due to rise in Christianity and the way it has affected lives (Aries, 1974). Therefore, the below are few stated research questions to explore further the concept of death and dying and the changing attitude:- Is death good or bad? How the attitude of individuals has changed towards death and dying? Is the man of today more worried against death? What is the right time of death? The discussion in this report would analyze various associated concepts to explore further the concept of death and dying in todays life. 3 Discussion Most of the deaths have occurred among the old aged ones but not among young generation people. The studies in United States reveal that people at the age of 85 years and above has accounted for almost one percent of entire population and they account for 17% of death (J. Brody, 1983). So the deaths have taken new meanings for the society and individual both. Death is not known as an adventitious part of life (Parson, 1963). Smaller number of lives has cut before completing education, work and social life (Preston, 1977). Fatalism provides a higher degree of control as well as predictability (Cf. Lofland, 1978). The delay in the death process has come up with the speed. The social institutions and norms have delayed it. It is not much surprising that death and its social meaning has gone off and the proper understanding of death has been reassessed by sociologists. From past two decades, a considerable literature as a quasi popular and scholarly type has been generated by number of p eople such as journalists, nurses, psychologists, philosophers, theologians, historians, ethicists, sociologists, social critics and thanatologists (cf. Fulton 1976, 1981; Pollak 1979-80).  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The word dying is called as the ultimate shortage of time by Moore (1963) and it has taken a most important point that it has the power to threaten an individual self.  Ã‚  A famous person has given his  view on the sociological study of death that death always asks for an identity of an individual (Robert Fulton, 1976a).  Dying is known as the social process that focuses on the sociological issues that  are concerned with the process of dying and self. Researches have not clearly shown the actual conditions of dying. But one British study has talked about the dying among the patients who are living in this world and among the people who are known of their own attitude (Cartwright, Hockey Anderson, 1973).  Ã‚  The attitude of people towards death varies according to the ages and stages of life. Most of the people are living into later years and they have their own predicted on time deaths. A growing number of people are present at the position to consider the sense of thei r own deaths. Some sociologists have identified themselves engaged in the questions which are related to the death and its social meaning and its relation with the process of dying that how the topic of death is of great importance. What type of attitudes about death people have in their mind? What type of preparations they make for anticipating death (Riley, 1968)? The first survey in United States have found the attitude of people towards death and that survey was conducted in 1960s (Riley, 1970). That study has assessed the thought about deaths that most of the people at the all ages have non-threatening images of death in their mind. It has found that death is a blessing and it is not dreadful event for the person who dies but it is very sad for the survivors. The study also has revealed that death comes very quickly and few people have argued that death means the people have to suffer a lot. There was significant increase found in the degree to which the deaths process imposed upon the everyday lives of people. People were asked about an uncertainty of deaths or their lives. It has been found that death as a part of thoughts increased among the person at all ages and it increased in the later years of the lives of people. The researchers have found that people are unwilling meet with these realities. In 1970s, people agreed that each person die with the dignity and if the person has died, then the person has to tell it to doctors. Some studies have also taken place within the topic of anticipation of death. There was one question asked that do the people feel good to avoid the deaths and not try to make plans for anticipating deaths? Do they feel to make plans for death?  Ã‚   3.1 Self destruction The case of the sociological relationships of the person to the death which is known as suicide was taken. There were some sociological studies conducted on the topic dying and death (Cavan 1928; Halbwachs 1930; Henry Short 1954; Dublin 1963; Gibbs Martin 1964; Douglas 1967). Several studies have taken place on the social factors that are related with the rates of suicide. Several measures were taken such as industrialization which was identified by the gross national product and the status of integration. It has been founds that status integration was negatively correlated with the suicide rates.  Ã‚  Other study revealed about the suicide rates which were related with the family and their marital status and it was based on Durkheim theory.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   3.2 Self management of death time It has been stated by several studies that people who are concerned with the relationship of themselves to the society are self motivated for managing the time of their deaths. It has assumed that the determination to live the life without identifying any biological linkages. It must b involved within thistopic (Marshall, 1980).  Ã‚  The people who are separated from the society always commit suicide and the people who are attached with it, delay the death or try to observe the time of getting social significance (Kalish, 1970). It has been proposed that deaths can be expected at the time of social occasions such as the Jewish day of compensation (Yom Kippur; Phillips Feldman, 1973).  From the year 1904-1968, researcher had found the difference between the deaths in non election as well as election years. They found that there was significant difference in the mortality rates of US people before electing US president. Some researchers have shown the fact about the low mortality rates just before to ceremonial occasions and the researcher found strong relationships between the death and the birthdays. The theory was that the people at their birthdays receive attention from the people (Philips, 1972).  Ã‚   3.3 Social Stressors and the Self Several sociological studies have talked about the social outcome for the lives of people along with fundamental changes during the period of industrial relocations, retirement, and institutionalization and at the time of economic depression. The mortality rates depend on these variables. It has been predicted that retirement is known as a stressful event which lead the higher rates of death for retirees as compared to the people who works. Life long work is considered as the stressor and retirement variable acts as the moderator that increases longevity. It has been revealed by the studies that mortality rate among the early and normal retirees within the major industries are different. The mortality rate of early retiree was higher than the predicted rates. The mortality rate in case of normal retirees was no different between the normal and expected rates. Some data was taken out from the companies such as pension, medical records, personnel etc. 4 Findings 4.1 Death is good? If you are born to this world, you are probable completely to experience death at one time or the other because death is inevitable. The point is whether death is a good thing to experience or is it a bad one? Everyone living in this society faces death at one or the other instance. No one is born eternal. An individual dies and ends his or her life at certain age due to natural or accidental death (Lynch, 1997). There are thousands of ways in which a human being can die. This death adds to the fear in mind of humanity. Human beings fear of this uneven cause at one or the other time. Death is acceptable for some people, while others fear against death (Nagel, 1970). The pain and fear of death can be dangerous. At such an instance, it becomes important to result in an approach to ensure that a person lives for long; however, the human beings have no control over this mandatory part of life that results into end of life. A human being feels comfortable considering death is for all and there is no loss of it if anyone faces it. All the human beings have to face death one or the other day. The human beings shall live their days and take complete enjoyment of it. One shall not be worried for his death at the entire instance, but shall be aware of comfort and enjoyment throughout his life. Humanity has to take due interest of this and live his life. While on looking at other side, people consider life as most important asset for them. Life is of supreme importance and there is the life is priceless. Therefore, it brings into attention whether life is most important for one? Yes it is as per the point that life is everything for a human being and the loss of life means the greatest loss that can be in ones life. There is no positive or negative aspect associated with it though. Human beings give away everything for the sake of life. This brings into attention the importance of life. Shall we live our life without any tension or shall we keep on worrying because of no importance of life? It is true that all the human beings want to live more and more. But, can one live for eternity? None of the human beings is here to be here. The life cycle keeps on rotating and the human beings die. Thus, from the above discussion it can be noted that the point whether death is good is a complex point to be cleared. It is not easy to find the right way in which we can consider whether death is good for a person or if it is not. There comes the need to assist in the way to come up to know whether death is good or not (Nagel, 1970). If the age has gone for an individual to live, the death could be a favourable point for him. However, it is still tough to say that death can be good. On the other hand, in case someone dies due to an accident or any uncertain reason, it is an unfavourable act for him. 4.2 Death- A change in Perception Death has been a point of sorrow since long when the conceptual designs by Holbein demonstrated the paintings of dead Christ with a sorrowful act (Julia, 1989). The perception of individual towards the death changes with the passage of time. For a child, death is not defined. However, in the adulthood, it becomes a fear factor for most of the human beings. The human beings consider it as the real cause of danger at their stage when the love to live. Therefore, individuals perception is quite conservative at this stage. However, the old aged people are not usually worried of death due to the reason that they already lived their life. Nagel (1970) has argued that people do not fear for death because of non existence for long term because of this. One does not consider life as suspended for a short period of time because this is considered as a misfortune. It can be a pity for those who get out of the circulation of life. One is not conceived, but is born for once. The point always exists in mind for the fear of death in humanity. Being dead is not an event but a curse as per the humanity. The consideration is laid on living for the whole life without any risk. However, the risks are always related with the life. One cannot be at a state of complete risk free life. The time does not demonstrate whether the state of life would be at complete risk free state. Therefore, the need exists at such an instance to life for the society. As per the interviews conducted by Barnes (2008), responses were collected with regard to existence of God. These provided the details of self reflection along with clarifying important them es of writings. Barnes (2008) says that he does not trust for existence of God, but he misses God. 4.3 Man of today- Worried of death The man in todays life is more worried of death (Julian, 2008). On looking at the past records of Renaissance and mediaeval times, it can be noted that death was amongst the community events. The family members band together with each other to share the moments of sorrow at such an instance. This helps them be with each other at typical instances. This was considered as the reason for being together. However, the concept has changed into a religion in todays time. None of the character is rigid in itself right from the beginning to the end, as there are continuous changes in thought process (Troyer, 2007). Today, it is usual to share the moments of sorrow with each other at hospital to share the tough times with each other. This helps in confining the complex situation with each other to give some support in these times. However, the fear of death is one and the same on comparing time of past and that of present. The death is such an instance which gets out of the scope of an understanding of human being. This even can occur anytime and anywhere with anyone, no matter what the situation and setting is with the surrounding. An individual conceives death as a complex phenomenon. The death has been a point of worry right from the time it was recorded long- long ago when the humanity started. It is a simple concept in everyones mind that life is the cause of joys and death is the cause of sorrows. There is a paradigm shift in the concept associated with death. This was the concept quite personal in historic times, but has become individualistic at present instance. This raises the need for higher degree of need for maintaining and regulating the tough situations to assure that the mankind is out of danger. If an individual gets ready to face the time of death, he can do so. The human psychology is the main factor that can result in death or life of a human being (Michel, 2003). The perception of an individual depends on his life and profession with regard to death. Doctors and nurses who are operating surrounded by death of people all around one or the other day, consider this as the normal phenomenon at usual instance, while others take it as a tough one. The main factor is the relatedness of death with the person who is suffering from it. This characteristic affects the humanity in one or the other way. 4.4 Dreadful act- Is there right time for it There has always been a conception in mind, what is the right age for death? One considers life as an important part right from his birth to the time the human being leaves his life (Nagel, 1970). Therefore, the life of humanity is always a good opt for individuals. But, one looking at the real life, we can note a number of events when the individual wishes to leave his life due to some or the other reason. This acts against the humanity and the living being gives up against his life. This may be at early stages of life or might take place at later stages. When an individual feels uncomfortable of his body and physique, the chances are there for taking an interest of ending ones life. However, these chances even increases more when the human being is not comfortable mentally due to some or the other reason. This acts quite badly against the humanity and the life is at risk. The death is an imminent part of ones life as one cannot survive always. The most common components associated with life are death, vision, and premonitions (Crissman, 1994). The situation of promotions are not easy to be faced as it is the time when one knows that he is going to die within short span. This is the main factor that acts against the life and well being. The person gets worried due to this factor. This knowing of the situation can be due to some magical reason, or be supernatural, or through the natural sign or inner conviction (Crissman, 1994). The condition rises to take due care of such an instance; else the chances are there for risk against life and well being. Thereon, the humanity survives only due to the situational success (Bryant, 2003). However, historic people were during the Appalachian culture focused more depending on superstition. 5 Conclusion For the topic titled as, Death and dying: Changing attitudes through the age, the topic was noted to be highly complex in actual sense. It was found that the researchers are contributing well to the research topic since the last century. This demonstrates high degree of interest among the individuals towards this concept. The death is always under the consideration to postpone because of increasing awareness and interest among individuals to live their lives. There is always the moral dilemma related to the euthanasia among individuals. However, the case of fear is increasingly getting over the lives. Increasingly individuals get involved in wrongful act. This has raised the accidents of suicides to a higher degree. The death in todays time has shifted towards being more and more deadly. Individuals take more interest in being attracted towards enlarged life. However, the change in attitude of man is still not much different as compared to that of historic times. There is still the importance laid on lives and humanity. This raised the attention among individuals to live for longer duration. On the other hand, the complex lives in todays time has resulted in increased the complexity of humanity. This further adds to the pressure on the mind of individuals leading them to depression and thus resulting in wrongful acts. There is no time for death until the end of hope of an individual. This point out increasing interest among individuals to live and enjoy their lives with not much interest laid on the other factors. The fear against death is therefore a phenomenon which does not seem to decrease even after decades. Individuals would be keeping living their lives for more and more years, in spite of this being an uncontrollable variable for individuals.

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The Legitimate Authority Theory Essay -- social influence, authority, a

Obedience is a form of social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure. Already at an early age we are taught to obey authority figures within our social groups through influences such as parents, teachers or even religious establishments. The Agency Theory (Milgram 1963) supports the idea that a person will obey the Authority figure and work as an agent for this authority figure under the implied possibility of there being no consequences to their actions as either the authority figure will take on no liability or said authority figure has justified these action therefore they are acceptable. The strongest evidence supporting this theory was gained after researching WW2 German soldiers who were stationed at the labor and death camps. When asked why they committed these atrocities they simply responded â€Å"we were ordered to do this† (Mike Haralambos et al (2002) Psychology in Focus A Level). The Legitimate Authority theory (Milgram 1963) strongly links into the Agency theory. As stated beforehand one must recognize an individual or a collective of individuals as authority figures before acting on their behalf. This theory suggests that we obey those seen as authority figures as were are taught to do so from an early age. A legitimate authority figure can be individuals or organizations such as the government, the boss at work, a police officer or as demonstrated in Milgram’s study (1963) a scientist. The Gradual Commitment theory (Milgram 1963) expounds that an individual will willingly perform seemingly harmless, trivial tasks. Milgram’s participants were encouraged to obey the experimenter by the gradual steps they were directed to take. This was accomplished with increasi... ...rying out the orders. They were not supposed to take instructions by phone, let alone exceed the allowed dose. Works Cited Eysenck, M. and Flanagan, C. (2000) Psychology for AS level, Hove, Psychology Press Cox, E. (2008) AS Psychology, London, Philip Allan Updates Page 206 Mike Haralambos et al (2002) Psychology in Focus A Level, The Bath Press Page 144 The following studies were taken from this book: Hofling (1966) November 11, 2013 11, 2013 11, 2013 11, 2013 Coralie 2013 13 November 2013

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Mind game Essay

Interrogation is a mind game. I will set up a friendly environment where the suspect feels comfortable to gain his trust and becomes receptive to my questions. I will play with his thoughts and emotions that perhaps what he did was unintentional or a result of unavoidable circumstance. I will not directly put the blame on the suspect but will make him fully understand the moral seriousness of the crime. Furthermore, I will tell him that there is overwhelming physical evidence that would implicate him to the crime and that there are witnesses and fingerprints found in the crime scene, even if I have to make a bluff. Then I will offer him different theories to what happened, one more justifiable than the other. Whichever he chose, guilt is already admitted. Preparation is essential for a successful interrogation. First, the surrounding should be conducive without distractions and guarantees privacy. This will also give me the opportunity to analyze the body language of the suspect. I will study the case facts which will be the basis for my questionings. My knowledge about the crime can somehow persuade the suspect to tell the truth. In addition, I will also study the personal background information of both the victim and suspect, more so about the suspect’s feelings, attitudes, and values. Finally, I will resolve the details of the documentation like forms, audiotape, and videos so that the interrogation process is not disrupted. The Miranda warning has adversely affected the procedures of police work. In its report Handcuffing the Cops: Miranda’s Harmful Effects on Law Enforcement, the National Center for Policy Analysis disclosed that the warning caused a significant drop in confessions. With few confessions, police have difficulty in solving crimes. Therefore, the Supreme Court should suspend Miranda for crime prevention to be effective and detect early terrorism threats. References Cassell, P. G. (1998). Handcuffing the Cops: Miranda’s Harmful Effects on Law Enforcement. National Center for Policy Analysis. NCPA Policy Report No. 218, August 1998. ISBN #1-56808-040-9 Fleisher, W L. & Gordon, N. J. (2001). Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques. Academic Press, New York. 1st edition. ISBN-10: 0122603818 Inbau, F. E. , Reid, J. E. , Buckley, J. P. & Jayne, B. C. (2004). Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. , MA. ISBN-10: 0763727288

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Formation of Britain essays

Formation of Britain essays Was Britain in 1707 more convincingly a nation than it had been in 1603? Creating Britain was a task that would involve a tenacious and often tyrannous effort by monarchs, politicians and defenders of England. This essay will firstly give an account of how the unification of the kingdoms of England and Scotland was succeeding in 1603 and then compare and contrast this with the situation in 1707. The two dates mark an optimistic view of what James wanted to be a perfect union. However a closer analysis indicates that Scotland and England would not prove to be an easy union. This period in history shows that you cannot simply impose yourself on a nation that has little or no wish to accept your invitation to unite. This unification is one characterised more by legislation than any noticeable bond between the two kingdoms, showing little harmony or depth to show for itself. In the next century however changes would be made to allow for a more convincing union of the kingdoms in 1707. This second act of unification however was still somewhat of a fa rce, but did mark a time where England and Scotland seemed to be working together, even if a large degree of altruism was involved on both sides of the boarder. When in March 1663, Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland died; James VI of Scotland was proclaimed her successor in London. This was a remarkably unproblematic accession that united the Scottish crown with that of England and Ireland. The union of the crowns in 1603 was achieved with deceptive ease and yet over a century elapsed before it was followed by a full-scale union of the kingdoms in 1707. The multiple kingdoms over which James now ruled were far more diverse and contrasted than their relatively limited geographical area might suggest. In terms of political traditions, institutions and of government, legal systems, and economic social structures, the three kingdoms of Engla...

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Marketing Social †Spanish Essay

Marketing Social – Spanish Essay Free Online Research Papers Marketing Social Spanish Essay As empresas hoje tà ªm investido claramente em novas estratà ©gias para permanecerem ativas no mercado e com um com um grande nà ºmero de clientes fieis ao seu produto ou servià §o, e o Marketing Social tem sido uma grande arma usada nesta batalha. Este segmento do marketing consiste na apresentaà §o por parte das empresas ao seu pà ºblico consumidor, de suas melhores aà §Ãƒ µes e os seus compromissos assumidos pela melhoria da sociedade, passando a ganhar com esta nova filosofia empresarial. Utilizando-se do Marketing Social, as empresas passam a ganhar em imagem juntos aos seus clientes e por conseqà ¼Ãƒ ªncia disto, tornam-se mais empticas para a divulgaà §o de seus produtos e servià §os, j que estes hoje preferem prestigiar empresas que se preocupem ativamente na soluà §o de diversos problemas que atingem a sociedade de nosso paà ­s. A conscià ªncia dos problemas sociais que tanto afetam nossa sociedade, o compromisso e empenho daqueles que tentam diminuà ­-los, so valores mais respeitados pelos consumidores do que confianà §a, qualidade, garantia, e servià §os, os quais, na atualidade, so vistos como obrigatà ³rios. Por fim, as importà ¢ncias dadas pelos empresrios fazem parte da estratà ©gia de negà ³cio da empresa, para que possam redundar em benefà ­cios finais para ela prà ³pria, portanto, os seus investimentos devem ser direcionados para segmentos sociais que tudo tenham a ver com a filosofia da empresa. Research Papers on Marketing Social - Spanish EssayDefinition of Export QuotasMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenHip-Hop is ArtAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesResearch Process Part One

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Management. Managing Organisation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management. Managing Organisation - Assignment Example Many renowned individuals with different sets of personality traits manage their companies, handle the situations and operate in highly competitive world daily in a way that inspires their people. What is it in their personalities that makes them influence run of an organizations in a way that makes every day count and motivates and drives their staff to achieve more and strive for more? There is good news for every manager to be or every one that is in a management position already. You do not have to be born an excellent manager but you can learn from others, educate yourself on a subject of successful management and use principles that are recommended by specialists in the field. And as importantly you can gain experience and learn from failures. Let’s examine how personality of James Dyson, engineer by education, British inventor, founder and CEO of the Dyson company, affects daily run of his business. In one of his interview J. Dyson says that â€Å"people have huge advantage if they are capable of being radical† (Dyson, 2011). J. Dyson goes on to explain how he challenges accepted way of doing things with his team of scientists. Throughout the interview he emphasizes importance of innovations, ability of working smart, perseverance and being willing to take risks. To the question, â€Å"Did you have help in the beginning?†, J. Dyson’s answer starts with words â€Å"people are important† (Dyson, 2011).... To the question, â€Å"Did you have help in the beginning?†, J. Dyson’s answer starts with words â€Å"people are important† (Dyson, 2011). It shows that J. Dyson values people and wants to help to them to develop desire to create, courage to innovate and learn from failures for the sake of innovations. It’s so important to him that he says that â€Å"people ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT 4 that are gonna survive . . . are people who can make something that works the best† (Dyson, 2011). It’s evident that the desire to innovate made him into who he is and he is passionate to share that desire with people on his team. J. Dyson has clear vision to innovate; he is passionate about innovation and believes that future belongs to those who innovate and through innovations make world a better place. He transmits his vision and convictions in this regard to his staff and that serves as a great motivation and becomes driving force that unites people on his te am. That is how he influences his organization daily. 2. Characteristics of management styles What about J. Dyson’s management style? Throughout interview he highlights several times importance of an order in improving prototypes of an invention. He considers that order to be essential to creating good invention. He also clearly describers order of applying for patent. It’s clear he expects those working with him to abide by those guidelines. In other words J. Dyson sets clear performance standards and expectations, he also believes in implementing guides and insuring that rules are followed. Those are characteristics of a directive management style. At the same time Dyson articulates and communicates clear and appealing vision to his employees and scientists. It’s a vision of improving quality of life and having

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Communications Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Communications - Assignment Example 228). Friend shifts are alterations, or changes that occur when one decides to change their friends. Usually, this occurs when one of the friends, changes their perception about the friendship (Ivy, 2011, p. 216). Self-disclosure is the act of telling your friend about yourself, your hidden secrets that define your personality (Ivy, 2011, p. 199). Friendship intimacy is the close relation that two friends share in a friendship (Ivy, 2011, p.220). Jocular sparring refers to unique way that men between themselves and it usually go wrong when used with women (Ivy, 2011, p. 230). Male-male friendships and female-female friendships differ in the content of their conversation. Female friends talk more often and their conversations main topics center on intimate topics, sex differences, personal and family matters. Men friends always talk less than their female counterparts where their conversations center on sports. The principal dissimilarity between the two types of friendships is based on the sex-stereotypical assumptions, which tend to favor men and not women. Female-female friendships are always intimate unlike male-male friendships. This implies that female friends disclose their intimate selves. This creates more liking and a cohesive bond between them (Ivy, 2011, p. 220). Male friends rarely disclose their intimate self and friendships are not that intimate and therefore do not develop strong bonds (Ivy, 2011, p. 220-221). Female-female friendships are characterized by voluntary relations between the friends. Another major characteristic is the emphasis on conversational and emotional expressiveness. These friendships are also characterized by talks of family and personal matters (Ivy, 2011, p.

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Siemens Case Study. Exam Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Siemens . Exam - Case Study Example Further investigation into the corruption cases involving Siemens shows that there are more cases in its overseas branches where the company maintains slush funds for the purpose of paying bribes as was the case in Greece, where it had a large amount of euros set aside for bribes to win contracts and tenders. The cases involve different governments covering sensitive areas such as intelligence and surveillance. In this cases, top government official in Greece reaped massive gains. Other counties involved in the scandal other than Greece include Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA for paying large sums to win contracts. Defenses by the company towards the bribery charges indicate the lack of ethics and it actually admits to have paid bribes to different companies and different government officials. One of the main defense claims was that it was never a crime to bribe a company outside of Germany, in the cases that occurred prior to 2002. This covered cases that occurred from 1999 and up until 2002, in which case the bribery became public knowledge in 2003. The validity of the claims made by Siemens were questionable and were deemed to be invalid following the existence of regulation outlawing bribery of companies outside of Germany before 2002 as it was still effective before 1999. The ethical standing of Siemens in this case indicates that the company is ethically corrupt when a utilitarian approach is used to define the case of Siemens. This is where the company overlooked the effects of its action towards other well deserving companies prior to bribery to win foreign contracts. As such, the company sought the cheapest way to bring business to itself while ruining other companies instead of following the right channels as expected. The main concern for the company lies with the shareholder and its ability to maintain their wealth as well as increase it. Therefore, this drives the company towards bribery as the immediate economic benefits are appealing and rewarding, while the long-term can be borne by future leaders of the same company saving shareholder a lot of immediate trouble in poor share sales. Using the different theories of ethics to discern this issue brings utilitarianism into perspective, as it is the only theory that focuses on the product and not on the means through which it is achieved. In any case, when it does pay attention to the means through which objectives are achieved, it only does so in relation to the cheapest and most convenient way and not on its impact on others. Thus, Siemens paid attention to the utilitarian theory that saw it ignore fundamental knowledge on bribery to bring unfair advantage and profits to itself denying other firms their own fair chance at winning contracts the legal way. In addition, the company could have used other means to secure contracts in foreign countries without having to pay bribes such as improving their own conduct, as considering the amount of funds used in bribes and com paring it to the profits, legal business would result in better returns. This denies the executives a proper defense since it does not even safeguard the interests and needs of the shareholders since when caught

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According to Paul Cezanne Essay Example for Free

According to Paul Cezanne Essay Paul Cezanne’s paintings are regarded today as being of considerable importance to the development of modern art. Cezannes use of colour as tone and his heavy interest in the formal elements of composition paved the way for artists following on from him to question what they were perceiving and their ability to visually represent what they saw through painting. This essay will be examining the influence that Paul Cezanne had on Cubism and how this elevated the picture into an autonomous object rather than a mere representation of nature. The French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne, although heavily ignored by the mainstream art sphere centered within Paris, had a considerable impact on Cubism as he laid out the fundamental ideas from which the cubists would create their works. One of the main key points that was central to the cubists was faceting, this reduction of form within the external world and transforming them to geometrical facets, ‘Nature should be treated as cylinders, spheres and cones.’. See more: Examples of satire in adventures of huckfinn essay Cezanne’s manner of depicting reality with inaccuracy and multiple viewpoints divorced itself from the laws of perceptive construction and allowed him to interpret what he saw in a subjective way, he wasn’t interested in merely imitating what he saw onto the canvas but rather to re-think the conventions which restrict traditional painting. A clear departure from traditional painting as a representational phenomenon has taken place, it’s no longer mimetic of nature or reality but rather holds its own reality within itself and painting and art in general is made autonomous through Cezanne’s unique approach. Where other painters saw transient effects of light Cezanne had the ability to perceive geometric structures and thus from his search for underlying structure of composition came Cubism and then Abstraction. In the impressionist movement, and other predecessors to cubism and post-impressionism, artists weren’t concerned in dealing with matters of inner meaning within their paintings, they were simply responding to what they saw which in turn gave little for the viewer to think about. It is here that we see Cezanne’s more conceptual manner of depicting reality by breaking things into obscure shapes and abstracted form, he projects his inner emotion and consciousness onto the canvas to represent a state of mind, ‘The painter’s idea cannot be conceived apart from the means he uses, for it is meaningful only so far as it is embodied in those means, and the deeper his idea the more complete they must be. I am unable to distinguish between my feelings for life and my way of transposing it. A painting must carry all its meanings within itself, and impose it on the viewer before he identifies the subject matter.’. This parallel of representing nature and self by use of facets and high-keyed colour (colour as a subjective device) is something that’s echoed throughout the works of the cubists, specifically the initial stages of this movement. It seems from this point onwards the painting has become a picture object, it’s removed from the shallow confines of our perception and begins to contribute to reality by adding other aspects and elements, ‘ He was, in fact, the first Post-Impressionist to make, as did the Pointillists and eventually the cubists, as structural analysis of nature, producing an art of the mind concerned with emotional apprehension of formal qualities in mountains, women or onions and totally unconcerned with the evanescent effects of light, shade and atmosphere.’ . This manner of painting had seeped into the consciousness of Pablo Picasso and George Braque, although they had obviously added their own elements to form their own individual styles Ceza nne had laid out the basis from which the cubists could build upon. Although Cubism can be categorised into three key phases: Analytical, Hermetic and Synthetic, it is all somewhat representational of reality. Pushed and stretched to its very limits reality has been distorted and forms are no longer instantly apparent, the viewer must project apart of themselves in order to make sense of what is happening within the painting. From the painters view the cubists applied an aspect of analysis in their paintings by which forms became increasingly fragmented, this way of depicting objects, landscapes and people was similar to Cezanne’s work in the way he represented nature. He was looking beyond the mere surface and impressions which met his gaze and focussed on the inner structures that made up things around him, this of course implies careful consideration and a process of analysis. This is something which resonated with Picasso’s work and contributed to his painting Demoiselles d’ Avingon 1908, ‘He took his cue in this partly from Cezanne’s efforts to fashion a way of painting that would lay bare – or at least open up for exploration by the viewer – the complex process of pictorial representation’. Upon looking at the works of Picasso’s Demoiselles d’ Avingon 1908 and even George Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque 1908, we can indicate a clear influence that is derived from Cezanne’s style of this alignment of nature and the artist. In Braque’s painting we note a visible colour palette which has been simplified and the use of structure that has been used in order to re-create nature, all of which is comparable to Cezanne’s painting Mont Sainte-Victoire 1902-04. However, Braque has accentuated certain elements resulting in a more systematic , clean and simplified style, ‘Yet unlike Cezanne, Braque pushes the juxtaposition of different perspectives to the point of contradiction, and underscores it with a quite arbitrary distribution of light and shade; rooflines fail to meet walls, spaces and solids are elided, buildings are stacked up against one another like playing cards, and in the absence of a horizon the landscape is compress ed into the space of a low relief.’. (FOOTNOTE: Movements in Modern Art Cubism, David Cottington, pg. 22)We notice a clear direction towards further abstraction in terms of form and colour and as cubism progresses these abstractions are further emphasised until reality is barely visible and only signals and indications of things are implied to the viewer. In addition, Picasso’s painting held similar elements of Cezanne’s style and although his painting Demoiselles d’ Avingnon is regarded as more of a proto-cubist artwork in a way it planted the seeds of his style which would later blossom and carry the cubist movement. He is still referencing Cezanne in terms of geometric shapes, limited colours, the fusions between negative and positive shapes and also the arbitrary use of light as he sees fit. Moving away from Demoiselles d’ Avingnon and focussing on Cottage and Trees (La Rue-des-Bois) 1908, again we see a direct correlation in terms of style to Cezanne’s and even Braque’s painting Houses at L’Estaque, in terms of subject matter it’s quite similar; fragmented shapes are used to signify a landscape with houses and contorted trees, however this use of shapes is further abstracted from that of Cezanne’s and Braque’s and again we see the use of colour being completely redundant in terms of imitating the world. The painting has become a complex of invented forms, singular viewpoints, accurate proportions and visual representation are no longer necessary, ‘Picasso independently emphasises each elemnt – volume, line, plane, light and shade – even at the expense of compositional unity. The effect is to maximise the dynamic effect of the painting.’. The emancipation of pictorial elements of line and colour elevated the painting to the picture object, as these elements no longer needed to be used objectively to depict the reality in which we are all submitted to, rather the artists can form the basis of a painting from reality and meet it halfway through his use of representing the internal reality which he is mentally experiencing. Cezanne used a process of analysis and reflection in creating his work which then influenced the cubists to constitute their own individual reality and project it onto the canvas. The result being fragmented geometric shapes which accentuate certain elements of figures, subjective and limited use of colour and an overall less naturalistic representation of what is directly being observed, this in turn helped painters like the cubists to re think what they were painting and also to think of what painting in general could be.

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Management Planning and Ethics :: Business Management Coursework

Planning is concerned with the future impact of today’s decisions. It’s easy to postpone planning and therefore plans are seldom made. In the company I work for, the need for planning becomes apparent long after a decision has been made. Due to the lack of planning, short-run solutions are constantly put into place.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In our organization, planning is usually what takes the most time, which we are not given much of when it comes to projects. Even when we get to plan, we don’t get to plan as much as we’d like, usually. On the same token, I believe that there should be a cutoff point for planning as it can definitely suck up all of the time needed to execute a project.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I as a manager, I attempt to plan things as well as I can with my staff, but find that my requested timeline in accordance to the timeline given by my upper management, and to the timeline promised to the executives, find it very difficult at times. It is mentioned in the text that organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling functions in management stem from the planning function. This would explain another tribulation we have at work.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  We find that we are sometimes disorganized and understaffed. For the most part I maintain the leading and controlling function with what resources I have. This is really never accomplished up to par because of what is lacking in the other areas. Goals and plans to reach them has been the main project on my plate, because of how difficult it is. For the most part, I’ve used my own management instinct to lead the group, and have been successful, to certain degree.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  But my influence on the group is quite limited as I struggle to plan for goals and methods of achieving them. My measurement of the completion of our goals has hap hazardously been reported on Monday mornings as second priority to certain tasks that need to be completed before I could even call my group successful. Sometimes this act is confusing and doesn’t appear to serve a purpose to me, immediately. Although, I know that it does in the long run.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I have grown to understand how important planning is at all levels of management. I’ve also noticed that its characteristics vary with every level of management. Sometimes it appears as though the higher level of management isn’t really putting the planning function of management into use, causing just as difficult a time for me to plan as I’m currently having. Management Planning and Ethics :: Business Management Coursework Planning is concerned with the future impact of today’s decisions. It’s easy to postpone planning and therefore plans are seldom made. In the company I work for, the need for planning becomes apparent long after a decision has been made. Due to the lack of planning, short-run solutions are constantly put into place.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In our organization, planning is usually what takes the most time, which we are not given much of when it comes to projects. Even when we get to plan, we don’t get to plan as much as we’d like, usually. On the same token, I believe that there should be a cutoff point for planning as it can definitely suck up all of the time needed to execute a project.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I as a manager, I attempt to plan things as well as I can with my staff, but find that my requested timeline in accordance to the timeline given by my upper management, and to the timeline promised to the executives, find it very difficult at times. It is mentioned in the text that organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling functions in management stem from the planning function. This would explain another tribulation we have at work.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  We find that we are sometimes disorganized and understaffed. For the most part I maintain the leading and controlling function with what resources I have. This is really never accomplished up to par because of what is lacking in the other areas. Goals and plans to reach them has been the main project on my plate, because of how difficult it is. For the most part, I’ve used my own management instinct to lead the group, and have been successful, to certain degree.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  But my influence on the group is quite limited as I struggle to plan for goals and methods of achieving them. My measurement of the completion of our goals has hap hazardously been reported on Monday mornings as second priority to certain tasks that need to be completed before I could even call my group successful. Sometimes this act is confusing and doesn’t appear to serve a purpose to me, immediately. Although, I know that it does in the long run.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I have grown to understand how important planning is at all levels of management. I’ve also noticed that its characteristics vary with every level of management. Sometimes it appears as though the higher level of management isn’t really putting the planning function of management into use, causing just as difficult a time for me to plan as I’m currently having.

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painting: the lost art? :: essays research papers

Painting: The Lost Art? I feel very strongly that there is an indifference to painting in today’s society. In today’s technology age, a high value is not placed on aesthetics such as painting. American society is drawn more to television programs and sporting events than to operas and art galleries. Very few paintings or other works of art would garner massive publicity in today’s society. The artwork would have to stimulate the mind in a negative way to receive any attention at all. It would have to spark a major controversy by being vulgar or politically incorrect in some other way to spark conversation about it. American society, in particular, is drawn to conflict as opposed to appreciating a work of art for its aesthetic brilliance. Painting is nearly dead in toady’s society. Most people view only music as an art form and place a high value on it. Painting is left to only school projects or murals on abandoned buildings. It is often overlooked and under appreciated. Painting cannot be appreciated by mainstream America because we are not educated on all of its intricacies. Public knowledge of painting and art as a whole is dismally low, and there is an indifference to painting mainly because people don’t understand it. Many people don’t know what to look at, or what to look for when observing a painting, and therefore cover up their lack of knowledge by overlooking painting as an art form. Many American critics of today’s society would not have been able to appreciate Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass or Monet’s Impression Sunrise, because of its impressionist style. It would be viewed as â€Å"ugly† or â€Å"unattractive† because so many fine details were left off. People of today’s society would not take the time to sit down and try to interpret the art that Monet was trying to display on the canvas. Americans of today want everything handed to them and would not have wanted to pick their brain to try to figure out exactly what Monet was trying convey to us as the viewer. Many Americans probably wouldn’t want so many of the details of Impressionism left off. They would want to look at it, interpret it at face value and leave it alone. They wouldn’t take the time to â€Å"read between the lines† of the painting, looking for hidden meanings and intricate details. I feel very strongly that in today’s society, painting has taken a backseat to the Internet and rock concerts.

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Fire Department Essay

Mission Statement: To prevent and minimize the loss of life and property threatened by the hazards of fire, medical, and rescue emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, and disaster situations within the community. History: Prior to the 1956 incorporation of Fremont, the area was comprised of five large unincorporated communities: Irvington, Mission San Jose, Centerville, Niles, and Warm Springs. Each of these communities had its own volunteer fire department and elected its own Chief Officers. Originally, the departments were just hose cart operations. When the City of Fremont incorporated in 1956 it had a population of 22,493 and it immediately implemented a Public Safety department. Two years later, the Public Safety department was disbanded, and the Fremont Fire Department was formed. At that time, the Warm Springs fire station was only staffed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. When the sole firefighter on duty at the Warm Springs station went home, he would answer a â€Å"hot line† at his home for any emergencies, then respond to the fire station to activate the siren, summoning the other volunteers. When they arrived, they would respond together to the emergency. Slowly, throughout the 1960’s, all firehouses began staffing 24 hours a day. In 1969, volunteer firefighters were pushed out and full time paid firefighters staffed all stations. Individual stations history: 1. Station 1 at the corner of Mowry and Argonaut was built in 1963 and provided coverage for the central business district. 2. Once the home of the bustling movie company Essanay Studios, Niles became the home to the present Station 2, which was built on Second Street in 1952. 3. Station 3, in the Irvington District, was first built in 1939 on Washington Boulevard, then relocated in 1979 to its present site on Chapel Way. 4. The district of Mission San Jose housed Station 4, first located on Anza Way in 1954, then welcomed its relocation at Pine and Paseo-Padre Parkway with a grand opening on Saturday, June 23, 1990. 5. Warm Springs’ Station 5, first situated on Warm Springs Boulevard in 1946, was rebuilt in 1992 at the same location but turned on the property to now be assigned a Hackamore Lane address. 6. The Centerville Station 6, built in 1954, became the fire department headquarters when the City formed in 1956, and housed the dispatch center until 1963. After more than five decades of faithful service, Fire Station 6 was decommissioned in January 2009 and a new Fire Station 6 was welcomed into service on Central Avenue. 7. Station 7, built in 1964 at the corner of South Grimmer and Durham, provided coverage for Fremont’s industrial area. Today, it includes a classroom which is used by the Explorers for continued training. 8. To keep up with the building boom of the early ’70’s, Station 8 was constructed on Darwin Drive in 1971. Originally, the building was planned for just two years of use but stayed in service for an additional 35 years. The Darwin Drive firehouse was finally retired from service in 2008 and replaced by the new Station 8 on Fremont Blvd. 9. Station 9, located on Stevenson Place, was placed in service for the first time at 10:33 p.m. on April 27, 1992. Engine Company 9’s first incident occurred 20 minutes later when they responded to a request for medical aid at the Fremont Jail. 10. Dedicated on November 3, 1990, and followed by a grand opening on Saturday, January 19, 1991, Station 10 on Deep Creek Road complemented the existing coverage in north Fremont. 11. In 2010 Station 11 was completed. Located in the industrial area of Fremont on Gateway Blvd. This new multi-million dollar station is currently out of service do to understaffing.

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Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Free Online Research Papers An event I chose from Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut was from chapter six. The event I chose in the book was the day that the atomic bomb was going to hit Japan and Newt, the son of a scientist,writes a letter to John. There was a scence when Newt was sitting outside of his fathers work office on the carpet playing with his toy trucks. His father was one of the people who were involved in making the atomic bomb. While Newt was playing outside, his father came out with a string he got from a manuscript and tried to play with John. John’s father rarely even spoke to him or played any games so Newtwas surprised. â€Å"He had hardly ever even spoken to me(Vonnegut12). He made the string into a shape of the cats cradle and waved it in front of johns face. See?see?see? Cats cradle. See the cats cradle? See where the nice pussycat sleeps? Meow meow(Vonnegut12). Newt was not very interested in it and it seemed he was more interested in how his father looked like up close. His pores looks as big as the craters on the moon. His ears and nostrils were stuffed with hair. Cigar smoke made him smell like mouth of hell. So close up, my father was the ugliest thing I have ever seen.(Vonnegut12). Whe n his father started to sing, John started to cry and ran away from his father. I found this funny and it kind of persuades me to go on and read more. This scene I chose from the book develops humor and rejection as a theme. I chose humor as a theme because Newts reaction toward his father after he tried to play with Newt made me laugh. â€Å"I burst into tears. I jumped up and ran out of the house as fast as I could go(Vonnegut12). It seemed that he got frighten by his father’s looks. I did feel bad for the father because he was really hurt by John’s reaction. â€Å"My sister Angela has told me many times that I really hurt my father that day when I wouldn’t admire the cats cradle, when I wouldn’t stay there on the carpet with my father and listen to him sing(Vonnegut13).and that’s when rejection comes in. When Newt ran away crying from his father scared, the father was basically rejected by his son. It seemed like Newt didn’t want to play with him because he was frighten by how ugly his father looked . I also find this pretty weird because Newt realizes how his father looked when he saw him up close. I think this scenes purpose was to catch the readers’ attention and it worked. It interested me and I read on longer. How he thought of his father and especially his reaction towards it. I think it gives the readers a laugh. Rejection is also important in this scene because no one wants to be rejected by their children and Newts father felt rejected when Newt ran away crying from him. Overall, humor and rejection are what sets a theme in this scene. Newts reaction toward his father was funny, and Newt running away from his father gave off this rejected feeling. I picked this scene because I was getting bored and it caught my attention to read on. Research Papers on Cat’s Cradle by Kurt VonnegutBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyWhere Wild and West MeetComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoHonest Iagos Truth through DeceptionEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenHip-Hop is Art19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraThe Spring and AutumnTrailblazing by Eric Anderson

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Freuds Oedipus Complex Theory essays

Freuds Oedipus Complex Theory essays Everyone goes through an incestuous period in their life. Well at least that is what Freuds Oedipus Complex theory suggests. This theory along with many others such as the Electra theory(Iverson) has been around for many years and has multiple researches done on it with mixed results. Personally I believe that Freuds theory is correct. Freud formed the Oedipus Complex from the Greek mythology story Oedipus Rex by Sopholces. In Oedipus Rex, an oracle reveals that Oedipus will unknowingly kill his father and take his mothers hand in marriage. The family tries to prevent the parricide/incest from happening much like how most parent will try to break their child of their Oedipus Complex, but the process cannot be prevented or it may seriously affect the childs well being. The actual story of Oedipus differs slightly from Freuds theory. In this theory a male child, age three to five has sexual feelings towards his own mother. These feeling are so strong that he will feel a sense of compaction from his father and want to eliminate him. There is also another theory much like the Oedipus Complex in which girls have a similar sexual desire for the father which is repressed in analogous fashion and is called the Electra complex (Iverson). These are both stages that everyone is believed to go through in their adolescence. Many researchers believe so firmly in Freuds theory that they think that the book Oedipus Rex, illustrates a formative stage in each individual's psychosexual development(Felluga). It is said that if a child is some how prevented from having or having the Oedipus Complex for an extended amount of time could severely effect that persons sexual growth in the future. Freud has done research that traces virtually all mental disorders to some problem with the transition through the Oedipal stage( Freud: On Narcissism). The ...