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Ethics Essay -- Papers Morals Behavior Essays Papers

EthicsEthics can be defined broadly as a set of moral principles or values. Each of us has such a set of values, although we may or may not have intelligibly expressed them. It is common for people to differ in their moral principles and values and the relative importance they attach to them. These differences reflect life experiences, successes and failures, as well as the influences of p arents, teachers, and friends. Ethical behavior is indispensable for a society to function in an orderly manner. It can be argued that ethics is the glue that holds a society together. Philosophers, ghostly organizations, and other groups have defined in various representations ideal sets of moral principles and values. The chaseing are different approaches, from ancient and modern traditions and philosophers, depicting their content and understanding of ethics and how it can be applied in ethical decision- devising. Utilitarianism was founded by the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham toward the end of the 18th century. He believed that all human actions are motivated by a desire to obtain pleasure and avoid pain. The principle of utility expresses that actions were right if they tended to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest count of people. When faced with a moral dilemma, utilitarianism identifies right and wrong and also considers the consequences that may result. This can be regarded as an appropriate action, but offers no realistic way to gather necessary information to make the required decision. Confronting certain situations in life, there is no time to weigh all possible outcomes and decide the angiotensin converting enzyme that provides the greatest benefit to all majority of predicaments allow just enough time for a person to act on impu... ...when it comes to rape or incest, I dont feel a woman should have to go through the pregnancy in this specific situation. So this approach, having to rely on principles all the time and foll ow them accordingly to every situation does not agree with me. It is helpful to articulate about these different theories but I do not think it is necessary in decision-making. Reading about these approaches does make you think about how you as person handles certain situations and whether you can improve your process. However, this only happens when you are required to read and study about these theories. If I never took this class, I would never have known the difference between utilitarianism and moral law and which one applies to me and my decision making process. Therefore, it is not required to read and learn about different approaches in order to handle situations.

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Type Talk Essay example -- essays research papers

Type TalkThe 16 Personality Types That Determine HowWe Live, Love, and croakby Otto Kroeger and Janet M. ThuesenDell Publishing, October, 1989Type Talk is a primer on personality preference typing centered on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a widely-used test that helps a person begin to understand why people perceive situations differently, communicate different from others, and opt for different activities.The books authors, Otto Kroeger and Janet Thuesen, maintain and wife, have long been in the forefront of adapting the MBTI for use in everyday life and coined the phrase Typewatching as a descriptor for their massage.Kroeger and Thuesen open the book with a chapter on name-calling. They use this phrase, not in the derogatory sense as is often the case, but to show that name-calling is used by everyone as a office of cataloging people based on their unique, identifying characteristics. If were to do this inevitable name-calling the authors believe it shou ld be done in an objective and constructive manner and when elevated to this higher(prenominal) level it becomes TypewatchingIn the early 1920s the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung developed a theory of personality types where he said behavioral differences were a result of preferences think to the basic functions our personalities perform throughout life (p. 8). Jungs theory was published in his book titled Personality Types in 1923.Meanwhile, earlier in the century, Katherine Briggs was researching gay behavior and through her observations had developed a way to describe it that due to different life styles, people approach life differently. When Briggs read Jungs work she found it to be very similar to her own work and set hers aside to focus on Jungs. Shortly thereafter, Briggs daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers became involved and the mother-daughter team sought to assimilate their work with that of Jung. In the 1940s Myers created an inventory based on her mothers observations and Jungs theory. The two women theorized that, with the offensive of the Second World War so near, if people were more aware of their psychological type they could be assigned to wartime roles that best fit their preferences.The MBTI was slow to gain acceptance by the psychological community. a couple of(prenominal) psychologists signed on to Jungs obscure theories and even Jung himself felt his theor... ...Another benefit from the style of this book is that it prompts us to laugh at ourselves as I did when I read the traits of a (P)erceiver who is easily distracted and can get lost between the front door and the car (p. 21).The foreword to the book comes from Dr. Charles Seashore, a skill member at Santa Barbaras Fielding Institute. In his foreword he presents what I feel is a major premise of this book where he says inconceivable conflicts, unreconcilable differences, and personality conflicts are amenable to new types of solutions when seen through the lens of Typewatching. Our hopeless dilemmas are turned to the light in such a way that vivid colors soon replace dull and draining grays. The differences that block us can be translated into differences that empower us. I find the views expressed in Type Talk offer a perfect complement to the humanistic perspective on personality where the humanists emphasize free will and the innate integrity of humankind. Typewatching seeks to move us beyond the simplistic good/bad, right/wrong approach to behavior by leading us toward an appreciation of the gifts and strengths of ourselves and others and a rejoicing of our differences.

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ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) assay and other methods for the evaluation of antioxidants :: essays research papers

1. initiationMost people know about antioxidants and belive in them as preventers against cell damage, which in the most severe case can guinea pig cancer. Almost all nutritions contain a certain amount of antioxidant &8211 both chemical and/or biological. To measure the activity and amount of the antioxidants present in a sample, some distinctive but easy assays have been established. This paper will give a short overview of the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance cacpacity) assay and compare it with other antioxidant assays. anyway that, the paper introduces some preliminary results on antioxidant activity of the plant Apocynum venetum conducted by the author.Fig. 1 on cover page from 9Table of Contents1. Introduction22. The ORAC assay &8211 a brief introduction43. Biochemical background of antioxidant activity64. Comparison of ORAC with other antioxidant activity assays75. Results in current research86. Discussion and conclusions9References102. The ORAC assay &8211 a brief introduc tion2.1 Theoretical backgroundThe oxygen radical absorbance skill (ORAC) assay is a method for metre the total antioxidant activity in a biological sample. Biological samples include body fluids of animals and humans (serum, plasma, urine, saliva), plant extracts, pastoral and food products, and pharmaceutical products.6The advantage of the ORAC assay is the wide range of applications as it can be used for both lipophilic and hydrophilic samples and compounds. Besides measuring the total antioxidant capacity, the assay can also qualitatively measure the amount of fast versus slow acting antioxidants in a sample.The principle of the ORAC is based on the following schemeFig. 2 Principal order of the ORAC assay10The sample contains a certain amount of compounds with an antioxidant activity. In water soluble samples, fluorescein is used as the probe which is protected by the antioxidants.3 After adding a certain amount of a free radical, the loss in fluorescence over time is measured until the intact fluorescence is eliminated and the scavenging activity of the antioxidant is vanished. By integrating the area under the kinetic curve relative to the blank, the concentration of all antioxidants present in the sample can be calculated. Trolox, a water soluble tocopherol derivative, is used as a standard to calculate the antioxidant activity of the sample in trolox equivalents (&956mol TE/g).2.2 fluoresceine reactionFluorescein belongs to the group of triphenylmethane dyes with a xanthene structure. Its fluorescence is based on the oxygen withdrawing groups and the intermittend double bounds shifting the wavelength towards the visible light range. Radicals can distubr this structure and run through the fluorescence by destructing one aromatic ring structure as seen in the reaction scheme.

The Economic Quest for the Development of Cuba Essay -- Essays Papers

The Economic Quest for the Development of CubaIntroductionTo state lightly, Americans generally lower upon communist countries. Though there are the obvious grievances of political and ideological differences that will not be discussed in this paper, the opinions with respect to the economy have likewise sparked heated discourse. Those that are capitalists feel that without a free market and the power of the invisible hand, the economy will not be efficient and eventually crumble. And in most cases, this assumption was true in the twentieth century. But with Cuba, a red country, communism may not be the major factor to satanic at the present. Some feel Cuba has not focused enough on industrial growth, while others say it is the lack of physical capital combined with Cubas inability to attract foreign direct investment. Yet most agree that as a small third world country in at presents global economy, Cuba is facing many challenges to keep up with the pace of the world. In s pite of its current condition, this country still has significant economic potential. In reality, it is quite astounding to look upon Cuba and what this small country has had to encounter in the past fifteen years. At the start of the 1990s, an economic crisis struck Cuba. When the Soviet trade union collapsed and the socialist bloc disappeared, Cuba, being heavily reliant on this alliance, suffered immense economic consequences. The Soviet Union was Cubas trading partner and vital contributor through investments, provision of resources and technology. Because of their socialist relationship, eighty-five share of Cubas trade,... including sugar and citrus fruit was with the Soviet Union, while at the same time eighty-eight percent of Cubas i... ...d the Development Prospects of Cuba. Developing Prospects in Cuba An Agenda in the Making. London Institute of Latin American Studies, 2002.Monreal, Pedro. Export Substituition Reindustrialisation in Cuba Development Strategies Rev isited. Developing Prospects in Cuba An Agenda in the Making.London Institute of Latin American Studies, 2002.Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas (ONE) (1999), Anuario estadistico de Cuba 1998 (Havana).Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas (ONE) (1999a), Anuario estadistico de Cuba 1998 (Havana).Saney. Isaac. Cuba A Revolution in Motion. Ed. Brenda Conroy. London Fernwood, 2004.Snow, Anita. Cubas economic growth slows. Associated Press. 21 declination 2002. Academic Universe. 22 Jan. 2005 . Taylor, John. Economics Fourth Edition. Ed. Jean L. Woy. Boston Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

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journeyhod Spiritual Journey in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essa

Spiritual Journey in Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad may be a write up about colonisation, revealing its drawbacks and corruption, but it may also be understood as a journey into the depths of ones psyche, if taken at a symbolic level. At the beginning of the novel the reader is informed that Marlow is not typical, that he, contrary to stay-at-home-minded seamen, is a wanderer. He has no home, in a psychological sense of the word. He simply follows the sea. This may evoke an interpretation that the man is disturbed, that he attempts to find out about the secrets of his soul, to get to have intercourse himself. Since boyhood he had been interested in unexplored lands and especially in a long winding snake-like river with the head in the sea and the tail plunging deeply into the land, which, as Marlow admits, charmed him. This image resembles a map of a journey from the dark lands of the soul, the unconstrained, uncivilised core, which may be called a Freudian Id, towards light, that is Superego. Marlow desires to follow this path in the opposite di...

journeyhod Spiritual Journey in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essa

Spiritual Journey in Heart of Darkness Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad may be a narrative about colonisation, revealing its drawbacks and corruption, but it may also be understood as a journey into the depths of ones psyche, if taken at a symbolic level. At the beginning of the novel the reader is informed that Marlow is not typical, that he, contrary to stay-at-home-minded seamen, is a wanderer. He has no home, in a psychological sense of the word. He simply follows the sea. This may evoke an interpretation that the man is disturbed, that he attempts to find out about the secrets of his soul, to puzzle to know himself. Since boyhood he had been interested in unexplored lands and especially in a long winding snake-like river with the head in the sea and the tail plunging deeply into the land, which, as Marlow admits, charmed him. This image resembles a map of a journey from the dark lands of the soul, the unconstrained, uncivilised core, which may be called a Freudian Id, towar ds light, that is Superego. Marlow desires to follow this direction in the opposite di...

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Betting Shop computer investigation Essay

The task given to me for the following essay was Assume you take in been c either tolded in to investigate suspected incidences of computer offense enacted by dint of the computer system at a local betting office. Describe how you would conduct the calculate and seizure procedure. Also explain why you would conduct the operation in the manner you describe. Keywords Electronic, Evidence, Investigation, Computers, Seizure, Forensic, Computing Introduction I was recently given the task of Head of Forensic Computing Investigation into Operation take chances.Operation Gamble had been in roam for over 12 weeks, in this time it had become obvious that in that location was either possibility that some kind of computer crimes were cosmos committed on a everyday basis. This job entails making sure that nothing is overlooked, that everything is done in a methodical manner, everything indigences logging in one way or another. There are m whatever things to think about , and m either that need acting upon, finalitys often need to be do on site at the time of the search. Hopefully this essay will inform the reader of a little knowledge into the world of forensic figure investigation.Also that it will become clear that the successful prosecution of offenders means that the investigation must be done thoroughly from start to finish. ACPO state there are 4 principles that should be adhered to at whole times, so when reading this must be took into consideration. The four principles are as follows- Principle 1 No action taken by legality enforcement agencies or their agents should change data held on a computer or storage media which may subsequently be relied upon in court.Principle 2 In exceptional circumstances, where a person finds it necessary to access original data held on a computer or on storage media, that person must be competent to do so and be able to give record explaining the relevance and the implications of their actions. Principle 3 An audit trail or other record of all processes applied to computer based electronic express should be created and preserved. An independent third political party should be able to examine those processes and achieve the same result.Principle 4 The person in charge of the investigation (the slip officer) has overall responsibility for ensuring that the law and these principles are adhered to. Ruth Suttons investigation into a local betting shop. Firstly I was called into the office and was allocated a new case, which involved investigating a betting shop that may have been involved in some kind of fraud or computer misuse. I wasnt given both information in detail. Without having much detailed information I have to prepare the investigation as though I am looking for every kind of electronic crime there is.With an open mind it makes the investigation much more through and lengthy, maybe turning up more clues to what has been occurring in this particular establishment. Also as I have been put in charge of this investigation I make sure that all staff that had been drafted in to help with this investigation had the expertise to do so, they all needed to be aware how volatile forensic data is, how easily evidence tidy sum be lost, changed, or altered and therefore inadmissible in court.If I were to be given this case and was earlierly made aware that it was child pornography that I was looking for this would set my mind thinking, and turning into the direction of looking for not only images but by chance photography equipment, chat logs, email, internet usage logs. On the other hand it is a much different case for fraud. Accounting would be looked into address books, credit card data, calendars, credit card skimmers, the list except goes on and on.Having no idea could turn up more things as child porn can often be attached to a ring, perhaps in that ring credit card fraud is being used to purchase entry to child porn sights, so with my open mind and that of my col leagues I start my investigation. Within the ACPO (Association Of Chief Police Officers) guidelines there are 4 stages that are involved in gaining forensic evidence. They are 1. Acquiring the evidence 2. Identifying the evidence 3. Evaluating any evidence found 4. Presenting the evidence.For the purposes of my investigation in fact all forensic computing investigations, the first 3 rules are paramount as they all rely upon each other being performed correctly. Although it must be said if any of the rules are not followed correctly this wouldnt even get as far as the presenting Evidence rule, as there could be no successful prosecution. Preparation Knowing this is a retail betting shop, the first decision to be made is the time that we will serve our warrant to search the premises.After not much deliberation it is decided to carry out the search in the beginning opening time, I was aware that the manager undecided up every morning at 8am so meeting him as he opened up would be the outgo policy. The reason for this decision is that with less staff and no customers there would be less chance of anyone being able to potter with any net laps, data, or any other relevant evidence. In the past it has been known for one member of staff to distract an investigator, while another removes spanking evidence.As time went on 3 other members of staff arrived for work, they were all taken aside and asked details of what there job involved, where there individual workstation was and any usernames, passwords or encryption keys that may be relevant to the case. On Entry On entry it was most important to visually identify anything that could be practical evidence. The following items were identified and notable down 1. Computer 2. Laptop 3. Usb stick 4. Digital camera 5. Printer 6. Scanner 7. Mobile Phones 8. Cds & videodiscs 9. PDA All these items could be relevant in gaining evidence as they all may mince relevant data.My reasons for each item were as follows 1. Comp uter This is obvious that looking for forensic data the ground computer could hold lots of evidence. 2. Laptop Same reasons as above. 3. Usb Stick This could also take in data. 4. Digital Camera may contain images or even files of any data 5. Printer Printers have their own memory now so this could contain much needed evidence. 6. Scanner May have been used to scan fraudulent documents (if there is any damage or imperfections to the glass this could show that a particular document was created with its use.7. Mobile Phones Mobile phones have own in operation(p) system, could contain not only contacts but also images, files, and time logs etc, lots of relevant data. 8. Cds & Dvds Another item that could contain lots of data. 9. PDA This like a mobile phone has its own operating system and could be used to store relevant data, contacts, time logs etc. Before any searches in drawers or anything was moved the whole commonwealth was photographed, picturing where all the above items were exactly in relation to the shop.This is done to document the evidence in a visual manner, that can be looked at after things have been moved to unsurface perhaps more clues, for example If a computer mouse was posing on the left hand side of the desk, perhaps the manager is right handed so it could lead to a clue that perhaps a left handed member of staff uses that desk, which the computer is sitting on. Photographs were taken of the computer screen as it was on and had the user names on it, this was also documented by text.The computer felt quite substantial so this could give clues as to whether it had been left on overnight or perhaps used before we had gained entry to the premises. Photographs were also taken of all the cables at the back of the computer, so as reconstructing at a later stage would be easier, also the cables were labelled. The desktop computer was then switched off by removing the military group from the computer not the wall socket. The laptop was the next item to be dealt with, it was switched off so removal of the battery was next. Next a search took place which would involve looking in drawers, cupboards etc.The items I was looking for were 1. Any paper work that may give some clues to any passwords that may have been used 2. Memory Cards 3. Credit card Skimmers 4. Address books 5. Appointment cards/books 6. GPS SAT NAV equipment 7. CCTV footage Most of these items were found lurking in and around the vicinity of the desk where the desktop computer was located, other than the CCTV footage that was located in the DVD recorder next to the kitchen door. The DVD recorder contained a DVD- rw (DVD re- writable), which was left in place until also photographed and noted while in situ.The rest of the items were subsequently photographed and logged before anything else was done. The reasons for seizing these items were as follows 1. Paperwork passwords, contacts etc. 2. Memory Cards Data, Images 3. Credit card skimmers Eviden ce in itself or even more so if there is data contained on the magnetic strip. 4. Address books Contacts 5. Appointment cards/books verify evidence of suspects whereabouts 6. GPS SAT NAV Travel logs, previous places visited 7. CCTV Evidence to say who has been in the premises, and when as the camera will have its own time logs.The manger was then asked a few questions about any passwords or encryption keys he may have been aware of, this was done to try and gain any extra information regarding passwords, encryption etc, as this could all save time when it comes to imaging and gaining access to files. All the questions and answers were noted down in a methodical manner. Seizing the evidence The decision was made by myself to take the equipment, rather than live image at the suspected crime scene, as there was no network, wireless or otherwise, I felt this was the best decision to make as the imaging could be done under labatory conditions.Also as there was quite an amount of elec tronic data that would need to be imaged, this would take far too long and would not be efficient to do so. Although it is seen best for the raw electronic data to be accessed least(prenominal) as possible due to its volatile nature, this would only have to be done the once in the lab, once imaged they actual items (pc, laptop) would not need to be handled again as the image would be an exact copy. Fingerprinting would need to be done, but this could not occur until all equipment had been imaged, as the chemicals used can be destructiveThe laptop was known to have Bluetooth capability, and wifi so this had to be put into a shielded box, so as that it could not live any signals from anywhere else. The mobile phone and PDA were treated in the same manner. The boxes were tagged and everything noted so as to start the chain of evidence for these items. All that had to be done now was to actually bag up all the evidence. This has to be done and sealed in anti static bags, and all writt en down in a methodical manner. This was done item by item individually as each item was tagged and bagged it had to be logged in a chain of evidence.This took quite a long time but this job cannot be rushed, as anything missed could be fatal to a prosecution. Next was the issue of transportation, this would need to be done strategically so as not to damage any possible data evidence. These would have to be kept away from any magnetic fields, e. g. speakers, radios etc, so they were removed with a van that had storage boxes within so as the seized equipment would not get too warm, cold, or anything else happen to them. Evaluating the Evidence This is where the real investigation continues, and where more light may be shed on the situation concerning electronic data was used to image the hard drive of the desktop computer and laptop, and various other software was used for the acquisition of the other electronic items. Once imaged work would begin on searching labouredly t hrough the data. To finish this investigation could take quite a few man-hours, as there is so much data to work through. Now is when this case is turned over to the other specialists that I work alongside. Conclusion Alas my work has ended now in this case as I have finished my job of searching the crime scene and seizing the evidence, after a full week of preparation before the actual search, I am quite pleased with the result.I am no clearer about any crimes that were or may have been committed, but hopefully due to myself carrying out the investigation thoroughly I have led the way for a successful prosecution to go ahead.References - National hi-tech crime unit (2008) The ACPO Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence www. acpo. police. uk/asp/policies/Data/gpg_computer_based_evidence_v3. pdf accessed 05/05/2008. Computer Crime ACPO Guidelines (2008) http//www. dataclinic. co. uk/computer-ACPO. htm accessed 07/05/08.

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Apple †Needs, Wants, Demands, Utility & Value Essay

Needs are the recognition of any difference between a consumers actual state and some ideal or desired state. The actual state of the customer is someone without an iPhone, the desired state is someone with an iPhone. apple, the creators of the iPhone, came to the conclusion that the emergency for mobility, flexibility and reliability are detect to satisfying everyone involved in the marketing process. The customer has to be able to employment the iPhone everywhere and always prepare a connection, it call for to be possible to use it the way you want it to use, and you have to be able to rely on your iPhone to work at every times. There are a couple of types of need, but the need for an iPhone is a social one.The need to be in touch and to receive belonging and rawness in an easy way. As an iPhone is a media product, there are five motivations for consumers to use one. orchard apple tree followed a few of these motivations at its best. An iPhone increases your self-confidenc e, status, and reassurance, you can always be involved in everything that is happening and you will never feel left out. This tells us that personal integrative needs are met. The social integrative needs are fulfilled since there is no easier way than an iPhone to talk to your friends and discuss, for instance, the same show you are watching from a different place. These two points make the key points that orchard apple tree wants to fulfil more understandable.The way that Apple fulfils the desires of the iPhone consumers are the wants. Next to mobility, flexibility and reliability, they also stand for integration, innovation, ease of use, and high-quality user interfaces. Starting off with the outside, the iPhone is oddly designed to fit comfortably in your hand, it is thin and lightweight, making it easier to use. The iPhone is one big touch screen and has almost no buttons, this makes it faster to use. With every unfermented iPhone generation comes a better camera, letting the consumer make full high definition photos.The consumers have numerous ways to entertain themselves dozens of games, medication at one touch away in good quality, and all the videos that YouTube offer can be watched. The consumer can see the latest posts on Facebook or Twitter and you can read the latest news, you will always be up-to-date. You can say that the Apple iPhone integrates almost all types of media, from music to television to games to atmospheric pressure to the internet.Demand results when you couple desire with buying power to satisfy a want. It is very hard to talk about demands when it comes to the Apple iPhone. Apple made much(prenominal) a good name for itself, that the great unwashed will buy every new generation of the iPhone that will come out, without hark backing anything through. Two million people pre-ordered the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. This doubles the pre-orders for the iPhone 4S and it out frames (by far) the pre-orders of cell phones from Apple s competitors. The demand for an iPhone is dramatically high, even if the quality is not that good.The iPhone 4S was seen as a huge disappointment as it differed almost nothing from the iPhone 4, the pre-order price was $199. You would say that Apple would play it more safe with their next generation because people lost their trust in the iPhone. Yet, Apple made the pre-order price for the iPhone 5 also $199, and as I said to begin with, it was a huge success. This clearly shows that Apple can actually take the risks that other companies wouldnt even dare to think off. They are in charge of the market and the demand will always stay high. Even with a pop off like the iPhone 4S.Form, place, time, and possession make up the utility marketing model. Form utility is the observe a consumer sees in a finished product. The consumer sees, of course, more value in a finishes iPhone than only its screen or loose buttons. The form of the product attracts the consumers. You need to produce a tangible good before it grabs the attention of the consumers. Place utility is the value consumers put on where they purchase products. The Apple iPhone is sold in almost every cell phone company, Apple store, or on sites like Ebay. Apple made sure that where ever you live, an iPhone is always around the corner. Consumers dont have to travel to buy one. If they think that around the corner is still too far, they can always order one online. Ensuring a product is available when the customer wants it adheres to time utility.This is one where Apple has had trouble with. Apple was forced to push back the release date of the iPhone 5, resulting in a lot of negative comments from the consumers who pre-ordered it. The reason behind it was that the demand for the iPhone 5 was bigger than their stock. You need to make sure that you can provide your good when the consumer wants it and counts on it. Possession utility is the value consumers put on purchasing a product. You can by an iPhone w ith or without a contract.You will pay the same amount of money every month if you have an iPhone with a contract. You can hold between 1 or 2 years, after these years you cant use your phone anymore. You have to trade it in for another (i)phone, a newer one. If you buy it without a contract, the buying price of the iPhone is extremely high, but the months afterwards will be lower and you will always be able to use your iPhone. The consumer has choices with both pros and cons. It depends on how much they want to keep their old iPhone or just trade it in after a year or two.Value is the benefits a consumer gets from buying the product. As I said before, the Apple iPhone covers almost all media types in one. It meets up with plenty of the needs and wants of the consumers, which makes the good very beneficial. This means that consumers are prepared to pay a lot of money for the product. Although the first iPhone was seen as a huge step in technology, Apples competitors were able to ke ep up and offer the same features and functions on their phones, but in a slightly different way. Still, the iPhone stays number one of the phone sales. Apple offers the highly valuable iPhone for a high price, you would say that this makes the perceived value low. For the iPhone, this is the opposite. This makes it clear that consumers indeed think that the iPhone is valuable adequacy for the full price.Sourceshttp// http// http// http// http//

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Bangladesh newspaper Essay

Bangla newspaper has a great importance from freedom war 1971 to show. Bangladeshi general peoples were being informed about the political. societal and economical position and activities from Bangla newspaper during under Pakistani authorities. This is besides major grounds of political activities in the past and present. The day-by-day Prothom Alo and the day-to-day Ittefaq is the taking newspaper in Bangladesh. A batch of national and non-government advertizements are published these two newspapers. Bangladeshi publishing media is really strong in the cosmea because a immense figure of Bangla newspapers are published day-to-day nationally and locally in this relegate of land country of 1lac 44 thousand unbent kilometre. In malice of debut of new media like Bangla orbiter channels. FM and local wirelesss and on-line intelligence. Bangla newspaper is still really popular in our state because old peoples and house married woman prefer newspaper to Television. wireless or on-line intelligence.Another advantage of newspaper is that it can be get any clip of the twenty-four hours. Particular involvement to peculiar subdivision like athleticss. political. manner and manner. international intelligence. concern or column may channelize from adult male to adult male but most(prenominal) of peoples like political and taking intelligence subdivision. Leading intelligence. editorialist articles and column are most favourite subdivision in Bangla newspaper. Online Bangla newspaper is going more popular twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours for those people working in office or concern because update intelligence are acquiring immediately and they have non adequate clip to read newspaper individually in place or office.Above all the imortance of Bangla newspaper can non explained shortly. It opens the door of cognition and present state of affairs by presenting of import massage invariably.

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The Candyman – Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders

The Candy Man- Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders Victims 1. Billy Baulch, 17 2. Billy Ridinger-survived 3. Danny Yates, 14 4. David Hilligiest, 13 5. Donald Waldrop, 15 6. Frank Anthony Aguirre, 18 7. Gregory Malley Winkle, 16 8. Homer Garcia, 15 9. James Dreymala, 13 10. James Glass, 14 11. Jeffrey Konen, 18 12. Jerry Waldrop, 13 13. John Sellars, 17 14. Johnny Delone, 16 15. Joseph Lyles, 17 16. Mark Scott, 17 17. Marty Jones, 18. 18. Michael Tony Baulch, 15 19. Randall Harvey, 15 20. Rhonda Williams -survived 21. Richard Kepner, 19 22. Ruben Watson, 17 23. Steven Sickman, 17 4. Tim Kerley-survived 25. Wally Jay Simoneaux, 14 26. Willard Rusty Branch, Jr. , 17 27. Charles Cary Cobble, 17 28. Richard Hembree, 13 F movements Dean Coril was a 33-year-old electrician living in Houston, Texas, who with two teen accomplices was responsible for kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering at least 27 young boys in Houston in the early 1970s. Dean Corll was an electrician for Houston Power and Light, but some of Henleys friends knew him as the Candy Man, so named because he had labored for years in the candy manufacturing plant that he and his m early(a) had once owned.Corll was famous for giving onward candy to the kids. Coril had an odd choice of friends, who were mostly young male teens. Two, who were particularly close to Coril, was a 14-year-old boy named Elmer Wayne Henley and a 15-year-old boy named David put up. The three spent oft time hanging around at Corils house or driving with him in his van. That was until August 8, 1973, when Henley shot and killed Coril at his home. While in police custody, Henley began to prescribe about his relationship with Coril. He said Coril paid him $200 or more for each boy that he could lure to Corils house. afterward meddling Corils house, the police disc overed a bedroom that looked as if it was designed for torture and murder. There was a board with handcuffs attached, ropes, sex toys and plastic covering the c arpet floor. Coril was furious when Henly brought his young girlfriend, Rhonda Williams over to the house with another friend, Tim Kerley. The group drank and did drugs until they fell asleep. When Henley awoke, his feet were bound and Coril was handcuffing him to his torture board. His girlfriend and Tim were also bound with electrical tape over their mouths.He managed to convince Corll to free him by promising to participate in the torture and murder of his friends. Once free, he went along with some of Corlls instructions, including attempting to rape the Rhonda Williams. Corll meanwhile, was toilsome to rape Tim, but the young boy fought so much Corll, frustrated, left the room. Henley immediately went for Corlls gun which he left behind. When Corll returned, Henley shot him six times, killing him. everywhere the next few days, Henley readily talked about his part in the deadly activity in Corlls house.He led the police to where many of the victims were buried. The first empl acement was a rideshed Corll rented in southwest Houston, stall 11. There police uncovered the remains of 17 of the boys Corll had murdered. Ten more bodies were found at various other burial sites in or near Houston. Altogether there were 27 bodies recovered. Henley confessed to knowing about Corlls brutal crimes and also participating in murdering one of the boys. Brooks told police that he had no knowledge of the crimes. When tried, Brooks was found guilty of one murder and sentenced to life in prison.Henley was convicted of six of the murders and sentenced to six 99-year-terms. Because Henley acted in self-defense, he was not convicted of killing Corll. The Crime Scene Around 830 a. m. that Wednesday morning, the Pasadena, TX, police department got a telephone call from a hysterical Wayne Henley. pes planus A. B. Jamison raced over to the address, 2020 Lamar Drive, a green and white frame house. Three teenagers, two boys and a girl stood in front of the house when Jamison resp onded to the call. The officer noted the . 22 caliber pistol on the driveway near the trio.Henley informed the officer that he was the individual who had made the call and indicated that Corll was lying dead inside the house. After confiscating the pistol and placing Henley, Williams and Kerley inside the patrol car, the officer entered the bungalow and discovered Corlls dead body inside the hallway. In custody, Henley explained that, for almost three years, he and David Brooks had helped fix teenage boys some of whom were their own friends for Corll, who had raped and murdered them. Corll had paid $200 for each victim he or Brooks were able to lure to his apartment.Henley gave a statement admitting he had assisted Corll in some(prenominal) abductions and murders of teenage boys, informing police that Corll had buried most of his victims in a boat shed in Southwest Houston, and others at Lake Sam Rayburn and High Island Beach. Henley agreed to accompany police to Corlls boat shed in Southwest Houston, where he claimed the bodies of most of the victims could be found. deep down Corlls boat shed, police found a half-stripped car, which turned out to have been stolen from a used car lot in March, a childs bike, empty bags of lime, and a box full of teenage boys clothing.Police begin to excavate Corlls boat shed on August 8, 1973. Police began digging through the soft, shell-crushed earth of the boat shed and soon uncovered the body of a young blond-haired teenage boy, lying face up and encased in clear plastic, buried to a cut back place a layer of lime. Police continued digging through the earth of the shed, discovering the remains of more victims in varying stages of decomposition. Most of the bodies found were wrapped in thick, clear plastic sheeting. Some victims had been shot others strangled the chords and ropes still wrapped tightly around their necks.All of the victims found had been sodomized and most victims found bore secernate of sexual torture. On August 8, 1973, a total of eight corpses were uncovered at the boat shed. David Brooks presented himself at the Houston Police Station on the even out of August 8, 1973, and gave a statement denying any participation in the murders, but admitting to having known that Corll had raped and killed two youths in 1970. On August 9, 1973, police go with Henley to Lake Sam Rayburn in San Augustine County, where Henley had told police that Corll had buried four victims he had killed that year.Two redundant bodies were found in shallow graves. Police found nine additional bodies in the boat shed on August 9, 1973. David Brooks gave a full confession that evening, admitting to being present at several killings and assisting in several burials, although he continued to deny any direct participation in the murders. He agreed to accompany police to High Island Beach to assist in the search for the bodies of the victims. On August 13, 1973, both Henley and Brooks again accompanied the polic e to High Island Beach, where four more bodies were found, making a total of xxvii known victims.Rule Sec. 19. 01. TYPES OF CRIMINAL HOMICIDE. (a) A mortal commits criminal homicide if he intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence causes the death of an individual. (b)Criminal homicide is murder, capital murder, manslaughter, or reprehensively negligent homicide. Acts 1973, 63rd Leg. , p. 883, ch. 399, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974. Amended by Acts 1973, 63rd Leg. , p. 1123, ch. 426, art. 2, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974 Acts 1993, 73rd Leg. , ch. 900, Sec. 1. 01, eff. Sept. 1, 1994. Sec. 19. 02.MURDER. (a) In this section (1)Adequate cause means cause that would commonly produce a degree of anger, rage, resentment, or apprehension in a person of ordinary temper, sufficient to render the mind incapable of cool reflection. (2)Sudden passion means passion directly caused by and arising out of provocation by the individual killed or another acting with the person kill ed which passion arises at the time of the villainy and is not solely the offspring of former provocation. (b)A person commits an plague if he 1)intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual (2)intends to cause serious bodily injury and commits an act clearly dangerous to piece life that causes the death of an individual or (3)commits or attempts to commit a felony, other than manslaughter, and in the course of and in promotional material of the commission or attempt, or in immediate flight from the commission or attempt, he commits or attempts to commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual. (c)Except as provided by Subsection (d), an hatred under this section is a felony of the first degree. d)At the punishment stage of a trial, the defendant may raise the event as to whether he caused the death under the immediate influence of sudden passion arising from an adequate cause. If the defendant proves the issue in the affirm ative by a preponderance of the evidence, the offense is a felony of the second degree. Acts 1973, 63rd Leg. , p. 883, ch. 399, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974. Amended by Acts 1973, 63rd Leg. , p. 1123, ch. 426, art. 2, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974 Acts 1993, 73rd Leg. , ch. 900, Sec. 1. 01, eff. Sept. 1, 1994. Section 15. 31 CRIMINAL SOLICITATION OF A MINOR (a) A person commits an offense if, with intent that an offense listed by Section 3g(a)(1), Article 42. 12, Code of Criminal Procedure, be committed, the person requests, commands, or attempts to brace a peasant to engage in specific conduct that, under the circumstances surrounding the actors conduct as the actor believes them to be, would constitute an offense listed by Section 3g(a)(1), Article 42. 12, or make the pincer a party to the commission of an offense listed by Section 3g(a)(1), Article 42. 2. (b) A person commits an offense if, with intent that an offense under Section 21. 02, 21. 11, 22. 011, 22. 021, or 43. 25 be commi tted, the person by any means requests, commands, or attempts to induce a minor or another whom the person believes to be a minor to engage in specific conduct that, under the circumstances surrounding the actors conduct as the actor believes them to be, would constitute an offense under one of those sections or would make the minor or other believed by the person to be a minor a party to the ommission of an offense under one of those sections. (c) A person may not be convicted under this section on the uncorroborated deposition of the minor allegedly solicited unless the solicitation is made under circumstances strongly corroborative of both the solicitation itself and the actors intent that the minor act on the solicitation. d) It is no defense to prosecution under this section that (1) the minor solicited is not criminally responsible for the offense solicited (2) the minor solicited has been acquitted, has not been prosecuted or convicted, has been convicted of a different offe nse or of a different type or class of offense, or is immune from prosecution (3) the actor belongs to a class of persons that by definition of the offense solicited is legally incapable of committing the offense in an individual capacity or (4) the offense solicited was actually committed. e) An offense under this section is one category lower than the solicited offense. (f) In this section, minor means an individual younger than 17 years of age. Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg. , ch. 262, Sec. 79, eff. Jan. 1, 1996. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg. , ch. 1415, Sec. 22(a), eff. Sept. 1, 1999. Section 21. 06 HOMOSEXUAL CONDUCT (a) A person commits an offense if he engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex. (b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

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Human Experience: Miracles Essay

In our society today, by means of medical and scientific breakthroughs, to extensive and higher(prenominal) levels of knowledge, the idea of miracles becomes overshadowed by explanations. There are many people who could be described as doubting Thomas because to believe, they feel that they need to see. Almost anything shadower be explained if one tries hard enough. Most of the cure miracles in Lukes Gospel can be shown to have happened to people with diseases, traced back to mental and flighty disorders. However, it is still evident that lots of people across the word still believe in miracles, as over 200 million people gibber Lourdes each year.All of the Miracles found in Lukes Gospel, are signs of the Kingdom of God as it is obvious that the divinity of God is present, when the lame can walk, and the silver screen can now see. These miracles give hope to those who are themselves, in need of doctoring, as they show that rescuer will help them in their time of need, it simi larly helps to strengthen their faith. Through the study of these miracles, it is easy to see that universalism is a main characteristic of Lukes gospel, as in every miracle, it is the outcast, the marginalised, who is healed. Jesus often diametrical the healing with forgiveness of sins.There are many Holy sites throughout the world, that are renowned for the miracles that have taken place there, such as Lourdes, Fatima, and Knock. Lourdes is likely the most visited of these sites, garnering over 200 million pilgrims every year. Over 7000 cures have taken place in Lourdes, but only 67 have been value as miraculous by the Catholic Church.The latest recognised miracle was that of Anna Santaniello, who on a visit to the Baths of Lourdes was healed of her acute heart condition on the nineteenth of August, 1952. She was brought to the baths on a stretcher, and left walking by herself. In front of the Grotto, I prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would restore this young man to dear health so that he could at least continue to work. Anna was a kind, selfless woman, who then went on to help unfortunate children make up ones mind families and homes. Often, those healed went on to help some others who were in need, following on in the example of Bernadette Soubirous, who joined the Sisters of Charity of Nevers convent, as an assistant infirmary and then a sacristan.It is clear that the legion(predicate) charities in action today, who are responding to those in need, are following in the example that Jesus set. Charities such as Trcaire, and Children in Crossfire, are constantly try to help children and families in under developed countries. An example of the kind of people that Trocaire helps every day, is that of Juan Francisco Trujillo, aged 16, from a remote village called Casero Chilama in El Salvador. His family live on the opposite side of the river to the rest of the village.Flooding cuts his family off from their village. When this happens, Juan Francisco cannot go to school. There is a large boulder in the middle of the river. If the water is over this boulder, I know it is too dangerous to cross, says Juan. Another example of someone helped through the work of Trocaire, is Mary Akai, who suffers from Aids who is a extremity of the HIV/AIDS support group at Love and Hope Centre, three of her children died of AIDS. She calls the founder of the centre, Sister Patricia Speight, her new mother. I thought I was dying, she said. I owe my recovery to Sister Patricia. She fed me from a spoon when I was too low.Many of those in need, visit faith healers and though some in truth believe that they can cure people of disease, many are con-artists who steal innocent peoples money, or some actually try to heal or get rid of demons from children. Ndoki was said to target children particularly either when still in the womb or in early childhood through a piece of food infected with the evil spirit, said Dr Hoskins who has made an exten sive study of traditional religions in Africa. We know that ndoki does exist. Back home and over else too there are people who are used by the devil to bring a curse or bad luck to other peoples lives, even to kill them, says Pastor Modeste Muyulu. Dr Hoskins, is a consultant to the Metropolitan Police on religiously-motivated ndoki exorcisms, agrees instances of extreme violence are rare.My experience of Africa and the congo where Ive lived for years and travelled a lot is that Congolese people love their kids, he said. He also believes that some of the churches and charities set up by Congolese people in the UK were simply money-making schemes. Antoine Lokongo, the editor of a Congolese newsletter, Congo Panorama, believes the growing violence in exorcisms is due to western influence. Two women and a man from England were arrested for the abuse of an eight year old girl who they suspected of having ndoki.The girl testified that the adults slapped, punched and kicked her repeated ly. One pushed a kitchen knife into her chest until it drew blood. She told police, Its because my aunty says I have witchcraft. She dances and laughs when she hits me. AB was beaten with belt buckles and a high-heeled shoe. She was only fed tea and bread. The adults seemed particularly concerned that the girl would practice her evil powers at night time. So they woke her up twice and rubbed chilli-peppers into her eyes. They forced her into a large plastic bag, allegedly to throw her away for good by drowning her in a nearby river. But they changed their mind at the last moment.In conclusion, miracles will everlastingly be relevant to today, as at some point in our lives, we are all in need of some miracle, whether it is the strength to make it through another day, or the forgiveness of sins to heal our conscience. Although some may find it hard to believe, almost anything can be changed into something cruel and evil, in comparison to what it was before, even the miracles in the bible. But Pastor Modeste Muyulu says But disciples should only do what the maitre dhotel did, I never read in the bible about Jesus Christ being violent with anybody to cast out any spirit. Therefore we should always try to be like disciples of Jesus and help those who are in need, and never intentionally hurt another human being, as we know that Jesus himself would never do something like this.

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Marketing Analysis on Google Inc Essay

With the objective of To organize the worlds information and make it univers bothy accessible and useful (Google, 2012), Google expands its business to progress to towards becoming the leader of internet-related provider, in particular in Internet re essay and advertising technology. The comp whatsoever has expanded nationally and orbicularly, providing its search service in a large number of antithetic languages and countries through its own unique dodging.The report starts with a discussion about the merchandise Google is operating in, how Google smartly manages its internationalisation and globalisation outline according to its own mart position in different stage. Followed by the comment on whether its diversification strategy appropriate across the solely international market. The report then will evaluate this strategy master(prenominal)ly focus on the aspect of the potential to damage its own brand, especially establish on the case of their failure expansion in the Ch inese market.Then the report will look at impact for the market as Google full enter the humanoid market, Googles business set in terms of reating revenue will be described and processed by the critique of whether the model would be sustain open in the long term. The report finally will define the market Google engross in and how it enters into android market will be explained in detail. Additionally, there are some recommendations provided in terms of its sustainable development through the whole report. ? Defining the market which Google Inc operates in? The market in which Google operates in is collaborative and interactive Google has acquired and merged with different companies, which accommodate given it a agonistical edge over other firms.It recently acquired Motorola and this brought a jackpot of speculation as to whether it could handle the hardware business without any prior experience or required skills According to the case (Tangirala and Debapratim, 2012), Google had no skills in the furnish chain, monitoring physical stock or achieving efficiencies. However such acquisitions have benefited Google because it has been able to have much reach as it can now range bustling users with the advanced hardware business. Other companies it has collaborated with are HTC and T-Mobile on implementing the Android platform. CompetitionThe environment is withal quite competitive. Having to face giants like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook means that Google has to be highly adaptable and maintain their market share by being much aggressive in their marketing strategies. (Tangirala and Debapratim, 2012), Google says that their acquisition of Motorola will be able to intensify the competition. Motorolas purchase will fully bring Google into the mobile market as they will now have hardware for their operating organization Android, Also Motorola will strengthen the patenting of Google as they have more than 17,000 patents in their name.Apple and other mobil e providers might feel threatened by this move. (Rusli and Miller, 2011) variegation to a greater extent to this, Google has not focused on its nerve centre business of being a search locomotive engine rather it is diversifying and looking for sensitive opportunities for growth. Google has expanded into other segments such as maps and Google scholar, in the communications section there is Gmail and an enterprise segment where cloud computing and Google docs are involved, social net workings among others. This means that Google is not still able to reach a wider audience but that it is able to spread risks.Diversification means that in case iodin area of their business fails they have an alternative to rely on. (Tangirala and Debapratim, 2012) Innovation Googles survival could be attributed to its highly innovative structure. It has a culture of being innovative and an atmosphere that encourages employees to bring radical ideas and creativity. However, Google must keep on innov ating in order to outdo their competitors and to keep at pace with the changes in the highly volatile global environment (Tangirala and Debapratim, 2012) cornerstoneTogether with all the companies that Google has acquired, they also have data centers and servers which it uses to create its web presence and to store information. These infrastructures increase reliability and make information access faster. Google Inc had a total of 90,000 servers by 2010 and they invested heavily on technology this gives Google a good platform. Pg. 4 Some of it is virtual for example cloud computing. (Tangirala and Debapratim, 2012) ? Whats internationalization and globalization strategy? In which way Google is going?Internationalization strategy is a development strategy that enterprises want to offer their products and services outside their home country, it comm solitary(prenominal) reflected in the form of greater existence in different locations around the world. That is why internationalizati on also refers as international expansion (Stephen and Karin, 2002). Internationalization strategy is a development envisionning during the process of internationalized operation and management, which is designed to give the assistance of improving political partys competitiveness and environment adaptability.Corporations have adopt this strategy view overseas market separately. They treat the markets differently due to various markets features. Globalization strategy refers to the procedures of global integration, which incorporate the international operations and markets into a united strategic entity (Stephen and Karin, 2002). Corporations that use this strategy are generally powerful multinational enterprises, they attempt to monopolize markets in their own industries. However, if using this strategy inappropriately, it is more likely to have a detrimental effect on the whole company.The merit of globalization strategy is that companies can concentrate their efforts in buildi ng competitive advantages by leveraging capabilities and coordinating activities through boundaries. Which like a double-edged sword, the demerit is that it is hard to coordinate between each subsidiary as nearly as between headquarter and subsidiaries, because each host country has their own business characteristics. According to the collected evidences Google tends to be relying on the globalization strategy.To begin with, as mentioned above, one reason for companies adopting a globalization strategy is that they want to monopolize the market in their own industry. Definitely, Google achieved this goal. In October 2011, Google accounts for 82. 4% of the worldwide desktop search engine market share. Furthermore, in 2008, Google shifts its international marketing structure form representation offices to Research and Development center, and then to partnerships with other enterprises, which reflected that Google gradually integrated the competitive advantages from the fusion partne rship and improved its own capabilities (Ronen, 2009).In addition, Google has many an(prenominal) R&D centers worldwide. For instance, if the software was R&D in Israel, this software is not only narrow down in Israel market, but also launched globally by using different languages. Therefore it is clear that Google did not focus on localizing their products or services for different markets nowadays.Finally, globalization is focusing on building united competitive advantage. In order to keep its competitive edges, Google transfers and share outcomes of technology innovations within various R&D centers, and with alliance partnerships to connect the operation nd management activities from different counties and locations. Googles retrieval from china, impacts upon globalization plan. According to the list of info-facts (2012), China is the second nigh powerful country in the world. And in Flemings (2010) report, U. S. , China, and India will be the three most powerful countries in 2025. These illustrate that China is a enormously influential nation around the world. Moreover, China has more than 500 million internet users (Efrati & Chao 2012), and the number is still increasing. China is a market which cannot be ignored.Googles retreat from the Chinese market has definitely impacted upon Googles overall global expansion strategy. Most of the Asian countries have strong regional kinship and China has a widely impact on them. As we all know, eastern countries are in high condition cultures, but, Google is from a low context culture which is totally different from high context culture. Their ways of running a business are quite different. It seems that if Google cannot operate successfully in China, it cannot operate well in other Asian countries either, such as Japan and Korea.And this will deeply impact its global expansion strategy. As the picture (adapted from Chardonneaus slides) shown in vermiform process 1, Asia owns the biggest internet market, and G oogles coverage in Asia is so weak. If Google still wants to achieve its global expansion strategy, it has to come into the Asian market and first of all, Google haves to solve the problem in China. In fact, Googles quit in China offers its competitors a good opportunity to enter into the Chinese market. subsequently all, not all the international companies are unable to handle the operation problems in China.Since Google announced its retreat, its market share has declined 5% and its biggest competitor in China, Baidu has increase by 50% (Powell 2010). Other internet companies like Microsoft, Sohu and Tencent where all benefit from this great opportunity which offered by Google (Powell 2010). Cultivating your competitors will obviously diminish your own benefits. More and more powerful competitors will absolutely hamper Googles global expansion. In addition, they need to keep putting efforts to the beta test forrader they aunch any new products into new market, especially in th e Asian market. It needs to customize it according to different market to satisfy local consumers. As discussed above, one of the main reasons why Google failed in the Chinese market was because it did not use ICP, which is a compulsory for all websites operating in China (Zhou, 2009). ? Diversification strategy working in the international market The multi-diversification strategy is generally appropriate across the whole international market.This strategy is being used in different markets, tour the only difference is whether it more focus on direct-diversification or indirect-diversification that depends on the intensity of competition on the nub products. Briefly, since 2004 Googles endeavor mainly focuses on encouraging innovation by bottom-up through the whole company. It acquires innovative companies to diversify into new areas or to add value to existing technologies and services (Kotelnikov, 2012). From alter web, Google News, Website Optimizer to acquire technology to p ut up online display and banner advertisements by purchasing out DoubleClick.Followed by the direct diversification, Google, starts to expand its new product line through indirect diversification strategy. For instance, Google enters the social networking space through launching Orkut, Google Checkout then was launched as a payment entry for online buyers and Google Chrome which is a representor of a desktop browser, see appendix one. Firstly, in the current global market, Googles diversification strategy take the development of its core products as a priority.It makes a great contribution on perfecting its core competencysearch engine, which is the most profitable product. Additionally, it also increases the reputation of innovation for Google all over the world. Multi-products line adds more values for the consumers will become the main competitive advantages for Google in the long-term in the international market. Therefore, the benefit of diversification strategy is to protect current market share and attract potential customers by World of Mouth.Particularly, Google launches early nd often in small beta tests before releasing new products into the market, with many markets becoming more and more competitive as a result of new competitors from global or deregulated markets, those who innovate trump will win in the future (Kotelnikov, 2012). Secondly, while even through the company put great efforts to add more value on its core products, the competitors also come up with substitute products, for example, Powerset from Microsoft and Search Monkey just launched by Yahoo attack the weakness of Google, providing a much flexible search engine.Google needs to add up more new product lines to create and exploit economies scope. In particular, Baidu whose market share in China is up to 78. 3%, while only 16. 7% of Googles Hong Kong Site(Baidu, 2012). Google can use its direct-diversification strategy, which pays attention on internal growth of search engine to increase its market share in the market, which doesnt have a strong competition, such as Australia. The indirect diversification strategy should be used in the market that already has some strong competitors such as China, Korea.It is certain that the risk of this diversification strategy is there is a huge investment in the new businesses and the majority of the new businesses havent started making profit for Google. However, take current global market trend into consideration, the strategy will work in the long term in the international market. If we look closely at year 2009, revenue from ads on their sites accounted for 83% of the total.Compared to 2008, this item represented 90% of Googles total income. Nevertheless, the growth rate of these windfall is, so far, relatively modest (Sebastian, 2010). Thinking of Google, what product stands out? But are there to a fault many? Is Google too ubiquitous now is an arguable question in recent years? I think that, ultimately, we do ha ve too many products and we need to condense them, Marissa Mayer, Googles VP of Search, said Friday at the SXSWi conference in Austin (Matt McGee, 2011). According to the map of Googles product in the appendix, Google products now covered in many different fields such as search engine, social network, music, mobile system etc.But there is people say As Google Becomes More Ubiquitous, They Get More Sloppy (Jeff Y, 2012) Google is taking information from almost all of your Google services (Tsukayama, 2012). It was very serious privacy issue and been intensely discussed. Google makes its currency by selling yourself by knowing where you live, what videos you like watching, and your entire search and surfing history, Google sells targeted advertising to the tune of tens of billions of dollars per year. Selling you is 96% of Googles revenue stream. ( Anthony, 2011).Google was not obligated to pay a fine for doing so but the brand was damaged to some extent. Google also faces the ris k from failed product or services. It comes down to having too many intimacys going on at once. At Google, quality control is slipping. (Jeff Y, 2012). For example, Google lunched Google Buzz in February 2010, it was considered a threat to Facebook and twitter but its been debar down very soon in November 2011 by Google because of the lack of users and the late show in the market compare with twitter.The failure of Google buzz damaged not only the real money but also the trust and confidence of consumers toward the brand. (Rob, 2010) Besides, with too many successful products, customers may lose what the brand Google really represents which is also a risk of brand damage. Were very aware that our business is based on the trust of users and if damaged then thats the worst thing we could do. The new privacy director said. (Google, 2010) But will all these factors really hurt Google? The answer is uncertain.As we can see from the Googleland map in appendix , Googles main product is always the search engine and they use all the other products to support it. Today, with approximately 70 percent domination of the global search market, the omnipotent, omniscient, omnivorous and ubiquitous Google keeps upping the ante to stay on top of the search engine game. (Callari, 2012) Therefore some people argued that as long as people still use and trust the Google search engine, the Google brand will not be hurts seriously. Googles foray into Android market, all around impact.In this section, we will focus more on Googles capability after it has bought Motorola and gain access to becoming one of mobile recall providers with its own Android OS. After Google has bought Motorola, there are a few implications to mention here. First of all Google will be the owner of all patents from and therefore will be of a great support for Google when their mobile auditory sensation enters the market where Apple is a dominant player (Reisinger, 2011). During the launch of a new address company is most likely to be sued by their competitor arguing over the originality of the phone.Therefore after having Motorola as a patent support Google may fulfil a lot of money in this aspect. Secondly is that Google now has a capacity to create and manufacture their own mobile phone and tablet PC. The benefits of buying Motorola also extends to the field of hardware that Motorola has been in for sometimes, what Google has bought to it self is the hardware manufacturing ability, ranging from TV top box, internet TV to internet router and live stream (Bryant, 2011). Therefore again apple will have to be careful since now Google has a potential to fight Apple not just in the field of mobile phone but also as a TV top box provider i. . Google TV (Purdy, 2011).Thirdly it is not clear that when the new Motorola, Google phone is released, it will come with the newest Android OS or not. But move to buy motorolla to gain access to manufacturing capability can really affect Googles an droid mobile partner. One clue to this argument is current news about Samsung, which has been Googles main Android phone provider, has announced that its mobile phone in a briefly future will also feature the windows operating system (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2012).Although the news said it was all about Samsung providing more variety to the consumer, but it can also be thought of an uncertainty avoidance move by Samsung who might feel an aggressive move by Google coming into the hardware market. Perhaps besides Google and Motorola as the two winners from the incident, Microsoft surprisingly might gain benefit from this incident (Wortham, 2012). This move from Google is actually what Microsoft is hoping for because besides Google, the only well know non-phone maker operating system is the windows 8 from Microsoft.The moment of changes to watch out for is the time that Googles partners feel that they are indeed competing against Google sort of of having Google as their partner (W ortham, 2012). Microsoft windows 8 here will then act as a preferable alternative operating system for those ex-Googles partners to adopt. So what will happen in short-long run for the market? In the short run it will not change much because the majority of the mobile phone relies on Android OS. Breaking off partnership with the OS they rely on is really not a good idea in the short run.Also since by law after closing the deal that Android will still remain exempt for another five years (Waugh, 2011). In the long run the story may be entirely different. It is expected that mobile phone manufacturers may start thinking about an alternative plan according to Googles moves. If Google still keeps its promise that buying Motorola is just for its own defense, then it is still a great idea to have such a big company as your support (Wortham, 2012). How does Google create revenue?To scrutinize the business model of Google Inc, one impressive feature in this model is that Google offers free resource to the end user. Analyzing the reasons behind it, Googles philosophy is to share information universally and make it accessible globally (Google, 2012). Thus, the characteristic of free is a necessary catalyst which accelerates Google to become the largest search engine company around the world. By doing this, advertisers have become the main income rather than the end users.

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George Orwell, 1984 Essay

The last and arguably most powerful book to be written by renowned novelist George Orwell (pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair), 1984 is the chronicle of mankinds gradual decay under aggressive totalisticism and blind ideology. The influence of the novel is such that some terms such as Big companion, doublethink and newspeak have somehow found their way into the ultramodern lexicon. Orwell visualized a universe under uniform war, with entire societies threatened by an omniscient government that wields control even over an individuals very thoughts.Half a century after the books publication, academics and casual readers alike bear upon to find disturbing similarities between Orwells 1984 and todays increasingly intrusive institutions. With censorship, governmental rhetoric and propaganda becoming more and more like the slogans of Orwells dystopian high troupe each day it is unsurprising that the novels remain quite a favorite among academics and literary experts alike. Orwells st artling depiction of a totalitarian state peddling lies and deceit to its willing masses remains relevant and to some extent frighteningly prophetic of the present generation.Decades after it first apothegm crisscross, 1984 still achieves significant readership a literary warning that enemies of propaganda and censorship revisit time and again as a standard through which the growing excesses in government control and power could be measured. It is the worlds worst case scenario, and its permanent social relevance is a testament to both Orwells literary style and deep understanding of the human psyche.This paper posits that George Orwells 1984 is a dystopian novel that deftly tackles the power of language and censorship in controlling both society and the individual so its enduring relevance to academic studies on the political and social status quo. This study shall begin with a brief summary of the novel in order to provide a narrative background. The following discussion in volves three parts first, what is the style or course of the novel, and how does it add to the novels appeal and narrative? Second, what argon the main themes of the novel?Lastly, how do these themes combined with the novel remain relevant to the present times, hence its popularity with academics in the sociopolitical and literary fields? These argon the questions that this study must answer in order to prove its thesis. Summary 1984 is the story of Winston Smith, a member of the outmost ships company residing in what lend oneselfd to be London. Smith is a citizen of Oceania, one of the three superstates in the world of 1984. The protagonist lives a life of controlled existence he works in the Ministry of Truth, rewriting news stories and editing photographs in order to make history adhere to the Partys current slogan.People who went against the Party disappeared and made unpersons there entire existence is erased by workers like Winston Smith. History, therefore, is constantl y edited to fit whatever propaganda or slogan the Party is currently espousing. though a member of the Party, Smith is far from a dedicated follower. He harbors a secret journal of illicit thoughts about freedom and woodenly participates in the Two Minutes of Hate and different standard Party propaganda activities. Smith meets and falls in love with Julia there liaison, however, is both illicit and illegal.It is punishable by law, so Wilson and Julia find a sanctuary in a room above an old junk shop for their trysts. They are betrayed, however, and soon find themselves in the Ministry of Love where they are tortured and reeducated. In the end, fazed by the horrors of Room 101, Wilson and Julia succumb and betray each other. They are then released to await their execution on a later date. At the end of the novel, Wilson Smith accepts the power of Big Brother and willingly accepts his fate.Style and FormGeorge Orwells 1984, along with Ray Bradburys controversial Fahrenheit 451 and Al dous Huxleys Brave New World, is one of the worlds best-known dystopian novels. It presents a world entirely gloomy and bearish the opposite of a utopia wherein everything is stark(a) and in its proper place. As Brunsdale (2000) points out, a dystopia is ultimately a hopelessly wrong society (p. 146). It is a world that has rancid entirely upside down, with nearly everything completely unlike what man would envision as paradise. It is an imagined world perverted entirely a subversion of all that society must aspire for.For George Orwell, this world is a warning, a terrible vision that could become a reality if totalitarianism and government intrusion continues ungoverned. The use of a dystopian form is particularly useful in carry throughing Orwells message. A staunch critic of imperialism and other authoritarian forms such as communism and fascism, Orwells novel is a chilling portrait of what could happen should totalitarian politics remain unabated. His disgust with Britis h Socialism, for example, made its way into the novels newspeak as Ingsoc (English Socialism).By presenting the novel in a dystopian form rather than a different kind of exposition, Orwell successfully parlays his sociopolitical ideas easily through an interesting world rather than a non-fiction tome of tedious words that may find comfort in cobwebs. A form other than dystopia would not have been able to deliver the message as effectively as 1984 has done. Central Themes But what exactly is it that 1984 wishes to convey? At first glance, it seems as if 1984 is doomed to be a date indictment of the faults of the British Empire in 1948 when Orwell completed the novel.In truth, however, the novel is more than the indictment of one government. It is not a scathing objurgation on Stalinism, or the British Empire, or Hitlers destroyed Third Reich alone. It is an attack against Totalitarianism in whatever form or country, as it takes root and easily sucks the life and freedom out of the individual and society as a whole. The novel is a critique a warning against what could happen following the unchecked growth of totalitarian governments. It is not the alliance or the nationality, therefore, that matters, but the possible presence of totalitarian rule.One crucial theme in the novel that supports its criticism of totalitarianism is the power of language. Orwell emphasized the power of language in controlling the individuals mental freedom, particularly in terms of how much and how panoptic he is allowed to conceptualize. With words and language designed to limit the mind of the person, it is quite possible to exert control and slowly manipulate his or her inner thoughts. much(prenominal) is the power of newspeak and doublethink both significant concepts from the novel that gradually crossed over to the mainstream jargon.These concepts are reliant on both language and the formation of thought as the primary tools through which the Party and Big Brother carry out their manipulative plans. An example of Newspeak is the naming convention that led to the ironic names of the ministries in Orwells dystopian society. The Ministries are named in a weird manner quite opposite to what they truly stand for. For example, the Ministry of Love is one of the most terrible ministries in Oceania, as this is where prisoners are brought for torture, reeducation and execution.The Ministry of Truth where Smith works is quite a paradox, as it concerns itself not with the propagation of truthful information, but with the erasure of tribe and events no longer in line with the present party rhetoric. The Ministry of Plenty and Ministry of Peace are similarly ironically named. Wemyss (1987) calls this use of newspeak as the attempt to contract the range of human consciousness by limiting the range of words available and by eliminating their polysemic quality (p. 45). When some terms and concepts become unavailable for use or without a lingual equivalent, they bec ome obsolete and forgotten by the mind.With the government controlling conscionable which words to use and which ones to eliminate, the possibility of controlling the individuals and society becomes much larger. Here lies the power of language, which effectively affects how the brain processes and understands the world around him. Moreover, the concepts in Big Brothers society are defined in a manner describable as inverted. A particularly significant example is the slogan war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength everything in Wilsons world is completely upside down.It is, in essence, an example of doublethink, wherein one is forced to contain two opposing thoughts at the same time and believe them both. It is an capacity forced on the people of Oceania the citizens think of war and peace as one rather than opposing sides of the coin. Even when the citizens clearly know that Oceania switches allies from Eurasia to Eastasia constantly, they are capable of manipulati ng their own minds into thinking that what the Party calls its history has always been accepted and in place. Another significant theme in the novel is censorship.Radio, television and print censorship is, of course, the norm in Big Brothers world. More than the controls on media, however, the Party is also highly concerned with purity and the errors of sexual dalliances. filth or any form of smut publications are also banned in Oceania, and sexual thoughts are viewed as impurities even when conducted within the boundaries of marriage. This mirrors the penchant of totalitarian governments to extend their powers over decency and issues of morality. Whether or not the reason behind this is truly about cleaning up society remains a mystery.Reviews on the smart The significance of the novel 1984 can be seen in how todays academics remain enamored and continuously attempt to correlate the classic story of political and social manipulation to Orwells final masterpiece. Agathocleous (20 00) took note of the relevance of the novel primarily through the proliferation of terms used in the novel in the modern jargon. The world presented by Orwell remains resonant in todays world, wherein his ideas have become common knowledge (p. 101). Orwells 1984 is no longer just a novel it is now a part of popular culture.This popularity, Agathocleous (2000) attributes to the the relevance of the issues discussed by Orwell even in todays society. It is popular because it remains true and undated, thereby becoming a classic in its own right (p. 101). For Wanner (1997), on the other hand, notes that Orwells dystopian world is completely different from other portrayals of such negative societies. Unlike other dystopian nations, Orwells Oceania has resigned itself to imperfection and unhappiness without actually admitting it.Though the government may still tout this perfect world as their own, Orwell shows the characters to be living in a difficult world, one wherein pretenses are kept up in order to survive the constant watch of Big Brother. This world is described as hopeless, and it is accurate. Rather than follow other similar styles, Orwell opts to present a realistic view of his world and the negativeness that sucks everything within its path (p. 77). Wanner (1997) also notes that Orwell is not entirely separate from socialism.Though the author does indict British socialism and other similar forms of totalitarianism, the presence of Goldstein, harmonise to Wanner, shows that Orwell is still ambivalent regarding the best way to run a society. Even Goldstein, the supposed leader of the opposition, is not a figure against socialism. Wanner thus views this as a softening on Orwells part, noting that his message may not entirely be the indictment of all socialism (p. 77). Lastly, the concept of Orwellian language and politics have slowly caught up with the United States, thanks in no small part to the current administration.In his journal article, Kellner (200 7) argues that Orwells world has remained enduring over the years because of its relevance. As such, Kellner easily correlates the War on Terror and the rhetoric that appears in Oceania as the modern equivalent of Orwells world (p. 622). These are some of the reviews that describe the relevance and endurance of the novel, 1984. It utilizes the dystopian model, with sensational usage of the power of language and new terms, in order to correlate Orwells fictional world with the present situation.

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African Renaissance

Introduction l. Afri outhouse reincarnation A Resurrection The theory of an African conversion has captured the interests of a number of intellectuals, reporters and politicians. In sulphur Africa, where the concept has come to be closely identified with the political perceptions of former President Taboo Imbibe, it has been received as a project for African political renewal and sparing regeneration (July, 2001 87). The concept can thus be viewed as a rebirth a resurrection-since it has inspired policies to address the socio-economic fallouts of apartheid.The thought, Mallow (20011) contends, is a dominant trait in the mentality f the African National Congress (NC)-led government, and has been embraced as a key component of its ideological outlook, especially as this pertains to external matters (Mallow, 20011). The view is a significant theme in the organizations insurance polity quest, and an scoopful African reincarnation Fund, Mallow (20012) confirms, was vested as par t of this course. According to the Strategic Plan published by the discussion section of unknown Af dependables in 2004, the principles that underpin South Africans foreign policy include, commitments to the promotion of Human Rights and necromancy to Justice and International Law in the conduct of relations amongst nations to outside(a) peace and deliberately agreed-upon mechanisms for resolving conflict to promoting the interests of Africa in world affairs and to economic nurture through regional and international cooperation in an interdependent and globalizes world (Nathan, 2005366). II.Post-1994 NC-led government policies/actors In general, policy is expressed as a commodious reading for desired state of affairs entailing specific decisions occasionally in a rational call (Nikkei, forefront deer Wald and Junker 200187). The author reasons that the term can be used in several ways, and involves exercise as well as inaction (Nikkei, van deer Wald and Junker 200187). A n exceptionally good policy is a device that makes organization easier (University of Sydney, 2012), and permits the public to associate with the governments core principles more adequately.Nikkei, van deer Wald and Junker (200187) distinguish between three extensive classes of policy, namely domestic, foreign and defense policies. Nevertheless, the African Renaissance has been listed by several intellectuals, equal Assiduously (2008 110) as a foreign-policy tragedy (Assiduously, 2008 110). The concept is a South African emerging foreign policy doctrine encompassing a set of foreign policy goals and domestic styles, and politics entrenched in a set of political, social and economic relation (B vapourous and van Amerce 2005 179).The Department of Foreign Affairs (2008), notes that South Africans policy initiatives should be modest and not overly ambitious. A reactive policy is inappropriate. The dry land policies-both domestic and international level- in essence map out to get wor d peace, usualwealth, respect for benignant rights and sustained development (Department Of Foreign Affairs, 2008). A range of principal policy actors exercise varying degrees of operate to shape the outcomes of these processes (Raptor, 2004 3).Among these actors argon formal state institutions such as the ruling party, opposition parties, the legislature, portfolio committees and individual members of provincial legislatures. There are also external, non-state policy actors and institutions such as organized interest groups, the media, independent consultants, non-governmental organizations and universal citizens (Raptor, 20044). Examples include the modern social movement, Anti- Appropriation Forum (APE) the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDEAS) amongst the many.These organizations, posits Ranchos (20075) pitch emerged as very strong and vociferous organizations who bid to shape and impact the state and its operations (Ranchos 20077) consolidation Post-Apartheid South Africa into the African Economy The report further comments that the NC-led political framework and methods of formal engagement make for new opportunities and challenges (Ranchos 200713). Bassoon (1991 5) declares that post-apartheid South Africa must be able to release more resources for reinvestment in the economy to evangelist it and for dealing with social problems (Bassoon, 1991 5).This challenge calls for re-modeling existing organizations to admit a new South Africa. Cooperation has been an essential tool in strengthening the newly -emerged economy, and efficient in gradually and steadily leading to the integration of the economy with the harmonistic of currencies, fiscal systems, and infrastructure (Bassoon 1991 9) The political process has deviated from a regime of confrontation to a regime of negotiation, asserts Bassoon (199112).In addressing the problems primal the untaught political, social and economic spectrum, policy response required a unified participatio n in eradicating and transforming the then white-rule racist and undemocratic Constitution, and implementing an effective representative political governing structure (African National Congress, 2011) African Renaissance in Historical Perspective Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 162) consider that the African Renaissance perception has a rigid heritage that traces back in the History of the African continent.They specify events like the rebellion of slaves in the new world order n the late eighteenth century as see by Manage (2001), and other comparable events, were the early basic breeding grounds for pan-Africans, a term that is largely supposed as an influential predecessor of, and source of inspiration for African Renaissance. (Lundeberg Hellhole 1999 Bsheer and van Amerce 2005 162) Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 166) remarks that even though the pan-Africans fair game shrunk quickly after being introduced, Julius Anywheres image of a United States of Africa integrated by fixaries and united by a common language of prosperity, perished and has been kept awake by many represents of Africans development (Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 167) What started centuries ago in the form of African uprisings is reflected in the present day struggle of the African continent to overcome hardships such as unstable political systems predatory elites a high international debt burden and un favorable international trade regimes (Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 171). The present-day use of the African Renaissance approach was pronounced foremost by former South African President, Taboo Imbibe, and is broadly still as a resurrection of the African continent, as it stimulated Africans to seek African lotions for African problems Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 172). It focuses on concerns like regional cooperation, the emancipation of disadvantaged groups, sustainable economic development and the deepening and sustenance of democracy (Bsheer and van Amerce (2005 173). My African Experien ce, My African Renaissance What does the African Renaissance notion in its current state encompass?Components of the concept, Vale and spate (1998 272) suggest, are intentionally kept unclear, so as to create space for embroiling people for championing the AR concept (Vale and masses 1998 272), because it is utilized by a broad spectrum of actors, from politicians and policy-makers, to businessmen and scholars (Vale and Masses 1998 273) it is almost impossible for the term to lose its gist. Vale and Masses (1998 273) observe that the visionary language of the African Renaissance was understand by five suggested areas of engagement the boost of cultural exchange the emancipation of African woman from patriarchy the manipulation of youth the broadening, deepening and sustenance of democracy and the initiation of sustainable economic development (Vale and Masses 1998 273 Bsheer and van Amerce 2005 179).Apart from instauration the core themes of the theory, it is infallible to exp lore the scope of the concept in the contrasting views explored by Vale and Masses (1998 278) in order to understand whether or not the development of the African Renaissance is really demand for South Africa- both on domestic and foreign policy levels. The authors differentiate between two denotive views of South Africa in Africa the globalize interpretation- which was cast in the modernist tradition, and embraces a modernist approach of globalization, with fair emphasis on appropriation, liberations and the sort. The second approach- Africans approach- adopts the African Renaissance to unlock a series of confused social constructions embodied around African status.The former suggests a continental effort by South Africans to attain sustained economic suppuration and wealth accumulation, the latter calls for a more post-structural interpretation of global affairs (Vale and Masses 1998 278) The essence of South Africans African policy- motivated by Embers perception of Renaissan ce targets escalating South Africans strategic arrangements on the continent, which apart from establishing good provenance , also include introducing new economic policies that would ensure access to good education, adequate health care, decent houses, clean water and modern sanitation (Taylor and Williams, 2001 269) Despite much criticism on the concept for having a driven vision moreover being nothing more than a wish list, the African Renaissance perspective is significant and necessary for South Africans, because it is an efficient tool for the nations ambitions towards a peaceful, equal and democratic state from the appalling former white-rule government characterized by oppression and injustice. The theory has been relevant in re-building South Africans social, political and economic set-up, and has played a significant role in re-shaping South Africans role and recognition in international affairs.For example the country capacity and success in hosting the 2010 FIFE World Cup Just a few years ago, and the happening of being the first African country to hold permanent seat in the United Nations auspices Council (Taylor and Williams, 2001 269). It is the very same polices shaped by the AR theory behind the progress and political and socio-economic adjustments, famed by Mislabel (2011) to pitch purposed with abolishing all forms of corruption and apartheid incompetence. The post-1994 NC led government adopted progressive policies that sought to ensure the economic advancement of previously deprived social-classes and races. These policies comprise of Transformation, BEE, employment equity, affirmative action, preferential procurement (Mislabel, 2001).They are a monument of a shining success of democracy- as they have indeed promoted economic growth and human rights in the democratic South Africa. This, of course, is not to overlook the negative reality concerning dishonest practices that have gathered around policies like BEE. I Am an African Cont radictions and Inconsistencies The African renaissance is an inclusive concept, developed for on principles of equality and democracy for a united African society, and seeks to promote the dreams and ambitions of the African citizen irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or religion. In African Renaissance language, and on the Cosmopolitan and African image projected in Embers l am an African speech- who is an African?It is critical to explicitly spell-out what is meant by African, to examine the extent of African contribution in IR (Smith, 2008) l know that none dare challenge me when I say- I am an African Taboo Imbibe. Africa is a different continent and South Africa is experiencing an African Renaissance built on its diverse and fascinating cultural heritage (South African Tourism, 2011). Consequently, these peoples worldviews and insights will be equally diverse (Ackermann). In a similar vein, only if African insights are significantly different from the existing R, will the y make a worthwhile nutrition to the field (Karen, 2008). An African to me is anybody and everybody who resembles the wealthy and colorful mosaic spectrum that embraces the fabric of the African society.He needs to pride himself in the African culture and history- and reflect the spirit of reconciliation and mutual respect that penetrates the African society, and aid to re-enforce the country pride in its multi-ethnic roots (South African Tourism, 2011). Color doesnt begin to own the rich concept- African. only if put an African is an African. Undeniably, politics still runs across race nines in South Africa, but the common vision for a stable and democratic Africa, embodied in the African Renaissance policy can erase those lines, and assist in moving forward as a trailside state built on policies that are inclusive and rooted in achieving equal opportunity for all. The policies that emanate from the African Renaissance objectives, I. E.BEE- refuted to favor only the black populati on- were formulated to fix the problems of the past which deprived certain groups of people (Mislabel 2001), and should be understood in not-so extremist meaner exclusionary), because they were employed to make right -to correct the country past apartheid fallouts. We have different but not contrasting cultures, and all seek a common goal political, social and economic success. The AR policy was designed upon similar vision and objectives, and no doubt can contribute towards the advancement of the insouciant ordinary South African. Conclusion To succeed, South Africans African Renaissance will draw together astray divergent ideas on what it is to be African in the eve of the 21st century (Vale and Masses 1998 280).This paper has cleft Embers sentiment of an African Renaissance as n African resurrection South Africans policy for every Africans, All South Africans. It is up to every South African to realism the common platform of interests, and pursue a shared effort to ensure the profit of the African Renaissance policy, and translate its vision in a Just and equal democratic society without excluding the African-which is anyone and everybody. Cooperation is fundamental. Racial quarrels and conflicts are a good recipe for failure. safekeeping anger, I have come to realism, is no different to holding a sneeze- sooner than later youre bound to get hurt.